Monday, September 29


I could not be happier about the game Saturday. Dan and I were mimed our excitement in our den (kids sleeping) as we jumped, cheered (no noise) and shook our shakers! I am so proud of BAMA! It was so unexpected! It is so fun to watch us play when plays work, we can march the down the field and every play is NOT a run up the middle. Or when it is...we gain yards! I know the season is young and we are not invincible...but still to everyone who has been a long time Bama know you are LOVIN' this season so far.


But kudos to the Bulldogs. They are a great team and played like it in the 2nd half. Luckily we had a good lead on them before they got mad in the second half! Matthew Stafford is amazing. Just cause some one is triple covered doesn't mean the guy is not open for Stafford to throw to! He can get it right to him. But did anyone else notice...when Stafford is lookin' for the play call from the field...he appears to be on the Price is Right? One of the ones at the front of the audience guessing the price so they can come on stage to play. They are usually looking to their pals in the audience for help. But Matthew is looking to the side lines....his face looks like, "Hey guys, what? (raised eyebrows) 201? 220? (mouth open eyes confused and anxious) what? 700? ....ok...." and as he turns to the huddle I imagine him saying, "701, Bob." HA...if you didn't watch...this may not be funny....

Columbus after the Weekend

After our weekend together we stayed at my in-laws house for a few days. Dan had some days off and we just hung out there. We had some great conversations with them. And as usual some great meals. One was done by all by Buddy. He made us BBQ Chicken on the grill, corn on the cob, green beans, salad, bread and it was SO YUMMY. We also went to museum one day. Here are some pics:
Columbus section...pretty awesome!
TIME of Isaac's life. :)

Look at that little mullet of curls...with trailer in the back ground to boot! (j/k...that is the storage shed in my Buddy and Maurine's backyard.)

These are some SUPER DAD pics. Proving the fact. (Don't the above one Dan has his swimsuit on.) I mean now you know why Daisy LOVES her Daddy and I am just chopped liver. :) the slide at Chick-fila's Play Place on our way home. :)

Romantic Weekend at Rat Cabin

So I mentioned our little anniversary getaway that we planned in a previous post. Well, we went to Roosevelt Park just across the street from Callaway Gardens (in Pine Mtn, Georgia). We dropped off the kids with my in-laws in Columbus and made our way out to the park. We checked in about 4 pm. We found Cottage 2 and began to check out the little cabin. As I was looking around I noticed a dead mouse in the toilet. YUCK. I showed Dan and he promptly flushed him down. We went of with things as planned. We spent the afternoon reading Sacred Marriage. (Dan reads out loud to me.)
The weather was great...felt like fall! We made dinner and enjoyed the quiet and the fact that no one needed food cut up or a cup of milk. :) As I was getting ready for bed...I heard something. It was the sound of something little SCURRYING across the hardwood floors behind the bed.


"Hear what?" Daniel lied.

I just kept on getting ready till I heard it again. "I KNOW YOU HEARD THAT!" I said.

"Yea, I will check it out." said Dan.

Dan with collander and broom in hand and me in pj's and running shoes moved furniture trying to find the little booger. No such luck. We looked all over. I was not feeling fab about hitting the lights and heading to bed with the critter on the loose. Dan apparently thought that was dumb. He suggested I take some Benedryl so I could sleep (as the mice crawled all over way!). About 20 mins later I was talked in to staying. As I was reading my magazine in bed...I heard it again. Maybe 3 more times and realized that "they" or "it" might be in the walls. I let out an "eeewwww" and looked at Dan. He knew it was over and I had been a big girl long enough. :) A few calls were made. Mom saved the weekend in a pinch with some of her hotel points from her traveling job (sounds like a circus! she is a Coding Specialist. She tells Docs how to charge correctly for their services. Or as she likes to put it..."keeps Doctors outta jail.") So at about 9:30 pm we were off to Columbus for a GREAT stay in a brand spanking new Homewood Suites. :) It was great! King bed, no mice, little kitchen, little den and 2 flat screen HD tv's to watch SEC football. Heaven. We had a great time. We read more, connected more, talked more and communicated about how we should improve this marriage and little family. This is a stressful time in a marriage...having small kids. We needed the time away together.

And in case you were wondering, we did get our money back. They were nice about it. The man did make one comment about, "well, you know you are out in the woods where mice leee-uuuv (live) so it happens. I mean I live on Park Property and my house is over run with 'um." I said nothing...but thought..."Sir, we are not paying for a camp site. It's a cabin with 4 walls and NO one pays to go stay where mice are. And btw...bummer about your house. Bet your wife is ain't happy."

This is Dan a little miffed that "he got what he paid for" in his 99 cent banana split from Sonic. HA!

Wednesday, September 17

Man I am on a roll!

SO seriously I have blogged like 7 posts this week. Whoa horsey! Please go back and check those out! :) But still I had a few more comments to make before I leave town for another LONG trip.

one: I have to tell on myself for somethings hilarious I said. Those of you who do not get this are as uncool as I am. :) David and Eryn and I were discussing the Ellen Show that comes to Universal every year in the spring. I was telling them last year that a rapper came last year that sang that song "Low" and his name was "Flo RITA." For those of you who don't's Flo Rida (pronouced like Rider with an 'uh' at the end.). Man, I was way off on that. Dave and Eryn got a great laugh out of it. So did I. Man, it hurts to realize you are losing touch with "coolness."
two: I am still loving laundry. I can start a load, go do something, and never worry if someone will steal it! :) I can remember it it then maybe 8 am, maybe 10 pm! And it NEVER effects if I leave my house or not! YEA! Yea for in-home laundry!
three: I have always thought it would be cool to jog on the highway. Not like the thrill of possibly getting hit by a car or yelled at by a hitchhiking bum. But more so that when I start down one exit ramp...I can see the sign one mile ahead for the next exit and I know how far I have to go. You can even look at the mile markers as you pass. It would be nice. You know? And if I did get tired maybe I could hitch a ride to the next exit. :)
four: It's really hit home that Jesus was 30 when his ministry went full force. Wow...that used to be so old. But now at 29...that's so young. No wonder they make mention of his teaching with authority. And that it all ended at 33 is even worse.
five: My potted palms are surviving...I have lost one. But one out of 12 ain't bad.
six: Christian schools are allowed to have mascots. But they should be selective in their names or choices. Daisy's preschool is Christ the King Preschool (She calls it the Jesus School). If they played another school (which they don't...but go along with me) the other fans would have no other choice but to scream, "Beat Christ the King." And that ain't right. I know there is a school called Christian Brothers somewhere, Memphis? Same issue.
seven: When I was younger I used to wish that God would give me clues about my future. Like "The man you will marry...his initials will be JJ." Then all my growing up I would be glaring at men like ARE YOU THE ONE??? Or more like meet some guys and realize that one was Jose Jackson and think...woah, HIM? No way, Jose! And then I get all upset cause I meet and love Dan but his initials are not JJ and I knew I would fall for a guy that God didn't choose for me...blah, blah, blah,....and then he says, "Hey did you know my whole name is James Daniel Jones." And I burst into tears and say, "Thank you LORD!" Hahahaha...LOOK, that was WAY too much drama. But you know it would be fun! Or like "You will settle somewhere with palms trees." So in Bham... I know I am not settled. Gainesville I think I am settled...and then I end up in O town. Crazy. BTW...all this would not really be a constant conscious thought. I would remember it sometimes..but not so much that I would try to plan my life to fit it. Does that make sense? Anyway...God clues would be fun. Too bad.
eight: Dan and I are going on a marriage retreat this weekend. Just the 2 of us. We go to a cabin, read a marriage book and reconnect. It's going to be great!

Here you go Jeeg!

Mom, at your request....
It's the only video I have of Isaac walking right now....

So Isaac loves to close doors. But when they do finally latch he cries and cries cause he can't get it open again. Hard life for Isaac. :) I was trying to video that hilarious process. He saw the camera and wanted to get it. So that ended the door closing game. But did get some walking footage. :) And don't you love Daisys outfit at the end? Pretty typical. :) Again PLEASE ignore my ridiculous voice. :)

The Joys of Home Ownership Part 4: Catalogs Continued


It's like my mailman knows when I go out of town. He does not deliver any catalogs until I am gone 10 + days and then the flood gates open. I returned home from the family visit/wedding trip and get NOT ONLY the random wooden lady in my yard but also this stack (see above) in my mailbox. Of course I can't wait to share them with you all. Oh, and run get a pen so you can start your Christmas lists early!!! :)

Who doesn't rush to Journeys for all their back to school needs? And why didn't I get the memo that 80's were back? Cause it wasn't on Noggin. That's why.
I acutally look foward to these 20% off BB&B coupons. Although they come so often it's kinda like seeing a penny on the sidewalk..."Should I pick it up? Nah, I have like 50 at home." :) But these expire. Bummer.
Perfect timing as we are seeking a cute yet cheaper Princess costume.
- is a cool one. I actually liked several pieces in it. We need somethings for our bare walls. But I am still shopping.
Hold on to your hats!.....

Ahhhh...."Betty's Attic: Where Memories of YesterYEAR live on today!" This is a real jewel. From the cover you can see you are shopping special kinds of gifts in this catalog! I mean look at the Wizard of Oz watch! It can be yours! With the little dangling charm of a pair of ruby slippers (betcha didn't notice that bonus in the pic!). There was a Cher doll apparently in her "If I could turn back time" getup (noted in the small print). Also on sale is a Gene Simmons (from KISS) The Demon Plasma Light Sculpted Head. You can imagine what this looks like...scary with his tongue out a mile long. Anyone for a bedside light? Anyone? Exactly what I want to see in the morning. But let me blow up the main event on the cover...see below....

This my friends is a throw...that you can get YOUR picture next to ELVIS! Like you are both just chillin' & hangin' out on that fence! And he is so happy to see you! If you are old enough people may think it's real. I prefer to have my pic next to NKOTB (New Kids on the Block). Maybe next issue.

The catalog below is neat. I have to appreciate this one because I have a little bit of a crafty side and like when things are homemade. That is when they actually are...not made to look that way. are some of my favs from the catalog.
love the pumpkin! I LOVE FALL!
Another "chunky dunk" kinda sign (see previous catalog post).
Gooseberry Patch: This one I may have shown before. I just think it's so cool how the whole catalog appears to be drawn. See pic below this one.
But then to me it's hard to really tell what you are buying....since it's a cartoon.

Below, One Step Ahead. FAB catalog for kids and baby stuff. Love the costumes. But I live in FLORIDA ok? Please can someone make a baby costume that will not make my baby have to go to the ER from heat exhaustion? I just sweat imagining him wearing it! Last year was bad enough in the frog outfit for 10 mins. Something lightweight would be great. Thanks. one of those "I love the earth, trees, grass, dirt, downward facing dog and maybe some comfy Merrell sandals." It's full of knit clothes, yoga technique, mugs with peaceful/centering sayings on them and many scenic landscape paintings." See below for its items...

They should never take a pic of women just after giving's a what? My bad.
Hoopnotica? Where do I sign up? :)

This is the magazine that let's you know all the things you want done to your house. Like this nice 40,000 dollar roof. One please. Thank you.

I need this costume on the front of Lakeside Collection. It's fairly cheap. Lookin' into it. Right after I check out Target. As I browse the pages of this one I find things I would love to get Daisy. The toys are neat! But then I see a combo of Pooh characters and those baby snow a baby snow angel riding with Pooh on a sleigh...ok. Someone out there is so happy that their 2 favs finally met in these figurines! See below for more goodies....
C'mon and fess know some of you have been looking for this fleece for a while. Or if you aren't a horse person...there is also the Lone Wolf and Leaping Dolphin!

Again, the search is over. Raise you hand if you were looking for the perfect way to finish off your hunting cabin? Look no further! Fold this up and send it with your hubby to the trailer on that huntin' land. Pray he sleeps in hunters orange so he does not get shot in the night. Or if you were decorating your igloo...a penguin option! HA!

Little huntin' playset!

And for the Star Wars lovers...plush toys of their favs.

So there you go. The catalog saga continues. I will keep you posted. :)

Since this blog is about the is a cute scene from just before bed time tonight:

(Please note I have blogged several new posts recently...maybe like 5? check those out too even though they are not shown...they are archived!)

Tuesday, September 16

Celebration FLORIDA

So we ventured to Celebration, FL for church on Sunday. There is a church called Celebrate that is meeting in a hotel. The church was very friendly! But afterwards we went to eat lunch in Celebration just across a main road from the church. From what we have heard, it's a planned community designed and built by Disney. You gotta see this place. Unreal. Homes, restaurants, farmers market, community activities, lake with paddle boats, schools, ball fields, parks, water fountains for kids to play in....and that's just what we saw on the 3 streets we went down! It reminds me of Desperate Housewives...not that I have ever seen that reminds me of what I've heard about it. :) But there is even a Wisteria Lane!

Yes, she is in her underwear. That is the doing of her fun Daddy. I have to say I admire this quality in my husband. Not the make my kids run around in public in their undies part...but spontaneous and fun part. He is a good balance for me.

Universal and Islands of Adventure with the Joneses

So after the wedding, David (Daniel's brother) and Eryn (his wife) went to Tampa on vacation. They spent the week there and had a fab time. Then on Friday they came back to Orlando and stayed with us for the weekend. Friday the 4 of us (sans kids...thanks Shelley!!!) went to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. It was so great for MANY reasons.
1. We were in good company.

2. No kids to tend to.

3. School is back less crowds! We waited 25-30 mins at the LONGEST. Most of the time we could just walk right up and get on soon after!

4. Beautiful day.

5. We got to bring in snacks (and not sell our birthright for a turkey leg at lunch!). We ate a pizza at lunch for about the price you would get one at Papa Johns. Not too bad.
6. It's 5 mins from our house.

7. We rode water rides and it was SO FUN.
8. We rode all the big rides we wanted to.

9. We learned we are aging since NONE...NOT ONE of us could handle the big rides or hey, let's be honest...any motion ride with out feeling a little queasy or dizzy afterwards for a while. Not that that stopped us. We would get off and be high fiving and saying it was so great...moments later sighing and looking for a bench where we could get our bearings back. ;)

10. We did all we wanted to in both parks with plenty of time to spare.

11. Shelley kept the kids all day and I had NO worries. Making my day (and Dan's) even better.
We really did it all! The Hulk, Dualing Dragons, The Mummy, The Simpsons ride (take a barf a huge IMAX roller coaster show...we were all hurtin' after this one!), Spider Man ride, the log ride, the Jurassic Park water ride, E.T. ride, Jaws, free fall (cant remember its name)...and more!

Here are some fun pics from the day:

Hulk in back ground.
Dave and Eryn on the Jurassic Park ride.
SOAKED from the water ride...posing under bubbles.

This dude did not talk...we weren't even sure how to take our pic with him. He was outside the Mummy indoor roller coaster.