Tuesday, September 16

Celebration FLORIDA

So we ventured to Celebration, FL for church on Sunday. There is a church called Celebrate that is meeting in a hotel. The church was very friendly! But afterwards we went to eat lunch in Celebration just across a main road from the church. From what we have heard, it's a planned community designed and built by Disney. You gotta see this place. Unreal. Homes, restaurants, farmers market, community activities, lake with paddle boats, schools, ball fields, parks, water fountains for kids to play in....and that's just what we saw on the 3 streets we went down! It reminds me of Desperate Housewives...not that I have ever seen that show...it reminds me of what I've heard about it. :) But there is even a Wisteria Lane!

Yes, she is in her underwear. That is the doing of her fun Daddy. I have to say I admire this quality in my husband. Not the make my kids run around in public in their undies part...but spontaneous and fun part. He is a good balance for me.


Brittany said...

Celebration looks so cute and like a ton of fun! The first picture looks fake because the sky is sooo blue!

I heart Celebration Florida!!

Michael and Hannah said...

Celebration Tavern is one of our favorite restaurants. Yet another one of our pre-kid spots. But the traffic congestion in Celebration is horrible, especially when school lets out. You gotta pay a price for not wanting stop lights and wide roads! Are you all still church hunting??