Monday, September 29

Romantic Weekend at Rat Cabin

So I mentioned our little anniversary getaway that we planned in a previous post. Well, we went to Roosevelt Park just across the street from Callaway Gardens (in Pine Mtn, Georgia). We dropped off the kids with my in-laws in Columbus and made our way out to the park. We checked in about 4 pm. We found Cottage 2 and began to check out the little cabin. As I was looking around I noticed a dead mouse in the toilet. YUCK. I showed Dan and he promptly flushed him down. We went of with things as planned. We spent the afternoon reading Sacred Marriage. (Dan reads out loud to me.)
The weather was great...felt like fall! We made dinner and enjoyed the quiet and the fact that no one needed food cut up or a cup of milk. :) As I was getting ready for bed...I heard something. It was the sound of something little SCURRYING across the hardwood floors behind the bed.


"Hear what?" Daniel lied.

I just kept on getting ready till I heard it again. "I KNOW YOU HEARD THAT!" I said.

"Yea, I will check it out." said Dan.

Dan with collander and broom in hand and me in pj's and running shoes moved furniture trying to find the little booger. No such luck. We looked all over. I was not feeling fab about hitting the lights and heading to bed with the critter on the loose. Dan apparently thought that was dumb. He suggested I take some Benedryl so I could sleep (as the mice crawled all over way!). About 20 mins later I was talked in to staying. As I was reading my magazine in bed...I heard it again. Maybe 3 more times and realized that "they" or "it" might be in the walls. I let out an "eeewwww" and looked at Dan. He knew it was over and I had been a big girl long enough. :) A few calls were made. Mom saved the weekend in a pinch with some of her hotel points from her traveling job (sounds like a circus! she is a Coding Specialist. She tells Docs how to charge correctly for their services. Or as she likes to put it..."keeps Doctors outta jail.") So at about 9:30 pm we were off to Columbus for a GREAT stay in a brand spanking new Homewood Suites. :) It was great! King bed, no mice, little kitchen, little den and 2 flat screen HD tv's to watch SEC football. Heaven. We had a great time. We read more, connected more, talked more and communicated about how we should improve this marriage and little family. This is a stressful time in a marriage...having small kids. We needed the time away together.

And in case you were wondering, we did get our money back. They were nice about it. The man did make one comment about, "well, you know you are out in the woods where mice leee-uuuv (live) so it happens. I mean I live on Park Property and my house is over run with 'um." I said nothing...but thought..."Sir, we are not paying for a camp site. It's a cabin with 4 walls and NO one pays to go stay where mice are. And btw...bummer about your house. Bet your wife is ain't happy."

This is Dan a little miffed that "he got what he paid for" in his 99 cent banana split from Sonic. HA!

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Michael and Hannah said...

Wow, what an adventure!!! Michael would have made me stay with the rats.