Tuesday, September 16


It was so fun to be with the other Jones cousins. Daisy loved hanging out with Jon David and Luke. They even had her talked into wanting be Spider Girl for Halloween this year. It was fleeting though...we are back to princess, of course. Daisy influenced them a little too. At one point Daisy had "Daddy" or Jon David putting their baby down for a nap and feeding it snacks. :) Sorry about that Don. :) Over all it was such a fun week with the cousins!

(pays to be a minister...buddy got the hook up with this fun childrens ministry blow up slide!)

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blessdtwice said...

Those cute chubby legs on "I"!!!

I so wished we lived closer together so I could squeeze that adorable baby!!

Enjoy it...he'll be running away from you in no time. (remember that the next time your arms/back are about to split in two as you are carrying him...)