Monday, November 24

My LOVE/HATE with the Dentist

If you think I mean Daniel, you are wrong (although I think that is the case in any marriage). I am talking about going to the dentist. I have always HATED the dentist. (Ha Ha ironic that I married one. I know.) Well, actually it goes back to April 18th, in Jr. High (yes it was that traumatic that I remember the date!) when I had to get a few fillings. (That statement reminds me of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy on SNL. On a background of an outdoor fall scene with turning leaves and a winding road it says "I have a deep phobia of clowns. I think it goes back to the time my family went to the circus ....and a clown killed my father.") They didn't numb me well enough and I felt the drilling on my nerve. IT WAS TERRIBLE. I cried and cried all through it. Since that day I have really not loved the dentist.

So I decided to really give the dental hygiene thing a good ol' college try to avoid having a horrible dental experience again. So I did. And that's where my even DEEPER hate for them surfaced. No matter what I did, or how I cleaned my teeth I always had a cavity (or cavities) when I went to the dentist. It was so frustrating! I mean it's like studying hard for the same test over and over (every 6 months) and failing no matter what. UGH! I would try to psych myself up for when I would feel the scaler stick in a soft spot of my tooth and hear that little "ping!" or when they would say "well, only a couple of spots to have Dr. Blah Blah look at." Don't cry, don't cry I would tell myself. Pitiful, right? Then I really thought (and so did Dan) that things would get better with his involvement in my dental health. I tried it all: mouth rinses, toothpastes, different floss...and still I have issues. (Although he was quite handy when I was 9 months prego and needing a root canal on the weekend...but that's another story for another post!) So stinkin' frustrating.

So to let you all know how bad it is...I think I have at least one filling on each tooth in my mouth except for the the thin, one-cusp ones in the front (top and bottom). Hey, 1/2 ain't bad. And I only have one root canal. And let me tell you...the root canal itself was my favorite part! The pain was so bad I was so happy to be numb. :) I used to tell Dan to just make me a set of dentures so I could just pop those jokers out and not have to deal with the loser teeth I've got. I still may get some, maybe at 40? (I will be the youngest person ever with dentures. Then it's mashed bananas for dessert and off to bed for Mel! That doesn't sound so bad. :) HA...that would really scare the kids! "You better clean your room or Mama will take her teeth out!" Hahahaha!)

Here are the main reasons Daniel, my Orlando dentist and I have come up with as to why my mouth is rotten:

--I had lots of fillings early on in life that were "composite" (tooth-colored) and that don't last as long or wear as well as amalgam (silver fillings). (So I am a little vain...I laugh a lot and didn't want to give every one a metal show when I did!) These fillings are now falling apart and the cavities are forming in the lines where the filling stuff meets the tooth.

--I have been birthing children. Apparently those little bundles of joy suck the calcium and whatever else you got right outta ya during pregnancy! Selfish little babies. I think I will go spank my kids right now. ;) just kidding.

--Genetically, I don't have a lot of help. My parents have lots of fillings too. Thanks a lot Mom and Dad, for loading my mouth up with Streptococcus Mutans (cavity-causing bug) every time you kissed me. J/K!

What can I do except realize it would be worse if I didn't go to the dentist at all.

All this has surfaced because I had to go to the dentist on Monday for my second appointment for few of my many fillings. I had to hire a babysitter (another kick in the pants...I have to pay a sitter...NOT for a fun night out...but for the dentist!). But here is where I confess my LOVE for the dentist...I LOVE THE NITROUS OXIDE/laughing gas. Have you ever had it? Whoooo-weeee! Man, it's good stuff. It's like a wonderful gift for having to go thru getting drilled on. So as much as I didn't want to go, I was anxious to hurry and get there! I get to lay in a chair, not hearing a kid scream "MAMA!" and get some "feel good gas." AWESOME. If you have never experienced it, I suggest you stop brushing to be able to partake. :) Just, I'm seriously joking...but really... :) Having never been one to experiment with "substances" this is as close as I have gotten. So for those "users" out may not find the pleasure I did in it. Keep brushing. :) But the best way I can describe the feeling I get is like a heavy, warm blanket being placed on me while I lay in the chair. I feel like I am sinking in to the chair. After one sniff (it's in a mask they place on your nose) I don't care what they do to me as long as they don't take the gas off. Kinda scary, huh?! :) I mean while they were working on me Monday I was having crazy thoughts like, "Man, when my kids get older and go to school, I may want to work in this office. It is so sunny in here. Dr. C is so nice. The ladies seem to all get along. And it's such a cozy office. I am sure they could train an RN to be an assistant. I think I would really enjoy it." HA! Was this my crazy subconscious trying to work where I could get a hit of this stuff every day at lunch? So funny. I have had the gas many times in the past. And usually I think of Scooby Doo while on the gas. Odd I know. One time, I guess it was at a higher dose and I thought I heard the staff all talking funny. Later I could remember what they said (the dentist was training a new assistant) and could hear it at the time...but didn't care! So funny.

Of course after the gas is's just me. Ticked off, kinda sore and numb. I feel like I have Angelina Jolie lips but only on half my face. This past time I was numb on my upper left and lower right (even a little of my ear!). I guess it feels worse than it looks. But as I ran errands after my appointment (taking advantage of the sitter!) I felt like a total nerd smiling back at people. "Oh, that poor girl," they thought, "she has a facial paralysis." I shoulda worn a can for donations around my neck. :)

And because I hate to blog without I am Monday post appt. Here is my crooked smile for your enjoyment. :)

The above pic looks like I could be a card character on the elimination game "Guess Who."
Look at this wonky kiss! Ha!

Mimimo's Visit

Last weekend Maurine/Mimimo/Dan's Mom came to town! It was good times. :) We had a short weekend but filled it with quality time and lots of fun. :) We went to an art festival in downtown Winter Garden, ate boiled peanuts and candied pecans, saw a Miss Patty Cake Christmas show and just hung out at home. Daisy loves to have tea parties with Mimimo. So Mimimo brought everything needed for a tea party: Beauty and the Beast tea set, tea, babies to go around the table, and a tea party dress for Daisy. She loved it! Isaac loved knocking the whole set-up down! :)

SO a little more detail about the Miss Patty Cake Christmas Concert....

First of all, if you have not heard of her...check her site on the link above. She is great. They are great biblical songs that my kids LOVE. She has DVDs too. We don't have one but I hear they are good. Daisy has loved out CD and knows some scripture and bible stories because of those songs. Very neat.

Well as we were pulling out of the drive way on our way to the concert I chuckled to myself about the absurdity of 5 people (3 adults dragging 2 kids) going to a kid concert that only ONE of us in the group MAY enjoy. Why do parents do that? I mean at this age (Daisy is 3 almost 4) we could give her a picture of Miss Patty Cake we printed from the internet and she may be just as happy. Yet the parents (ME!) have paid money and spent their Saturday afternoon on the CHANCE that the kid will be in the right mood to really like it. It's nuts, really. (I mean Daisy saw Sesame Street Live once when she was 2...she sat and watched the whole thing and really liked it. I really lucked out on that one!) Now in cases of Sea World, Disney or a Circus...I want to go too. It will be fun for me too...even grown-ups! But that's not the case for this show. :)

Anywho...back to the concert...

We got there a little early so we could get a seat (general admission). They were playing her DVD on the big screens. Isaac let us know early on that it was probably going to be a no-go for him. He was his usual human tornado self...but with added volume. We sat and wallered and wrestled and passed him around and showed him toys and offered him things for about 20 mins until the show started. Just as they say, "And HERE SHE IS NOW!!!...MISS PATTY CAKE!!!!" Daisy turns to Dan and Me and shouts, "I WANT MY SNACK!" Man, she is really into this show! ugh. Dan and I give each other the "slanty eyes" (my Aunt Jan says's like eyelids half way down and looking out the corner of your eye with a miffed looking mouth). So out come the snacks WAY too early in the game if you ask me. Isaac is under the chairs, swiping random kids snacks, wanting Daisy's sippy cup and not his, wanting to be in our laps and playing on the floor at the same time. Dan volunteered to take Isaac out. Lucky.
(pic taken just after show started...)

So now Daisy is watching the screen pretty intently. I was kinda bummed about that since Miss Patty Cake in the flesh was in front of her. And we could watch her on a screen at home. But at least she was gettin' into it. Well, sweet Miss Patty Cake. She commented how this was her 14th year of being Miss Patty it kinda showed. She was great...but out of breath.
But believe me...the kids didn't notice.

Since Isaac was gone, my focus shifted from that to the group at large. About half way thru she began to read and bring out the boxes of "What God Wants for Christmas." (If you have not seen that, its super neat...check it out online). But there was more down time while she read the book. Maurine turned to me and said, "She's losing 'em." A truer word has ne'er been spoken! They weren't only lost...there were "missing child" posters up already. It was CRAZY in there. An absolute mad house. There was a roar of the crowd all during the show...but it was getting louder. The natives were DEFINITELY restless. It wasn't that the show was bad (cause it was good) but that the crowd was little kids...being normal little kids. :) Here were my random thoughts:

1. "I bet the aerial view of this room looks like an ant farm." There were kids crawling, dancing, singing, screaming, throwing fits...etc.

2. "You gotta be a special person to be Miss Patty Cake. You have to seriously NOT care that maybe 8 of the 400 people in the room are actually listening and/or watching the show. Tough crowd...those preschoolers."

3. "Why is the woman in front of me using her little digital camera to video this WHOLE show in 5-minute increments? How cheap can you be? The DVDs are $10! Man, are times that hard, Lady? And are you gonna call little whiney-just-turned-2-Emma to the computer and hold her in the computer chair to watch it?"

4. "I think I have seen that one kid be taken out 4 times."

5. "There are probably 20 simultaneous meltdowns going on right now. Call Guiness."

6. "Why am I singing and doing all the motions and Daisy is just watching?" (I think most parents there could echo this one.)

(this was before the show! see Isaac's warning face? His eyes are saying,"I thought I told you not to bring me here. You betta look out." :))

Here was one part of the video that Daniel and Maurine noticed that was pretty funny: so the kids and Miss Patty Cake are all singing a song, so happy, cheerful and full of energy, and so on. And they cut to a close-up of one of the little girls who is supposed to be singing in the video and she gets a terrible scowl on her face and she is mouthing "SHUT UP!" And the happy music and song are still playing as she gave her little friend a piece of her mind. HA! That is so hysterical! I was laughing pretty hard when they told me about it. Why they would not cut that from the video we do not know.

Anywho...Maurine and I just sat there and laughed and laughed. It was hysterical watching cheerios fly, screams belt out, parents trying to remain calm, and so on. And when that show was have never seen a group bolt so quickly!

But it was fun. You know I think I got those tickets and wanted us all to go so that we could have something fun for "the kids" (Daisy) to do and be together. Part of it is just the experience of going somewhere and getting out of the house. And the other reason is attempting to thrill my 3 year old. It does seem silly that I drag my kid and family out to things such as this knowing full well that there is a 50% chance or higher of a HUGE bust. But as a parent who is crazy in love with her's sometimes worth the risk.


Yo, so my friend, Deborah, is a talented and crafty gal. She makes these adorable bows. They are cheap too! I just wanted to share in case you moms of girls wanted to partake! :)

I know Halloween is over...but check this out...

LOVE the Turkey. :)
Cute for Christmas!
Love these above cause they are attached to the rubberband you see. SO we won't accidently lose the bow and it stays in it's perfect place! :) These are $2 a piece! CHEAP.
This is just cute cause its personalized. You know if you go to a store to find a is easily $10 for a little white bow! And this one can be personalized.

Let me know if you are interested and I can get you her info!!! :)

Monday, November 17

Another random post of things that I am shoving together. They don't relate at ALL. But I want to share them with you. Enjoy.....

ONE: We get the "ValuPak" of coupons sent to our home. I thought this was just for cheap renters (since we have always gotten them in the mail at our cheap rental properties). BUT NO. We get them at our house and for some reason (much like the catalogs I can't help but browse through) I have to check these out. I feel like the one time that I throw an unopened ValuPak in the trash...will be the one time American Airlines has offered a BOGO (buy one, get one) on plane tickets and I missed it. :) So as I was browsing thru them I ran across this one...
HA! Now do you see why you should just check and see what is in there? That was a close one! I coulda missed this! :) "Have you lost your eyebrows?" Like, "Have you been injured in an accident?" And then it says, "I have them..." "she" (the woman on the ad who apparently is missing most of her right eyebrow) saw where you left them on the park bench and wants to return them (thankfully didn't just slap one on where she needs one!). hahahaha....and then that she has them "in the perfect color" is even funnier! ahahahah...I jest, I jest. But seriously...I have been known for my lack of brow since they are blonde) maybe I will keep this paper just in case. :) Btw...should I be worried about this in the future? Is this an age thing? Cause seriously, I'd be doomed. I am only a handful of hairs away from needing this ad! And did you notice the top says, "The Look that's worth a thousand words." Permanent make up? I'll say! :)

TWO: Daisy's favorite color is pink. Therefore when asked how she wanted her entire face painted at a birthday party...she chose a pig face. There were such cool options (cuter animals, designs, glitter...) but prevailed. And the rest of the day it was hard to look at her and take her seriously. If you notice her sweet little petite nose was painted so that her nostrils look flared. HILARIOUS. I had to double take every time I looked at her thinking she was annoyed with me! She will LOVE this pic when she is 14. :)

Several Sundays I have noticed skywriting near our house. We have been to many different churches but on the way home I notice the skywriting. I am not sure who is doing it. But this is one we saw at the end of Oct. It is probably election related. It was a bit jumbled from our backyard. But see below...

I think it said, "God loves u" (with the "u" being below the "God Loves") and then using the same words "God Loves" it adds "babies." Odd... The only thing I can think of (as to why to tell our area that) is the BIG vote that was coming up. Usually it says things like, "Jesus loves you" and "Trust God" and so on. One said "U + God = :) " (but the smiley face was a circle with the face right side up). Anyone else have religious skywriters?


My kids LOVE for their Daddy to throw them in the air. And he wonders why his back aches... :)

Daisy was getting dressed one day and matched a navy striped shirt to a navy skirt. She ran into me and said, "Look mom! Old navy and old navy!" :)

Wednesday, November 12

Sweet Isaac

Since I did a post a few weeks ago about Daisy...I feel I need to even things up a bit and gush about my sweet, squishy, kiss cushion Isaac Daniel Jones. I can go ahead and warn you readers out there that this one is for me. I want to remember the little things about him at this this will get long and detailed. :) Feel free to skim/skip. :)

Isaac is 14 months old, almost 15 months. He is just the sweetest baby boy. He is walking all over the place. Still a little like a drunken sailor...but he is quick on those sea legs! I can turn to set my drink down and POOF! He is gone! One day when he "disappeared" Daisy and I called him for a LONG 5 minutes. I started looking in crazy places (under pillows, in the cabinets) cause he was not out in the open as usual (if we can't find him and it's quiet...he is usually playing in a toilet, sitting in our shower, behind the TV cabinet with all the cords, or playing with any cords/outlets). Well, that day, my friends, was the day I learned he could open doors! After yelling and yelling his name...Dais and I heard a little knock on the door out to the garage. Yup...he was out there chillin' with the car and tools...with the door shut trying to respond to the calling of his name. Crazy!

From here I am going to list all the things about Isaac at this age:

--BUSY, BUSY: I call him the human tornado. If we go somewhere non-baby proof...I have my work cut out for me! He is into it all. It's like radar/magnet for what he is not supposed to touch. He is sweet about it though! He grins at us as he reaches for the forbidden item. As Daniel says...he thinks he is going to smile us in to letting him have it.

--He LOVES Daisy. Man, whatever she is doing is what he will do. She is silly? He is cracking up. She is crying? He is checking on her and then joins in for the group cry. She is eating/drinking? Exactly what he wants too. She is climbing the back of the sofa? He is on his way...or screaming for help to be on his way. But it's so sweet he loves her. :)

--He can turn on a BIG BAD cry in no less than 3 secs flat! It's crazy! Things are all fine then "THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END" or I HAVE CHOPPED OFF AN APPENDAGE" cry freaks us all out. And it's for things like... he can't reach a toy, or get thru a small space (he loves small spaces), or he wants help out of a chair. Whew. Seriously one day I may come in 10 mins late on a true emergency cause the boy cries "wolf" all the time! Although to be fair...I guess all those are an emergency to him. :)

--He is not saying much. But lots of "uh-uh-uh" and gesturing to what he wants. His vocab is small (ball, mama, dada, uh-oh,...) but he is communicating. :)

--He loves to get his shoes and sit down and "try" to get them on his feet.

--He is still a snappin' machine! hahaha

--He LOVES books and loves for us to read to him. We read before bed and when we finish one he leans forward and looks at the book pile like he is selecting the next one. He LOVES Pat the Bunny. He likes to point to things in the books. He does all the activities in it. He will sit and look at a book page by page in the playroom. And he will bring one to me and then plop himself in my lap. So sweet.

--He still sucks the first 2 fingers on his left hand.

--He still LOVES balls...any color, any kind.

--He loves to be outside. We have a screened in porch. It's been my lifesaver these last few weeks. I can leave the door open to it (since the weather has been so nice!) and let him play out there and be "outside" with out it being an event. He loves it.

--He eats pretty well. Mainly if he is hungry he is not too picky. But if he has been sippin' on a sippy cup then not so good. He loves bananas, limas, peas, toast with butter, milk, grapes...and of course gold fish. :)

--When the boy cuts teeth...we know it. With Daisy we never knew unless we saw it. With Isaac...we know 2 weeks before, the week of, the 2 weeks after. :) These one year molars are killing us! They are taking their sweet time erupting! One at time...slow and painful.

--Isaac has been snot central since Sept. I am hoping he isn't an allergy kid like me. He is on Augmentin for strep, ear infection, sinus infection etc. At first giving it to him was MISERY. But now he takes it fine before meals (good call Dan). Hopefully this will nip it in the bud.

--The kid is a poop machine. (Granted the antibiotics right now are NOT helping!) But seriously, he poops after every time he eats. EVERY time. I hesitate to give him random bites of food to save money in the diaper budget. For a while there I couldn't remember the last time I changed a wet diaper ONLY. It's still rare. The wet only diapers only happen about once a day. And sweet boy, he gets a diaper rash if he thinks about poop. So I am constantly on poop patrol. But hey...I dealt with constipation with Daisy...and that was not fun either (right, Blake and Scott?).

--He loves the playground and any slide. He learned to sit or go down on his belly.

--And he is such a MAN. The second his diaper comes off...hands are drawn like a magnet to his "parts." He has certainly "found" those. (It used to "disappear" in the fat pad surrounding it. :) HA!)

--He goes to anyone. He will reach for random women he does not even know. It kinda hurts my feelings. Long enough for me to stop and be thankful that I can enjoy the benefits of an independent child (on dates or childcare for MOPS!).

--The last time he was weighed...he was 31 lbs. Big boy. He is in the 95% for weight and height and is back on the growth curve. :)

--Naps well...gets a morning nap about 1/2 the time. And always an afternoon nap.

--So sweet. He loves for me to hold him. When I hold him, he pats me on the "aww, mom." He likes to slowly wake up while we hold him after a nap. He will give me a kiss when I ask for one. He is just so smiley. Strangers comment on how friendly and smiley he is.

So that is my sweet little Isaac. I love this age. I love to watch him copy us and watch us and try to figure out what we are doing. He has such a sweet little personality. We can't help but love and squeeze on him all day long. :)

Tuesday, November 11


I had just finished the previous post...and Daisy said, "Mom, you need to put on your day clothes."

Guess I should.

nothin' like virus induced cabin fever....

So Isaac was sick last week with upper respiratory junk and so naturally it was Daisy's turn. Yesterday when she got up from her nap she felt I took her temp. It was 102.3 under her arm! So when Dan got home he saved the day...loaded up the kids to pick us up dinner (Daisy was "feeling better" at this point). When he came home he reported an incident at Pizza Hut. Picture Daniel with Big Boy Isaac in one arm, a large pizza in the other, Daisy walking in front of him.....and then Daisy puking on the side walk in front of Pizza Hut with people coming in and out passing by. Niiiiice.
All that to say...Daisy is home today with Isaac and me. She can't go to school and pass this whatever it is around. She has not had fever today and no emesis episodes. (But Isaac is still going strong with his antibiotic induced diarrhea!) So here we are at home. We can't go to the Y and pass the germs. It's 11 and we are all still in our pj's. It's so nice outside. I think we will have a picnic in the backyard for lunch so we can "get out."
It's nice to be homebound sometimes cause I can get things done around the house and be kinda lazy, doing things at my own pace. I am doing all those chores that are always put off. Dan will be happy to know I plan to iron today (I HATE IRONING...I am not good at it...and it wastes my time!). I have done laundry, cleaned the high chair seat Isaac is done with, changed sheets, cleaned up the playroom (in vain). I have brought out all our winter clothes (meaning they are in the closet waiting to be used).
Praise the Lord "Ize (Shortened version of his name, pronouced with long "i", sounds like "eyes") the Bize with the Big Thigh, Thighs" is in a good mood or this day would be BAD NEWS.
On another note I dropped my cell phone last night (let's just say it was not the first time that happened) and now the screen (and entire top half of my flip phone) is broken. It shows NOTHING. So, no texting...that's for sure. I can talk and answer and it works. But I have to know your number by heart to call you from it! And when I have a message I press buttons till I hear my voice mail come on. For the first time in my life I used the voice mail option "return the message centers call" to call someone back who called me...cause I have NO numbers!!! I am hoping this will just work one day sometime soon...we will see.
And RTR! That LSU game was AWFUL. I was a nervous wreck. Glad we won but whew...that was too close. I am excited about the SEC Championship game...but not that we are playing the Gators. Now on to Mississippi State!
well...better go get the picnic together for our big "outing"....

Thursday, November 6

Trunk or Treat


So it seems to be the "thing to do" these days to have or attend a "Trunk or Treat" (for those of you not in the kid loop---it's normally a church that it's members volunteer to decorate their open trunk on their car, line all the cars up for all the kids to come thru and trick-or-treat. It's a great outreach to the community. It saves parents and kids time..heaven forbid we walk the neighborhood!...and is safer than knocking on strangers doors. Here you just have a higher likely-hood that these strangers won't poison your kid cause they are all supposed to love God. :) ) These pics above were taken as we were going in to St. Luke's.

And while on the topic...I have a theory. I feel that in the same kinda way I was freaked out when I would ask Gran (Grandma Daisy) "What? No cars? No TV? No microwave? Milk or bread was HOW MUCH? 25 cents? NO way!" or my mom, "What no cell phones?" I think our kids will (sadly) freak out to know that we used to go to ANY random strangers home, ring the doorbell and say trick-or treat! They would happily give us candy and tell us how cute were were....without hurting us in anyway! I think it may become a lost art the harder the world becomes to live in. What do you all think?

Anywho...we went to St. Luke's not far from our house to their Trunk or treat. At 5:30 they had games and bounce houses set up in the gym.

Then at 6:30 the trunks were open for treating. ;) There was a preschool section and a primary section. There were LINES to even start trunk or treating due to high volume of people and I think they wanted our info. :) We went to both sections. I have to say I was impressed with the creativity!

I attend MOPS at this church once a month and so MOPS had a trunk. One of my new friends, Janelle is an animator (works for Disney, Cabbage Patch, etc...) and did this AMAZING trunk on her own!!! She drew and colored it all her self!!! She said it really took her no time at all. Unreal. And you shoulda seen the "quick sketch" that she whipped up to show us this idea. I was considering buying it to hang in a kids bedroom! Check this out (that's her in the chair to the right):

One trunk had a cauldron that a skeleton hand coming out (someone hiding underneath...) that would give out the candy! That was pretty neat. The hand was a bit slow moving and probably regretted the day he/she said they would do that job. (You for the first 5 mins...torture for the next 3 hours...) :) Probably had NO circulation in it...hence the slow movement. (missed a pic of it)

Another one I missed cause my camera died (ugh...what is my deal??) was a Luau Theme done by an "older" couple. It was decked out...but the part I noticed was the woman in a bikini top. Isn't there a legal limit for bikini wearing? There should be. I guess that is FL for ya.

This is just an ALL OUT clown car...kinda the creepy clown kind if you ask me. Where does that big thing on the hatchback stay when trunk or treat is over?? eeeehhhh...not at my house. Would hate to stumble on THAT thing looking for my card table in the closet.

This cool car had a real duck in it as a "witch in training" who had done a spell wrong and turned herself in to a duck. :) Some dad with a trick or treater yelled out "AFLAC" when we passed. I chuckled (shocker)...but I bet they had to fake a smile and laugh about 900 more times that night as the same joke was said over and over...each by passing joke teller thinking how clever and original they were to crack that joke! Poor green witch duck owner.

This was a MAMMOTH dog dress up as a horse. I am someone reading knows the kind of dog it was. All I know is...massive.
Some genius trunk was handing out balls (like the ones in a ball pit) to the little ones! Isaac LOVED it. And we loved it too till he decided it was more fun to throw....(weird pic...sorry Isaac!)
Also Isaac busted in to several pieces of candy in all the craziness and would eat paper and all of whatever he had. Niiiiice. We are very attentive parents. :)
As we rounded the corner on one of the rows...there was a HUGE pile of vomit. Orange for the festivities and everything. (You can thank me that there is no pic!) We almost plowed right over it with the stroller and Daisy's sparkly shoes. But all I could think of was some poor kid had already "over indulged" in Halloween and all it had to offer...and then left this gift as a reminder to the others...DON'T DO WHAT I DID!

Of course we lingered at this trunk for a while as Daisy thought she was getting to shop and buy all the princess things out for decor. I am sure this trunk had issues all night...I mean I am sure one of the BILLION Princesses (cmon...we're in PRINCESS TOWN!) there that night could have gotten sticky fingers and walked away with a free tiara/high heels/snow white dress or something! It really was Daisy Heaven.

Now...the fella pictured above will remain nameless as I have NO idea what his name actually is. ;) I just saw him inside and had to snap a pic of this "Ninja Turtle" from the back. Maybe this is why the "Heroes in a Half shell" keep the half shell on!
But I do see that in my future for Isaac.... :)

Another of my new friends, Cheri, and her family did a trunk. They did the Little Mermaid theme. Cheri was Ursula (give or take 200 lbs!), her little red-headed girl, Sam was Ariel and her hubby was King Triton. The sound track was playing in the car. So cute and creative. (Last year they won the award for best trunk!) They should this year too!
We had fun! Good times for Halloween! :)

btw...I went to vote on Nov 4th...waited 5 mins. Apparently most of our precinct had voted early...yea!

Wednesday, November 5

Sumo Isaac

So I finally did it. Here is my little sumo wrestler. I used a black t-shirt I cut up (thank you Winterfest 2000) and some black knee highs from Walmart (33 cents). Shelley Russell helped me come up with the costume. Many thanks to her! I had to act fast. The "costume" was on no longer than 3 mins...and even then it was not on that entire time. I should have doubled up on the pantyhose cause his blond locks are showing thru. And I never got the "squat pose" that sumo's and Isaac are famous for. Plus, in the few months he has been walking...he is lost some of his rolls. But still a big boy weighing in at 31 lbs at 14 months!

Enjoy! :)

(I know you all will see the bruise on his lower back...poor baby. We are not even sure when he got that cause he falls ALL THE TIME. So for now we will call it a wrestling wound... :) )

(notice his little knot of a pony tail....)

Saturday, November 1

Costumes: Aurora and Scare Crow

This year we had Sleeping Beauty and a scare crow. Daisy wanted a pink princess dress (which equals Sleeping Beauty/Princess Aurora) and Isaac didn't care. :)
Going for the hat...and Daisy losing the broken tiara....hahaha.

For Daisy, I "splurged" and got Daisy some cute pink Princess Aurora high heels at Walmart to go with the dress. (Turns out the darn things hurt her feet and she didn't wanna wear them. Ugh....shoulda never bought those. Isn't that ALWAYS the way with kids??? :)) Anyway, she loved the dress. She already had the princess hair and princess prissy-ness/drama...we added a tiara (broken again...this time by her) and voila! Aurora! When trick-or-treating people would call her Princess and she really loved that. She would curtsey at them...HA! She loved it and wore it 9000 times before Halloween. And Halloween is not the end....she will wear it all year (just like last years fairy costume).

Twirling in her pretty dress. That is really criteria it twirly? If she ever gets a new dress...that is the first question!
above: this one was blurry...but hate that cause I LOVE this pic. So sweet.
And (above) Jeeg took this pic...she said, "Daisy, look at your mama." And the Drama Queen placed her hand on my shoulder and gave me this drama smile....we cracked up!!!

As for Isaac....I wanted him to be a Sumo wrestler...and I still may attempt that in the next day or so. It was just that the days around Halloween he was kinda puny and feverish so I gave the kid a break. :) Amber "Buh" (Mitchell) Wallace, one of my roomies/pals from college/bridesmaid sent me the scare crow outfit for Isaac to wear. It was going to be the perfect Florida Halloween Costume since it's usually hot. BUT NOOOO...this year we got a cold front the week of Halloween (meaning it was high of 60 lows in the high 30's! We were all freakin' out and frantic for our winter clothes that were in the attic!). And it got better on Halloween but not back to hot. So I had to put some clothes beneath the costumes. But it was fine. Notice on Isaac's hat (if any pic shows was QUITE the battle to keep it on...stop laughing mom...) the adorable little crow on the hat! (THANKS BUH!) And have you ever seen a chunkier scare crow?? The birds would probably think he was bread and come to eat him! I know I just want to eat his squishy self all the time!

So he fought like crazy against the hat...unless he was distracted. So we tried that most of the time. Views from the battlefield below...(and please excuse my hair. I seems I have 3 hairs on my head, it's a rainy day, and it was just a bad judgment call on my part to walk out of my bathroom thinking this do looked good...ugh, oh well, ....hind sight...)
Above: Isaac trying to warn us he is NOT happy...
Then rebelling like he warned us he would do....

below: Costumes and car seats.

Here is a later attempt of the 2 in costume.
it was all down hill from there...

(He's just broken down...poor Isaac! Mind you, the last 4 pics were taken in about 2 seconds.)
There ain't nothin' a sippy cup can't cure! :)