Monday, August 11

Sea World Addicts

Well as crazy as it seems, we went to Sea World again. We got the passes for the year and are trying to make it worth it! Actually you just pay for an annual pass the same amount you pay for a day pass. We have still YET to see the whole park and all the shows...even though this was our 3rd time. But it works out best just to take the kids for a few hours at a time. We live about 10 mins from there so it's no big deal to decide to go and make it happen. Last night was great. It was cooling off in the evening and the crowds were all pouring out as we were coming in. Those people looked exhausted! We saw the stingrays and the dolphins. We caught the dolphin show too.

Daisy requested I take a pics of her doing this...(above). Notice her sunglasses? "Mom, I have to wear these so my eyes don't squat." (or squint...whatever).

Dais, Dan and Isaac watching the stingrays.
Dais looking for dolphins!
She saw them...and what else can you do when you see dolphins and hear music...BUT ballet?? :)

Below: the dolphin and whale show...

above: Daisy waving to the Princess of the show.
Isaac's side profile...isn't he starting to look a little like Terry Bradshaw (google him if you don't know)? Bald on top and long and blonde on the back? :)

The above pic looks like "I have conquered this part of Sea World. Where to now? Giddy up Dad."

And I have to mention the Beijing Opening Ceremonies....OH MY GOODNESS. It was pretty stinkin' awesome. If you missed it, it would be worth your time to you tube some of it!


torinem said...

What great pictures! What a blessing to have that right at your fingertips! I'd say it blows the pants off the Butterfly Museum! The kids are adorable! Daisy is such a nut! She reminds me so much of Lily!

sonyagraykey said...

We are so happy for y'all getting to DO STUFF...alas, Macomb is pretty boring. I must ask if the "lug" is wearing an L looks like "sumting" my L, not that long ago! (Seriously, I think he was in those at around 2...when we moved from FL).

amber said...

We're only a couple hours from the Sea World in San Antonio and have yet to go... but, after reading all about your fun, I want to make it happen soon!

Michael and Hannah said...

I know your kiddos go to bed early, but you have to make like a big deal one day and stay for Shamu Rocks. Wesley talks about that show on a daily basis... he loved the music as much as the whales! I'll call you the next time we head to Sea World so you can be our personal guides! I get seriously lost in that place!