Saturday, November 1

Costumes: Aurora and Scare Crow

This year we had Sleeping Beauty and a scare crow. Daisy wanted a pink princess dress (which equals Sleeping Beauty/Princess Aurora) and Isaac didn't care. :)
Going for the hat...and Daisy losing the broken tiara....hahaha.

For Daisy, I "splurged" and got Daisy some cute pink Princess Aurora high heels at Walmart to go with the dress. (Turns out the darn things hurt her feet and she didn't wanna wear them. Ugh....shoulda never bought those. Isn't that ALWAYS the way with kids??? :)) Anyway, she loved the dress. She already had the princess hair and princess prissy-ness/drama...we added a tiara (broken again...this time by her) and voila! Aurora! When trick-or-treating people would call her Princess and she really loved that. She would curtsey at them...HA! She loved it and wore it 9000 times before Halloween. And Halloween is not the end....she will wear it all year (just like last years fairy costume).

Twirling in her pretty dress. That is really criteria it twirly? If she ever gets a new dress...that is the first question!
above: this one was blurry...but hate that cause I LOVE this pic. So sweet.
And (above) Jeeg took this pic...she said, "Daisy, look at your mama." And the Drama Queen placed her hand on my shoulder and gave me this drama smile....we cracked up!!!

As for Isaac....I wanted him to be a Sumo wrestler...and I still may attempt that in the next day or so. It was just that the days around Halloween he was kinda puny and feverish so I gave the kid a break. :) Amber "Buh" (Mitchell) Wallace, one of my roomies/pals from college/bridesmaid sent me the scare crow outfit for Isaac to wear. It was going to be the perfect Florida Halloween Costume since it's usually hot. BUT NOOOO...this year we got a cold front the week of Halloween (meaning it was high of 60 lows in the high 30's! We were all freakin' out and frantic for our winter clothes that were in the attic!). And it got better on Halloween but not back to hot. So I had to put some clothes beneath the costumes. But it was fine. Notice on Isaac's hat (if any pic shows was QUITE the battle to keep it on...stop laughing mom...) the adorable little crow on the hat! (THANKS BUH!) And have you ever seen a chunkier scare crow?? The birds would probably think he was bread and come to eat him! I know I just want to eat his squishy self all the time!

So he fought like crazy against the hat...unless he was distracted. So we tried that most of the time. Views from the battlefield below...(and please excuse my hair. I seems I have 3 hairs on my head, it's a rainy day, and it was just a bad judgment call on my part to walk out of my bathroom thinking this do looked good...ugh, oh well, ....hind sight...)
Above: Isaac trying to warn us he is NOT happy...
Then rebelling like he warned us he would do....

below: Costumes and car seats.

Here is a later attempt of the 2 in costume.
it was all down hill from there...

(He's just broken down...poor Isaac! Mind you, the last 4 pics were taken in about 2 seconds.)
There ain't nothin' a sippy cup can't cure! :)


Anonymous said...

Don't you be torturing my baby boy - he is NOT diggin' the hat! I seem to recall another baby about his age who constantly rebelled against anything on her head (hairbow, barrettes, anything...) so we knew you were a tomboy from the get-go. Daisy is not your child, she's her Aunt Julie's child. Great pics - loved every one!
Love, JeJe

Michael and Hannah said...

Would have loved to see Isaac as a Sumo wrestler, but the scarecrow was cute too. Loved Daisy's twirly pic!

Brittany said...

I love their costumes! So cute! I agree with the sippy cup comment...there is nothing a little food or drink can't cure! Addie wore the same exact shoes with her "Rapunzel" costumes. We have both birthed princesses! How did that happen???

amber said...

Sorry Isaac. I feel partly responsible for you crying over that hat on your head. I promise to never send another hat to you that your momma will make you wear. :) You did look cute though!