Wednesday, September 17

Man I am on a roll!

SO seriously I have blogged like 7 posts this week. Whoa horsey! Please go back and check those out! :) But still I had a few more comments to make before I leave town for another LONG trip.

one: I have to tell on myself for somethings hilarious I said. Those of you who do not get this are as uncool as I am. :) David and Eryn and I were discussing the Ellen Show that comes to Universal every year in the spring. I was telling them last year that a rapper came last year that sang that song "Low" and his name was "Flo RITA." For those of you who don't's Flo Rida (pronouced like Rider with an 'uh' at the end.). Man, I was way off on that. Dave and Eryn got a great laugh out of it. So did I. Man, it hurts to realize you are losing touch with "coolness."
two: I am still loving laundry. I can start a load, go do something, and never worry if someone will steal it! :) I can remember it it then maybe 8 am, maybe 10 pm! And it NEVER effects if I leave my house or not! YEA! Yea for in-home laundry!
three: I have always thought it would be cool to jog on the highway. Not like the thrill of possibly getting hit by a car or yelled at by a hitchhiking bum. But more so that when I start down one exit ramp...I can see the sign one mile ahead for the next exit and I know how far I have to go. You can even look at the mile markers as you pass. It would be nice. You know? And if I did get tired maybe I could hitch a ride to the next exit. :)
four: It's really hit home that Jesus was 30 when his ministry went full force. Wow...that used to be so old. But now at 29...that's so young. No wonder they make mention of his teaching with authority. And that it all ended at 33 is even worse.
five: My potted palms are surviving...I have lost one. But one out of 12 ain't bad.
six: Christian schools are allowed to have mascots. But they should be selective in their names or choices. Daisy's preschool is Christ the King Preschool (She calls it the Jesus School). If they played another school (which they don't...but go along with me) the other fans would have no other choice but to scream, "Beat Christ the King." And that ain't right. I know there is a school called Christian Brothers somewhere, Memphis? Same issue.
seven: When I was younger I used to wish that God would give me clues about my future. Like "The man you will marry...his initials will be JJ." Then all my growing up I would be glaring at men like ARE YOU THE ONE??? Or more like meet some guys and realize that one was Jose Jackson and think...woah, HIM? No way, Jose! And then I get all upset cause I meet and love Dan but his initials are not JJ and I knew I would fall for a guy that God didn't choose for me...blah, blah, blah,....and then he says, "Hey did you know my whole name is James Daniel Jones." And I burst into tears and say, "Thank you LORD!" Hahahaha...LOOK, that was WAY too much drama. But you know it would be fun! Or like "You will settle somewhere with palms trees." So in Bham... I know I am not settled. Gainesville I think I am settled...and then I end up in O town. Crazy. BTW...all this would not really be a constant conscious thought. I would remember it sometimes..but not so much that I would try to plan my life to fit it. Does that make sense? Anyway...God clues would be fun. Too bad.
eight: Dan and I are going on a marriage retreat this weekend. Just the 2 of us. We go to a cabin, read a marriage book and reconnect. It's going to be great!


Claudia said...

Hi Mel, what a productive blogger you are. Love you're style...I can't avoid smiling (and laughing sometimes)while I'm reading you...
We REALLY missed you Joneses.

Rachel said...

Dang girl you are on a roll! The Flo Rida story is hilarious!!! I laughed out loud. Alex likes to close doors to and gets himself shut in or out when he doesn't want to be. Crazy Boys!

Cristy said...

I literally laughed out loud when I read the flo rita story - you are hilarious. Anyways I just wanted to say that I am jealous of your in home laundry! Chad and I talked about getting a washer and dryer but obviously cannot spend that much we are waiting but how nice it must be to do other things besides stare out the window while your laundry is going. So jealous... ;)

Michael and Hannah said...

Did you watch that movie "Only You" where she thinks she has to marry a guy named Damien Bradley? Loved that movie! Your random thoughts are hilarious.

Lark said...

You gotta read the stuffchristianslike blog! You'd totally connect with the humor plus, he just did a post on Christian school mascots:

Lark said...

Oh, and thanks for enlightining me on how to actually say Flo Rida, that might have been reaaaaly embarrasing for me :o)

The Wagners said...

Have a great weekend Mel and Daniel!

David & Eryn said...

David and I were actually laughing again about Flo Rita last night:)

Tesney said...

I have had the same thought about running on the interstate because of the mile markers. The one and only 1/2 marathon I ran was so cool to me because there were mile markers. I could totally run longer if there were mile markers on my know, mentally telling myself, "just run to the next marker."