Saturday, October 11

Sweet Home Alabama....ROLL TIDE ROLL!

My friends, it was so fun to be back in the SOUTH. (btw...Florida, despite its location is NOT a part of the SOUTH!) The place of sweet tea, fried green tomatoes, southern accents, everything monogrammed, Rick & Bubba, and the Crimson Tide. It was so great to be among other Bama fans. One of my very favorite Bama fans is Rachel Warren. She is one of my dearest friends that I met when living in the Ham (Birmingham). We were both "married yet single" since both of our husbands were busy in school. We would shop, eat, watch TV, and she even made me exercise. It was great! We are kindred spirits, as they say, and now that we live SO far apart we are very excited when we do get to see each other!! She lives in Tuscaloosa and goes to almost EVERY Bama game (home and away). I am jealous. But she hooked me up while I was there (Thank you Jimmy!!) and we went to the Bama/Kentucky game. It was not the best game that we have played all year...but we will take the "W" anyway. It was so great to be in the stadium shaking my shaker and yelling for the TIDE.

While I was there we got to do all kinds of fun things. I got to hang with her son, Alex, who's 20 months old...and he is ADORABLE. He and I were fast friends. The first night I was there we went to dinner and he just took my hand and walked me to the table! Yea! He likes Aunt Mel! :) He is so sweet and easy going. He was off his usual schedule and was still so easy and "go with the flow." That is impressive for a 20 mo old! He would bob his head like a gangsta when we played one of his songs in the funny! And he loved to, after we'd been hangin out for a few hours just turn to me and say, "hey." HA! Crackin' me up! We read books, played with balls, ate pound cake for was good times for both Alex and me. :) MAYBE he will remember me when I see him again.

Sweet Alex letting me read to him (...and look at my flippers for feet! sheesh! "They call her Flipper! Flipper! Faster than liiiiightining..." ugh...)
The weekend was SO much fun. It was great to be sans kids and to be with my friend. We shopped for Bama paraphernalia all afternoon. I cashed in with 3 cute shirts (one was 5 bucks!) and some CUTE pajama pants. John (Rachel's husband) donated 2 Bama cups and a Bama program (is that what they are called? with all the players and info in it?) to the "Melanie needs some Bama gear" cause. SWEET! We watched a movie (which I hardly ever do!) and some other football on TV. And as girl friends do...we talked and talked. I still don't think we talked about everything, do you Rachel? HA.

Here are some pics from our fun time:

This was a free sample of "Roll Tide Ice Cream" by Mayfield...SO GOOD. It was chocolate and vanilla swirl...with little red chocolate footballs in it. That is what is on my tongue...I have not been shot. :)

(no this is not us, above, just a cool HUGE elephant. But I do wish I had that girls legs...esp after 3 kids!)

At the end of my trip I went to see my good friends Tina and Jason Hebert and their precious little boy Jack. They live in the COOLEST loft in downtown Birmingham. I got to see all their hard work (they built the whole thing...but the brick walls!). It was amazing. Jack was the cutest part though. :) He has a spiky blonde hair do and dimples that would make any girl melt. :) It was so great to see them. But so bummed we didn't take ONE picture. Ugh.


rachel said...

Yeah, I know Tina & Jason and Jack. We go to Cross Bridge with them. Too bad I also know MELANIE JONES WHO CAME TO BIRMINGHAM AND DIDN'T CALL ME!!! I bet you were hoping I don't read your blog anymore :)

torinem said...

I love the pic with the red ice cream. It looks like you bit your tongue crazy bad!

Michael and Hannah said...

I was all happy for you until you said you played Kentucky!!! GO WILDCATS!!! You can tell how well I follow college football, though, since I never have any idea when or who Kentucky plays or if they win (but I always doubt it). Wake me up when it's basketball season.

Glad you had fun!

Jessica said...

How did you get away for a weekend with NO KIDS??? What a husband!

Amy Conner said...

Hey Melanie, i don't think i have ever met you but i went to Harding with your brother and i went to University church with the Jones, your kids are adorable!
I have to know where little john jr.'s(he looks just like his daddy) pants came from they are so cute and i immedialty went online looking for them and couldnt find them so i thought i would ask!
I live in TN now and it is so much fun to go back and visit esp. this time of year!
~Amy Conner (used to be Amy Martin)

sonyagraykey said...

Woman, what are earth are you talking about "I'd love to have that girl's thighs"? You look awesome in your pix! You are a hottie-mama! I'm glad you had so much fun. And I'm totally bummed that this will be the second fall when our eldest babies will not crawl through leaves together. *sniff* I hope their love lasts. I guess our younger babies would eat the leaves, anyway. :)