Monday, September 29

Columbus after the Weekend

After our weekend together we stayed at my in-laws house for a few days. Dan had some days off and we just hung out there. We had some great conversations with them. And as usual some great meals. One was done by all by Buddy. He made us BBQ Chicken on the grill, corn on the cob, green beans, salad, bread and it was SO YUMMY. We also went to museum one day. Here are some pics:
Columbus section...pretty awesome!
TIME of Isaac's life. :)

Look at that little mullet of curls...with trailer in the back ground to boot! (j/k...that is the storage shed in my Buddy and Maurine's backyard.)

These are some SUPER DAD pics. Proving the fact. (Don't the above one Dan has his swimsuit on.) I mean now you know why Daisy LOVES her Daddy and I am just chopped liver. :) the slide at Chick-fila's Play Place on our way home. :)

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