Thursday, October 16

What can you do?

So when we moved in to our house (...heck, when we were even looking at our house) we noticed this on our neighbors mailbox... (for those of you who can't see's Christmas tinsel on the mailbox. Classy....)
And what can you do? I have had some anonymous family/friends suggest that I sneak over in the middle of the night and snip it down. I would have... but what if it was one of those situations where the man who put up the tinsel was the owners son and he (the son) just passed away from some kind of tumor at the age of 30 and it was still up for his grieving mother. And who would be so heartless (or just not know and is snobby) as to take it down? THE NEW NEIGHBORS. Heh, heh, heh (sheepish laugh).

So I did find out that they are renters next door.
That somehow made me feel a little better. But they have been there forever. Not quite as good now. But then one day there was a moving van. And Dan went over and talked to some guy who didn't live there BUT he said he was helping the man move. NOW...there is a lady and a man. And I assume they both went cause I have not seen ANY traffic there in the last few weeks. Not even any traffic on the 15 bags of garbage piled up on the side of the drive way. :) (As an aside they were burning things just before the move in their backyard...and it was an AWFUL smell....weird!) All that to say....I think they are gone.
So then is it ok to remove
THIS now????

(Please excuse J LO, I mean, Daisy in the back ground.)

What in the WIDE WORLD??? Now, I know you all think I live in a weird neighborhood, what with the strange wooden woman in my yard and all. But really it's a very nice place to live. :) WAIT...maybe the wooden woman was a gift from my parting neighbors!? :)
But really? Who puts a stuffed doll on a mailbox? I mean you know it's nasty now with all the elements its exposed to (rain, car exhaust, tinsel, ...) over the last few weeks. Stuffed things just soak all that up and hold on to it for molding. Ugh. So attractive! And the poor dolls hair is tied around the post to be sure she stays on!
For those of you wondering...we have a Home Owners Association...and as you can tell...they are NOT hard core. :)

Luckily Daisy hasn't asked for her....yet.


sonyagraykey said...

Yikes. What more can I say? J. Lo is looking too cute struttin' her hat wearin' stuff.

Emily said...

By all means, YES! Remove that crazy thing and the Christmas tinsel! I am concerned also with the fact that they were burning things before they left...

Tesney said...

Take it down. Now.

blessdtwice said...

The only problem with taking it down is that you are likely to have even stranger neighbors move in and put something weirder up...its just the luck of the universe...

Brittany said...

I started laughing so hard when I saw Daisy (or should I say JLo) in the background! How funny is she...little miss thang! Oh and by the have some freaky neighbors. I say take down the madness!