Monday, October 27

JeJe came to see us!

So this post may be long. Man, where do I begin. We packed it out with non-stop fun. :) She came Wednesday thru Saturday (although I hate to count that day since I had to have her at the airport at 5:30 am!). We went shopping, went to a fair, went to Sea Worlds Halloween Spooktacular, and had a blast!!! I will tell our fun times with pics....

This is Dr Phillips park near our house. We love it. I always feel like I am in a movie at this park since we have that big lake next to it. (You know how in the movies they never play at a regular old's always beautiful in a park, or downtown, or on top of a skyscraper or something cool.) Even the playground is cool here. JeJe and Daisy did it all.

This thing spins around and the kids LOVE it. Pardon our exposure...

above: JeJe spinning hard in fact that she came flying off!
Daisy's turn for revenge!

Daisy and Johnny at school. They had a pajama and popcorn day to learn about the letter P!
Jeeg and her helpful crew as she got ready in the morning. (Does my mom look like a supermodel or what???!)
Welcome to Trunk or Treak Orlando Style...a FAIR! :) no, we have TOT here too...but this church goes all out! It's close to our house so we decided to go.

just moments before the pic above...Daisy sat on squatting JeJe's leg...and they toppled over. And Jeeg almost decapitated herself with our umbrella stroller. I am NOT gonna was so funny. I was no help with mom and Daisy on the ground...cause I was trying with all my might to control my bladder.

See Jeeg and Isaac in the lower right corner....he is so busy. We were chasing him all night.

below...Daisy thought it would be a hoot to repeat the fall done in the parking lot. It was funny. And so this is Jeeg and Dais on the gravel at the fair. :)
Sea World's Halloween Spooktacular was fun!! It was supposed to rain all day. It only did once. We had a blast. We danced with the DJ PJ, saw Shamu (although she did go on strike and not perform!), trick or treated, rode rides, saw Clyde and Seamore show (so funny!)...all good times.

watching Shamu...
Pink: Daisy, Red: Jeeg...danicing with the DJ.Isaac and Shamu bonded...probably cause they both know what its like to be BIG.

above: dancing with DJ

Then my camera battery died. Those of you who know me are probably surprised that I lived to tell about it. It was a sad, sad moment. But I survived. :) I guess the rest of the days memories will have to live on in my head...and not the blog. :)


Laura said...

i love your pictures! what kind of camera do you have?? message me on facebook. i'm so jealous you live in orlando...hopefully we'll be living there when kenneth graduates in may!

Anonymous said...

It was such a fun time - I've been a little melancholy since returning home from hanging with my babies :( Counting the days until Thanksgiving!!!

Love, JeJe

sonyagraykey said...

Yes, your mom is a supermodel!! It looks like y'all a FUN with Jeeg! You always have such awesome family times. I hope the same for us. We are heading back to AL with my folks on Thurs. for a week-long adventure...I'm starting out by surprising a college rommie at her wedding rehearsal dinner. :) Maybe we'll have some Cagle-Jones good times. Give your sweeties hugs from us!

judyh said...

I especially like the picture of your Mom in the Mermaid costume towards the end. NICE!
I know she had a ball, she talks about it all the time...... I mean ALL THE TIME...... over and over the same stories....... sheesh!
Thanks for sharing! AJ

Brittany said...

What fun times. I'm sure you miss not getting to see your family everyday, but it makes the visits even that more special! Tell your mama I said hi...and that she is looking pretty darn good. I only hope I look that good 20 years from now!