Wednesday, September 17

The Joys of Home Ownership Part 4: Catalogs Continued


It's like my mailman knows when I go out of town. He does not deliver any catalogs until I am gone 10 + days and then the flood gates open. I returned home from the family visit/wedding trip and get NOT ONLY the random wooden lady in my yard but also this stack (see above) in my mailbox. Of course I can't wait to share them with you all. Oh, and run get a pen so you can start your Christmas lists early!!! :)

Who doesn't rush to Journeys for all their back to school needs? And why didn't I get the memo that 80's were back? Cause it wasn't on Noggin. That's why.
I acutally look foward to these 20% off BB&B coupons. Although they come so often it's kinda like seeing a penny on the sidewalk..."Should I pick it up? Nah, I have like 50 at home." :) But these expire. Bummer.
Perfect timing as we are seeking a cute yet cheaper Princess costume.
- is a cool one. I actually liked several pieces in it. We need somethings for our bare walls. But I am still shopping.
Hold on to your hats!.....

Ahhhh...."Betty's Attic: Where Memories of YesterYEAR live on today!" This is a real jewel. From the cover you can see you are shopping special kinds of gifts in this catalog! I mean look at the Wizard of Oz watch! It can be yours! With the little dangling charm of a pair of ruby slippers (betcha didn't notice that bonus in the pic!). There was a Cher doll apparently in her "If I could turn back time" getup (noted in the small print). Also on sale is a Gene Simmons (from KISS) The Demon Plasma Light Sculpted Head. You can imagine what this looks like...scary with his tongue out a mile long. Anyone for a bedside light? Anyone? Exactly what I want to see in the morning. But let me blow up the main event on the cover...see below....

This my friends is a throw...that you can get YOUR picture next to ELVIS! Like you are both just chillin' & hangin' out on that fence! And he is so happy to see you! If you are old enough people may think it's real. I prefer to have my pic next to NKOTB (New Kids on the Block). Maybe next issue.

The catalog below is neat. I have to appreciate this one because I have a little bit of a crafty side and like when things are homemade. That is when they actually are...not made to look that way. are some of my favs from the catalog.
love the pumpkin! I LOVE FALL!
Another "chunky dunk" kinda sign (see previous catalog post).
Gooseberry Patch: This one I may have shown before. I just think it's so cool how the whole catalog appears to be drawn. See pic below this one.
But then to me it's hard to really tell what you are buying....since it's a cartoon.

Below, One Step Ahead. FAB catalog for kids and baby stuff. Love the costumes. But I live in FLORIDA ok? Please can someone make a baby costume that will not make my baby have to go to the ER from heat exhaustion? I just sweat imagining him wearing it! Last year was bad enough in the frog outfit for 10 mins. Something lightweight would be great. Thanks. one of those "I love the earth, trees, grass, dirt, downward facing dog and maybe some comfy Merrell sandals." It's full of knit clothes, yoga technique, mugs with peaceful/centering sayings on them and many scenic landscape paintings." See below for its items...

They should never take a pic of women just after giving's a what? My bad.
Hoopnotica? Where do I sign up? :)

This is the magazine that let's you know all the things you want done to your house. Like this nice 40,000 dollar roof. One please. Thank you.

I need this costume on the front of Lakeside Collection. It's fairly cheap. Lookin' into it. Right after I check out Target. As I browse the pages of this one I find things I would love to get Daisy. The toys are neat! But then I see a combo of Pooh characters and those baby snow a baby snow angel riding with Pooh on a sleigh...ok. Someone out there is so happy that their 2 favs finally met in these figurines! See below for more goodies....
C'mon and fess know some of you have been looking for this fleece for a while. Or if you aren't a horse person...there is also the Lone Wolf and Leaping Dolphin!

Again, the search is over. Raise you hand if you were looking for the perfect way to finish off your hunting cabin? Look no further! Fold this up and send it with your hubby to the trailer on that huntin' land. Pray he sleeps in hunters orange so he does not get shot in the night. Or if you were decorating your igloo...a penguin option! HA!

Little huntin' playset!

And for the Star Wars lovers...plush toys of their favs.

So there you go. The catalog saga continues. I will keep you posted. :)

Since this blog is about the is a cute scene from just before bed time tonight:

(Please note I have blogged several new posts recently...maybe like 5? check those out too even though they are not shown...they are archived!)


Julie said...

Mel you are so funny! and who signed up for those? Maybe it was the cheap option in the magazine sale :) Just so you know the BB&B coupons don't really expire. They take them anyways and you can use up to five at a time! Love you!

The Bowers Family said...

Ok seriously you crack me up everytime and those magazines are so random what a combination. I must say I love the family picture with the two double finger suckers. I think it is so cute that Isaac wants to be like his big sis. Glad to see you are all doing well, we miss you in G'ville.

Sarah said...

It looks to me like the previous owner just got her name and address on the wrong list and is not totally bombarded by every random marketing group out there. Do you have curbside recycling down there?

Anyway, I liked the Kewpie dolls on the cover of the old stuff catalog. My mother-in-law used to say that Aurie looked just like a Kewpie because of the little ice cream-swirl-curl on top of her head. Now I have a visual on what she was talking about!!

Aunt Judy said...

Mel, I made the mistake of ordering something from that "A Step Ahead" catalog (it really is a great catalog!) and they SOLD me into catalog slavery. It has been HILARIOUS what catalogs have shown up! My solution? I MOVED!!! Probably what happened with you..... They should have put that in the disclosure. You could sue ya know!

blessdtwice said...

Love the picture of the kiddos both sucking thier fingers!! that's a keeper!

Michael and Hannah said...

Love that last pic of Isaac - so sweet! Okay, that statue of the fat guy with his arms in the air... we totally have that statue in our neighborhood! But it's white. For over a year now, Wesley yells, "Blast off!" (don't think I have to tell you this is a Little Einsteins reference) when we pass it!

Lark said...

I second the BBB comment about using 5 at a time and they never expire (my mom mentioned that to me today actually). But I so rarely go there, I find what I need usually cheaper at walmart anyway.

Love the new catalog blurbs, I will get my lakeside collection on soon. The quality isn't that great on things from there, but it is priced right!

Jackson said...

Good Night Alive - you've got more junk mail than I get in a whole year... crazy!

David & Eryn said...

Second what Julie said... Once I went to BB&B to get a bunch of organizing stuff (go figure:) and I used one that expired in May in like September. I also used 5 and saved like $25. Also, Linen's and Things coupons are accepted there, too. Pretty awesome. Also, I want the Christmas story lamp/ alarm clock! Thought that was hilarious. I mean in the movie they were maing fun of how crazy something like that is to get from a catelog, and here come a catalog that thinks it's this timeless piece of art! Ha!

Johnson Smith Co said...

Thank you for featuring Betty's Attic as a unique catalog in your blog! Please stay tuned for our newest nostalgic, retro, and unique collectibles! From Betty's Attic and your friends at The Johnson Smith Company.