Tuesday, September 16

Joys of Home Ownership Part 3: Welcome Friend?

When we returned from all the wedding festivities we found this leaned against one of our trees in the front yard....

I am not sure how I feel about her. What can we assume has happened here? It's one of those "pass around gag gifts" that our neighborhood plays? Then we will secretly stick her in someone elses yard in Sand Lake Hills? Or was it a yard gift from a neighbor? Hope they are not offended it didn't make it one day in the yard. Or more likely it fell off of someones truck and a pedestrian decided to prop it up on the nearest tree to see if someone would come back looking for it. Slim chance.

Here's a closer look at the most-likely-hand-crafted-random-new-friend (don't want you to miss a detail) :

Any thoughts? Comments?


Lark said...

what. is. that?

Brittany said...

Yikes...she's sort of scary! I have no clue what she's doing in your yard, BUT I got a great laugh out of it. I was laughing so hard at this post that Steve came in and asked what I was laughing at. He thought it was HILARIOUS too. If I had to guess it was probably a practical joke...let's hope!

Courtney said...

Yikes. I think I might have just wet myself alittle. LOL!