Wednesday, September 10

The Luckiest

The Luckiest is the song (by Ben Folds) that Chris sang to Sarah at their wedding on Sept 6th (and has been stuck in my head since). It was so sweet...except for that darn train that kept passing by blowing its horn. SHEESH. It happened twice in the ceremony. But it did not take away from the beautiful day and ceremony. Chris sounded SO GOOD singing that song. I was so impressed. The wedding was outside in the front yard of an old plantation home/mansion in Marietta, GA. They both looked GREAT, so happy and in love. For those of us who have walked that aisle seems to be a good reminder of the puppy love days. And that if we stop to think about them for a second...those feelings are still there. :) Sarah looked amazing. So calm and sure of herself. Daisy said Aunt Sarah looked like a real Princess. :) And she did. Daisy was a flower girl. And get this...Chris has a niece whose name is Daisy too! They were flower girls together. Jon David and Luke were the ringbearers. All 4 did an amazing job.

The reception was so great! It was walking distance from the wedding. In fact the whole crowd just followed the bride and groom to the church for the reception. The food was SO GOOD. The cakes were so yummy and beautiful (way to go Eryn!). It was a true celebration of the new marriage! As the newlyweds left...the street was lined with sparklers. But the getaway car would not start....bummer! Not sure how that all panned out. But I am sure they worked something out. :) Sarah and Chris are honeymooning in the Dominican Republic...not sure how that went with IKE passing thru. I am sure I will hear soon. Here are some pics that I took from the festivities. A friend from Buddy and Maurine's church, Sarah Randolf, was taking Sarah's pics at the wedding. I am kinda waiting to see and get those pics. Mine were not the best.

the 2 Daisies... :) (age 4...almost 5 and my Daisy age 3 1/2)

our only family pic

laughing at her Daddy while the photographers took pics.


Sarah and Luke before the wedding.

The Wedding Party


Grandma and Isaac.


MOB and FOB.

Good times. :)

Don having a blast at the reception. (You don't mind if this silly pic of you is on the blog, do you Don? Since you don't read it anyway...right?)

We had a great time with family. It was a sad reminder that I really like all my in-laws and hate that we all are so spread out across the US. When we don't see them a lot I get used to it and don't realize as much how much I am missing out on their lives! But seeing them makes all that crystal clear...and kinda sad. :( But as Anna said, we will all just do better about keeping in touch. :)

We spent about a week in Columbus and Atlanta before the wedding. We had so much fun with the Caulleys, Dave and Eryn, Buddy and Maurine and Chris and Sarah. I will have to blog more about that in a later post. Stay tuned.


Jesse Faris said...

Oh man, I love your in-laws too! That Sarah no-longer-Jones is such a steal and her husband is one lucky duck! It looks like you all had a lovely time, and I'm so glad!

Those sparklers remind me of two things:

1. I had wanted sparklers as we left our wedding and I forgot to tell my friend in charge of the reception. So, when we were walking down the hallway on our way to leave just before bursting out the door and down the steps, I asked Nick "Did I remember to tell Amy about the sparklers?" and we stepped outside to applause. Ha. The answer was no, I guess! Just as well... :)

2. I'm so impressed that they got all of those sparklers sparkling at the same time! How did they DO that? (My parents never let us play with them when we were small and my father would insist on sticking them in the ground and lighting them one by one as we sat 30 feet away, bored to tears!)

Jesse Faris said...

Oh, I forgot to say:
Your "only" family pic is SO GOOD! That is a frame-r for sure!

Michael and Hannah said...

Awwww... we spent New Year's Eve with Sarah and Buddy and Maurine one year, and I remember totally wishing I could hook Sarah up with my brother-in-law Jonathan. She would be the perfect sister-in-law! I'm so happy for her. Can't believe we were in Columbus at the same time again and didn't know it. We're going to have to start giving each other Columbus alerts (like we have to go to Georgia to see each other because we live about an hour apart in Florida!). Oh, and we had sparklers at our wedding, but people held them and tossed them in trash cans after we had left. Apparently all the trash cans caught on fire and melted. Nothing like a good send-off!

khovater said...

Congrats to Sarah and your family. Wedding are so fun!! And The Luckiest song ALWAYS makes me tear up!

Bellamarin said...

Mel you have such a beautiful family and you look great you must be burning up that Y membership!

Brittany said...

Mel you have such a beautiful family! Daisy and Isaac are so cute and I have to say you look awesome! Daisy looked so pretty in her white dress and big white bow!

Mike & Leanne said...

I'm glad ya'll had a good time at the wedding. Lindsay said it was awesome and she loved seeing Daisy and Isaac. I can't believe they are getting so big. I love your family picture, too. Let me know if you ever get back to Arkansas and maybe we can get together.

Jackson said...

Great Jones Family Pictures... so great to see Anna & Don too... and David. Sarah was absolutely gorgeous, what a beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing all these great pic's... I agree your family photo is fab- you're look fab too!