Monday, November 24


Yo, so my friend, Deborah, is a talented and crafty gal. She makes these adorable bows. They are cheap too! I just wanted to share in case you moms of girls wanted to partake! :)

I know Halloween is over...but check this out...

LOVE the Turkey. :)
Cute for Christmas!
Love these above cause they are attached to the rubberband you see. SO we won't accidently lose the bow and it stays in it's perfect place! :) These are $2 a piece! CHEAP.
This is just cute cause its personalized. You know if you go to a store to find a is easily $10 for a little white bow! And this one can be personalized.

Let me know if you are interested and I can get you her info!!! :)


Brittany said...

I LOVE the bows. Addie is a total bow head. I might want to order some. How much would she charge for shipping and are the bows big or little? I like big bows! :) (How many times can I say the word bow in one paragraph??)

Michael and Hannah said...

LOVE the turkey bow!!! You'll have to hook me up.