Monday, November 24

Mimimo's Visit

Last weekend Maurine/Mimimo/Dan's Mom came to town! It was good times. :) We had a short weekend but filled it with quality time and lots of fun. :) We went to an art festival in downtown Winter Garden, ate boiled peanuts and candied pecans, saw a Miss Patty Cake Christmas show and just hung out at home. Daisy loves to have tea parties with Mimimo. So Mimimo brought everything needed for a tea party: Beauty and the Beast tea set, tea, babies to go around the table, and a tea party dress for Daisy. She loved it! Isaac loved knocking the whole set-up down! :)

SO a little more detail about the Miss Patty Cake Christmas Concert....

First of all, if you have not heard of her...check her site on the link above. She is great. They are great biblical songs that my kids LOVE. She has DVDs too. We don't have one but I hear they are good. Daisy has loved out CD and knows some scripture and bible stories because of those songs. Very neat.

Well as we were pulling out of the drive way on our way to the concert I chuckled to myself about the absurdity of 5 people (3 adults dragging 2 kids) going to a kid concert that only ONE of us in the group MAY enjoy. Why do parents do that? I mean at this age (Daisy is 3 almost 4) we could give her a picture of Miss Patty Cake we printed from the internet and she may be just as happy. Yet the parents (ME!) have paid money and spent their Saturday afternoon on the CHANCE that the kid will be in the right mood to really like it. It's nuts, really. (I mean Daisy saw Sesame Street Live once when she was 2...she sat and watched the whole thing and really liked it. I really lucked out on that one!) Now in cases of Sea World, Disney or a Circus...I want to go too. It will be fun for me too...even grown-ups! But that's not the case for this show. :)

Anywho...back to the concert...

We got there a little early so we could get a seat (general admission). They were playing her DVD on the big screens. Isaac let us know early on that it was probably going to be a no-go for him. He was his usual human tornado self...but with added volume. We sat and wallered and wrestled and passed him around and showed him toys and offered him things for about 20 mins until the show started. Just as they say, "And HERE SHE IS NOW!!!...MISS PATTY CAKE!!!!" Daisy turns to Dan and Me and shouts, "I WANT MY SNACK!" Man, she is really into this show! ugh. Dan and I give each other the "slanty eyes" (my Aunt Jan says's like eyelids half way down and looking out the corner of your eye with a miffed looking mouth). So out come the snacks WAY too early in the game if you ask me. Isaac is under the chairs, swiping random kids snacks, wanting Daisy's sippy cup and not his, wanting to be in our laps and playing on the floor at the same time. Dan volunteered to take Isaac out. Lucky.
(pic taken just after show started...)

So now Daisy is watching the screen pretty intently. I was kinda bummed about that since Miss Patty Cake in the flesh was in front of her. And we could watch her on a screen at home. But at least she was gettin' into it. Well, sweet Miss Patty Cake. She commented how this was her 14th year of being Miss Patty it kinda showed. She was great...but out of breath.
But believe me...the kids didn't notice.

Since Isaac was gone, my focus shifted from that to the group at large. About half way thru she began to read and bring out the boxes of "What God Wants for Christmas." (If you have not seen that, its super neat...check it out online). But there was more down time while she read the book. Maurine turned to me and said, "She's losing 'em." A truer word has ne'er been spoken! They weren't only lost...there were "missing child" posters up already. It was CRAZY in there. An absolute mad house. There was a roar of the crowd all during the show...but it was getting louder. The natives were DEFINITELY restless. It wasn't that the show was bad (cause it was good) but that the crowd was little kids...being normal little kids. :) Here were my random thoughts:

1. "I bet the aerial view of this room looks like an ant farm." There were kids crawling, dancing, singing, screaming, throwing fits...etc.

2. "You gotta be a special person to be Miss Patty Cake. You have to seriously NOT care that maybe 8 of the 400 people in the room are actually listening and/or watching the show. Tough crowd...those preschoolers."

3. "Why is the woman in front of me using her little digital camera to video this WHOLE show in 5-minute increments? How cheap can you be? The DVDs are $10! Man, are times that hard, Lady? And are you gonna call little whiney-just-turned-2-Emma to the computer and hold her in the computer chair to watch it?"

4. "I think I have seen that one kid be taken out 4 times."

5. "There are probably 20 simultaneous meltdowns going on right now. Call Guiness."

6. "Why am I singing and doing all the motions and Daisy is just watching?" (I think most parents there could echo this one.)

(this was before the show! see Isaac's warning face? His eyes are saying,"I thought I told you not to bring me here. You betta look out." :))

Here was one part of the video that Daniel and Maurine noticed that was pretty funny: so the kids and Miss Patty Cake are all singing a song, so happy, cheerful and full of energy, and so on. And they cut to a close-up of one of the little girls who is supposed to be singing in the video and she gets a terrible scowl on her face and she is mouthing "SHUT UP!" And the happy music and song are still playing as she gave her little friend a piece of her mind. HA! That is so hysterical! I was laughing pretty hard when they told me about it. Why they would not cut that from the video we do not know.

Anywho...Maurine and I just sat there and laughed and laughed. It was hysterical watching cheerios fly, screams belt out, parents trying to remain calm, and so on. And when that show was have never seen a group bolt so quickly!

But it was fun. You know I think I got those tickets and wanted us all to go so that we could have something fun for "the kids" (Daisy) to do and be together. Part of it is just the experience of going somewhere and getting out of the house. And the other reason is attempting to thrill my 3 year old. It does seem silly that I drag my kid and family out to things such as this knowing full well that there is a 50% chance or higher of a HUGE bust. But as a parent who is crazy in love with her's sometimes worth the risk.

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Jessica said...

Whoa...sounds stressful to me! Glad Daisy had fun though! James wants all of us to go to a movie together and I'm just not up for it yet. Charlie won't watch tv at home so what makes me think he'll sit through a 1 1/2 hour movie on my you said, "human tornado". That describes Charlie perfectly. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving. Are you guys traveling?