Saturday, October 11

Long time, no blog!

Whew...this is going to be one of those times where I was gone for 2 weeks and then BAM I have like 5 new posts. Oh well. What can you do? :)

One event I want to post is our trip to the really cool science museum here in Orlando. My friend, Michelle, sent me an email about a free day pass to the place. It got Dan and I in free. Daisy was $12. It would have been like $28 each if we didnt have the pass! Nuts. I bet we never go again for that price! They do have a reasonable year round family pass...but I don't know if we live close enough to use that. Plus we are too busy abusing the Sea World pass. :)
Anywho...this place was great! We wound up eating lunch there at the little cafe. And it was reasonably priced and pretty tasty! The kids section was fun...water toys, a car to "repair", story time, music mania (instruments), underground area like in a man hole, orange picking orchard, blocks and kitchen toys, special tree exhibit, and Norman Rockwell exhibit (SO good!), plus one on Titanic (but we missed it) etc. Here are some pics.

water fun!
(note the sign on the plane... oops)

Yea, so we got a little caught up in this "green screen" thing (watching ourselves on TV) and next thing we know Isaac is GONE. Dan found him moments later BEHIND all the set up of the Tree exhibit. Here is Dan with Isaac after finding him. Check out Dans face! Isaac not bothered at all.
He was playing with this! (below)
The boy LOVES cords and he has lived this long...we don't know.


Brittany said...

I love all the fun things you do with your family! But it looks like all you need are a couple of live wires to keep Isaac entertained. :)

Emily said...

Mel, I am laughing so hard at Daniel's face in the pic where he has just found Isaac!! I KNOW THAT FEELING!!