Friday, October 31


Y'all have to check this out...

go to and put in your blog address. It creates this cool word cloud of all the words you use on your blog. I have tried desperately to cut and paste the one it made for mine to this blog...and can't seem to do it!

Go check it out!

(I saw this on Jesse's neat!)

Thursday, October 30

Daisy: Mom, I feel like I need to sleeze (sneeze).

Mom: We all go thru that Daisy. :) But please don't. :)

Monday, October 27

JeJe came to see us!

So this post may be long. Man, where do I begin. We packed it out with non-stop fun. :) She came Wednesday thru Saturday (although I hate to count that day since I had to have her at the airport at 5:30 am!). We went shopping, went to a fair, went to Sea Worlds Halloween Spooktacular, and had a blast!!! I will tell our fun times with pics....

This is Dr Phillips park near our house. We love it. I always feel like I am in a movie at this park since we have that big lake next to it. (You know how in the movies they never play at a regular old's always beautiful in a park, or downtown, or on top of a skyscraper or something cool.) Even the playground is cool here. JeJe and Daisy did it all.

This thing spins around and the kids LOVE it. Pardon our exposure...

above: JeJe spinning hard in fact that she came flying off!
Daisy's turn for revenge!

Daisy and Johnny at school. They had a pajama and popcorn day to learn about the letter P!
Jeeg and her helpful crew as she got ready in the morning. (Does my mom look like a supermodel or what???!)
Welcome to Trunk or Treak Orlando Style...a FAIR! :) no, we have TOT here too...but this church goes all out! It's close to our house so we decided to go.

just moments before the pic above...Daisy sat on squatting JeJe's leg...and they toppled over. And Jeeg almost decapitated herself with our umbrella stroller. I am NOT gonna was so funny. I was no help with mom and Daisy on the ground...cause I was trying with all my might to control my bladder.

See Jeeg and Isaac in the lower right corner....he is so busy. We were chasing him all night.

below...Daisy thought it would be a hoot to repeat the fall done in the parking lot. It was funny. And so this is Jeeg and Dais on the gravel at the fair. :)
Sea World's Halloween Spooktacular was fun!! It was supposed to rain all day. It only did once. We had a blast. We danced with the DJ PJ, saw Shamu (although she did go on strike and not perform!), trick or treated, rode rides, saw Clyde and Seamore show (so funny!)...all good times.

watching Shamu...
Pink: Daisy, Red: Jeeg...danicing with the DJ.Isaac and Shamu bonded...probably cause they both know what its like to be BIG.

above: dancing with DJ

Then my camera battery died. Those of you who know me are probably surprised that I lived to tell about it. It was a sad, sad moment. But I survived. :) I guess the rest of the days memories will have to live on in my head...and not the blog. :)

Local billboard...

Tuesday, October 21

Daisy said...

-----Last night Daisy and I were laying in her bed and going thru the bedtime routine. I said a prayer and ended it with " Jesus name, Amen."
Daisy: Mom! You just turned off your prayer and I have not prayed yet. Say it again, but this time don't turn it off so I can talk too.
HA! I guess by saying "amen" I cut her off somehow! Cracks me up!
------"Careful Mama. You almost stepped in that rain pile (puddle)."
------"Mom, this shirt has puffy wings. You know, not like Butterfly wings but like shirt wings." (She meant sleeves.)
------She is the "OMG Police"...
Daisy: GASP! "MAMA! Your friend just said 'oh my gosh!' "
Me (sheepishly): Thank you Daisy. But she is an adult and she can say what she wants. YOU on other hand...can't.
------"Mom, it's getting dark. So somewhere in the's getting light."
------Sometimes she has bad dreams from the bad queens or witches in books/disney books/whatever (despite our trying to avoid them). One night Daniel went in to talk to her when she had a bad dream.
Daisy: Dad I had a bad dream. And when I close my eyes I have bad thoughts.
Dan: Let's think about good things. Like...playing in the sprinkler, ...that "whirly twirly thing" you like at the park, ....oh, like the Shamu roller coaster in the kids area at Sea World....
Daisy: ....and like God and Jesus?
Dan: Yes, like God and Jesus. Actually that is the best thing you can think about.
(conversation continues...Dan wraps it up and begins to leave the room.)
Daisy: Dad? How about riding the Shamu roller coaster WITH God and Jesus?
Dan: Great.

------"Dad, when I get older am I going to get married?"
Dan: Yes.
Daisy: Can I marry you?
Dan: Well, we will see. But I am already married to Mama.
Daisy: Oh.... Dad, who can I marry?
Dan: You will meet a man someday that will be so sweet, think about others and love God that you can marry.
(a few moments pass, furrowed brow of thinking...)
Daisy: Dad, Eric doesn't have a wife. (Eric Brown, our minister and good friend at our previous church in Gainesville)
Dan: Nope, he doesn't.
Daisy: I think I will just marry him when I get to be a big girl.
Dan: Ok Dais. :)
(a few days pass...)
Daisy: Mom, I think I am just going to live with you and Dad when I get married.
Mom: Ok Daisy, that's great with us. ;)

(But...tough break EB...)
-------Dan took Daisy to the bathroom (in the Mens) in Target. While in the stall and man accidently tried to get into their stall. Daisy said, "DAD! SOME ONE JUST TRIED TO GET IN HERE!...AND IF HE HAD...HE WOULD HAVE SEEN MY PRIVACY!!"
------"Mom look! I am pumping my legs and swinging myself! I am so proud of myself!"
------She calls JeJe (my mom) "Jeeg" and Mimimo (Dan's mom) "Meem." I guess those words were just too long for her. :)
------I hear my very voice from her every day since she says all the words I didn't know I said:
like totally, seriously, usually, just chillin', actually, here's the deal (from JeJe), freakin' out, losing my mind, havin' a melt down, sweet precious baby boy, and it's so hard to be Isaac/Daisy, hilarious!, isn't this so cute?, ...and so on. She has also picked up "perhaps" from somewhere (maybe Maurine?). It's a humbling experience to have a little tape recorder around.

Oh man...this is a stage of constant hilarious comments. I mean we have actually been in this stage for a while and I am sure it continues. We laugh all the time. I have to take this time to talk about my sweet precious Daisy. (SO you can skip this part if you are skimming...) She is so sweet. She really wants to please us. She wants us to be happy with her. And if we aren't she will usually do what it takes to make that happen. She is so helpful with Isaac. She is so loving with him. She takes care of him, wants to help when he cries, calls him "buddy" sometimes (like we do), plays so sweet with him, and is sure to let me know when he is into something he isn't supposed to be. Daisy is very social and loves to meet new people and make new friends. So she has really missed her Gainesville friends since our move. But we are slowly making some new friends. She is great helping up, cooking dinner with me, etc. She LOVES to do crafts (cut, glue, stickers, name it!). I hope that means she will be artsy like me. :) Then we can craft together (...we do some now...but I mean later). She LOVES to dress up...which means every day her room looks like her closet has vomitted on the floor. She changes SEVERAL times a day. No matter the weather, the size or the comfort...she tries it on. I have to say that she has shown some promise's just the matching deal we have not mastered. Lots of prints on prints. And she loves the one pair of pink panty hose she has. They are donned EVERY day. She LOVES princesses, Dora, Noggin, Strawberry short cake, Veggie Tales, Hermie Videos, and above all the color PINK. :) She DOES NOT want her hair in a "bun" (like a ponytail not pulled out all the way). She now lets me put it up some. She loves to play games like matching (memory) and bingo and Hi Ho Cherry Oh. She likes school and her teacher gave her a great report at the p/t conference. She said she was so sweet and helpful in class. She said she plays with everyone. She is great in circle time. She knows all the shapes, colors and so on she is supposed to know. We need to work on her "standing up for herself." Like if a kid takes a toy from her...she shouldn't just stand there with a bewildered look on her face. She needs to learn to say, "It's my turn with this toy. But when I am done you can have it." I thought about teaching her to give a surprise left hook to the chin to the little twirp who took the toy along with that kind comment but that probably won't go well at school. Can you tell this was never an issue for me? :) I was the one who needed the left hook from the sweet kid in preschool. :) She LOVES her Daddy and loves every second she can be with him. She laughs and makes jokes. She has hair like a princess with NO effort...I am so jealous. She loves to be outside and run around. She still has her blanket (or "blank" as she often calls it) and still sucks the first 2 fingers on her right hand. :)
Anyway... all that to say I am just so proud of her. I am so thankful that I am her mama. Her sweet spirit and sensitivity for others teaches me the way I should be. Funny how that works out. I love her laugh and how she includes everyone. She is one of my most favorite blessings. :) I could not be happier to be living my dream and staying at home with her and Isaac. is her by aunt julie, papa, jeje and mama....

Friday, October 17

Even the Rocks Will Cry Out...

God don't care how the praise is long as He is praised! :) And I think this is praise to Him. :)

I just thought this was funny.

(As you can tell by my posts (unless Dan edits them) I have never won a spelling who am I to laugh?) :)

Fall in Florida

Just wanted to share what fall is like in FL. :) It's not quite the same. I do wish I could experience the crisp fall air, leaves falling, and so on when it was supposed to happen (Oct-Dec). But we have to wait til January for that. And since we don't get snow or ever have to wear a heavy's worth the wait for me. :) We love that! I know some of you think we are nuts! But if any of you know my husband...there is not much on him to keep him warm in the winter (NO body fat) he LOVES the mild winters here. And I agree (...except when I am prego in the summer...and THAT was BAD.).
Anywho...this is us loving fall at Sea World (told you are abusing the passes...we are even going back next week for the Spooktacular!):

Then we went to dinner at some ones home who lived in Celebration, FL. Remember the previous post about that place? After dinner we drove a few blocks downtown to the town square. They were having "Oktoberfest" there that weekend. There were bands, food, crafts and lots of fun things. And for Oktoberfest in the town square they have the "leaves falling." At every hour starting at 6 in the evening till 9 they blow out leaves (made of tissue paper) for the kids to all run and catch. They give out bags and the kids can collect their leaves in them. Daisy LOVED it. All the kids seemed to dig it. Isn't it funny that we are having to simulate fall here? HA!!! (They also do "snow" for the's bubbles!)

Resorted to picking the up off the ground when the blowers turned off!

Then we were on a walk one evening and decided to venture to the Y and watch some little league baseball. SO funny. I can't wait till our little ones are playing. Here are pics of us at the ball park:

I am looking ROUGH...but we can't always just post the best pics of ourselves, right? .....right? :) I had to post this to show Daisy's choice of outfit...JLo hat, fraying dress (cant tell in pic), worn out sparkly shoes and patterned pink socks to match. But hey, the way I look in this pic...I can throw no stones (greasy hair, no make up, rolled up jeans, sweaty...).

Isaac LOVES to squeeze thru small spaces. I don't get it. But he does. And it's everywhere! So here is the small space at the ball park he found.

Thursday, October 16

What can you do?

So when we moved in to our house (...heck, when we were even looking at our house) we noticed this on our neighbors mailbox... (for those of you who can't see's Christmas tinsel on the mailbox. Classy....)
And what can you do? I have had some anonymous family/friends suggest that I sneak over in the middle of the night and snip it down. I would have... but what if it was one of those situations where the man who put up the tinsel was the owners son and he (the son) just passed away from some kind of tumor at the age of 30 and it was still up for his grieving mother. And who would be so heartless (or just not know and is snobby) as to take it down? THE NEW NEIGHBORS. Heh, heh, heh (sheepish laugh).

So I did find out that they are renters next door.
That somehow made me feel a little better. But they have been there forever. Not quite as good now. But then one day there was a moving van. And Dan went over and talked to some guy who didn't live there BUT he said he was helping the man move. NOW...there is a lady and a man. And I assume they both went cause I have not seen ANY traffic there in the last few weeks. Not even any traffic on the 15 bags of garbage piled up on the side of the drive way. :) (As an aside they were burning things just before the move in their backyard...and it was an AWFUL smell....weird!) All that to say....I think they are gone.
So then is it ok to remove
THIS now????

(Please excuse J LO, I mean, Daisy in the back ground.)

What in the WIDE WORLD??? Now, I know you all think I live in a weird neighborhood, what with the strange wooden woman in my yard and all. But really it's a very nice place to live. :) WAIT...maybe the wooden woman was a gift from my parting neighbors!? :)
But really? Who puts a stuffed doll on a mailbox? I mean you know it's nasty now with all the elements its exposed to (rain, car exhaust, tinsel, ...) over the last few weeks. Stuffed things just soak all that up and hold on to it for molding. Ugh. So attractive! And the poor dolls hair is tied around the post to be sure she stays on!
For those of you wondering...we have a Home Owners Association...and as you can tell...they are NOT hard core. :)

Luckily Daisy hasn't asked for her....yet.