Friday, October 17

Fall in Florida

Just wanted to share what fall is like in FL. :) It's not quite the same. I do wish I could experience the crisp fall air, leaves falling, and so on when it was supposed to happen (Oct-Dec). But we have to wait til January for that. And since we don't get snow or ever have to wear a heavy's worth the wait for me. :) We love that! I know some of you think we are nuts! But if any of you know my husband...there is not much on him to keep him warm in the winter (NO body fat) he LOVES the mild winters here. And I agree (...except when I am prego in the summer...and THAT was BAD.).
Anywho...this is us loving fall at Sea World (told you are abusing the passes...we are even going back next week for the Spooktacular!):

Then we went to dinner at some ones home who lived in Celebration, FL. Remember the previous post about that place? After dinner we drove a few blocks downtown to the town square. They were having "Oktoberfest" there that weekend. There were bands, food, crafts and lots of fun things. And for Oktoberfest in the town square they have the "leaves falling." At every hour starting at 6 in the evening till 9 they blow out leaves (made of tissue paper) for the kids to all run and catch. They give out bags and the kids can collect their leaves in them. Daisy LOVED it. All the kids seemed to dig it. Isn't it funny that we are having to simulate fall here? HA!!! (They also do "snow" for the's bubbles!)

Resorted to picking the up off the ground when the blowers turned off!

Then we were on a walk one evening and decided to venture to the Y and watch some little league baseball. SO funny. I can't wait till our little ones are playing. Here are pics of us at the ball park:

I am looking ROUGH...but we can't always just post the best pics of ourselves, right? .....right? :) I had to post this to show Daisy's choice of outfit...JLo hat, fraying dress (cant tell in pic), worn out sparkly shoes and patterned pink socks to match. But hey, the way I look in this pic...I can throw no stones (greasy hair, no make up, rolled up jeans, sweaty...).

Isaac LOVES to squeeze thru small spaces. I don't get it. But he does. And it's everywhere! So here is the small space at the ball park he found.


Sarah said...

Whoa! I am totally blown away by the idea of simulated leaves falling. Also, that feeling of missing fall - yeah, every year that we've been in FL, I get this achey homesickness about now, and I get really cranky that I am still sweating like crazy and it is almost (or actually) November!!!

Aurie also loves small spaces, including the space between me and the kitchen cabinets while I'm cooking. She's always pushing me around. :)

Lark said...

To your throwing no stones comment you could have added...'uncool shirt'