Tuesday, September 16

Universal and Islands of Adventure with the Joneses

So after the wedding, David (Daniel's brother) and Eryn (his wife) went to Tampa on vacation. They spent the week there and had a fab time. Then on Friday they came back to Orlando and stayed with us for the weekend. Friday the 4 of us (sans kids...thanks Shelley!!!) went to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. It was so great for MANY reasons.
1. We were in good company.

2. No kids to tend to.

3. School is back in...so less crowds! We waited 25-30 mins at the LONGEST. Most of the time we could just walk right up and get on soon after!

4. Beautiful day.

5. We got to bring in snacks (and not sell our birthright for a turkey leg at lunch!). We ate a pizza at lunch for about the price you would get one at Papa Johns. Not too bad.
6. It's 5 mins from our house.

7. We rode water rides and it was SO FUN.
8. We rode all the big rides we wanted to.

9. We learned we are aging since NONE...NOT ONE of us could handle the big rides or hey, let's be honest...any motion ride with out feeling a little queasy or dizzy afterwards for a while. Not that that stopped us. We would get off and be high fiving and saying it was so great...moments later sighing and looking for a bench where we could get our bearings back. ;)

10. We did all we wanted to in both parks with plenty of time to spare.

11. Shelley kept the kids all day and I had NO worries. Making my day (and Dan's) even better.
We really did it all! The Hulk, Dualing Dragons, The Mummy, The Simpsons ride (take a barf bag...like a huge IMAX roller coaster show...we were all hurtin' after this one!), Spider Man ride, the log ride, the Jurassic Park water ride, E.T. ride, Jaws, free fall (cant remember its name)...and more!

Here are some fun pics from the day:

Hulk in back ground.
Dave and Eryn on the Jurassic Park ride.
SOAKED from the water ride...posing under bubbles.

This dude did not talk...we weren't even sure how to take our pic with him. He was outside the Mummy indoor roller coaster.

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