Monday, August 4

tonight in the tub

Daisy: Hey Dad! We (her and Isaac?) are going to see Make Way for Ducklings. Do you wanna come?

Dan: Sure Dais.

Daisy: Ok, I'll drive. You wanna go Sand Lake Road?


And a friend of mine has the FUNNIEST toddler. Her name is Lily and this was a recent conversation she had with her mom.

Lily: Mom, 'member when I was a mouse?
Mom: No Lily. You were never a mouse. You were always a little girl.
Lily: No, ...I was a mouse. I prolly lived in a cwubhouse.

(***For those of you not in Toddler TV land...she loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!)


torinem said...

Hey! I know that toddler! And, Miss Daisy is quite the comedian herself! Love the new look on the blog!

Jessica said...

I LOVE your new look!!! How in the world to I do such a thing? I am so oblivious to the whole "blogger world"'s sad.

Bellamarin said...

hey I dig it! I am going to register for my new MOPS tomorrow! Yay! I just know it won't be as much fun as Gville tho:)