Saturday, November 1

My little Pumpkins this October

Ok so I am way behind on what all went on in Oct with our family. I took billions of pics (surprise!) and want to share some with you all. We did a bunch of random things.

We went to the "pumpkin patch" (which in Orlando means a church selling pumpkins in the grass by the road). It bums me out to have to go to a church. I mean even in Gainesville we went to a place out of town with a little hay maze, a hay ride, and little wooden things to put your face thru for a pic. I even Googled my heart out looking for one outside of Orlando. No luck. Oh's the price I pay for living in FL. :) We went 3 times to this "patch." Once to get our pumpkin, once with MOPS, and once with Daisy's class. She had fun each time. And so did I! I love taking pics with the bright orange colors of the pumpkins!

Isaac hitting on the locals at the "patch" of asphalt. :) "Hahyoudoin'?" (to quote Joey from Friends.)

Daisy with 1/2 of her class getting ready to go.
Daisy and her class and teachers (Mrs. Rachdan and Miss Andrew) at the Patch.
(it was like herding cats to get the whole class together and smiling....)

Daisy with the boys from MOPS.
(Daisy seems thrilled to be a part.)

(above) Getting our pumpkin. Yes, I am sporting a tank. Yes, it was hot. Yes, we love that part of being in FL. :)

Isaac loved to unload all the mini pumpkins from the palate.
This year (like last) I opted to paint the pumpkins instead of carving one with my 3 year old. Honestly, if we would have carved, I would have done it all and she would have watched impatiently...til it was time to clean out all the goo--then I woulda let her go for it. Yuck. Anywho...she painted one side and I painted the other. It was fun. And even in the rain it didn't wash away! Yea!

Our family! Dan in his colorful new shoes, me in my BAMA shirt and small shorts (hey, it's my pumpkin...I can fudge a little if I want!), Daisy in a dress and her lovely hair and Isaac, with his blond mullet, is supposed to look like he is running from us....cause that is what he does. :)

We took a field trip with MOPS to the local Publix. They gave all the moms and toddlers a tour of the store. We got a cupcake from the bakery, pineapple from produce (watched how they cut it up), pet a lobster from the tank in seafood, went in the back where all the food in stocked, walked thru the milk fridge (FREEZER!), and checked out the register, got balloons and a goodie bag. A fun time was had by all. Except Isaac. He thought it was dumb....and turned into Fussy Fusserton for most of the tour. (Oh and not-too-happy was the kid who was busted eating a muffin from one of the packages while the mom was chatting...hilarious...would TOTALLY happen to me!).


Lark said...

I didn't even get out to the Alachua pumpkin patch this year. Trinity had one in their grassy parking lot area out front. Every day noon-8pm. Bouncy house, games, hay rides on occasion. This was difficult for us because we had to walk past the fun pumpkin patch every time we came out of preschool or MOPS, totalling 3x per week. I started to park in the other lot just so she wouldn't see the bounce house and go into a tantrum.

Michael and Hannah said...

Love your pumpkin! You're so artistic!

Emily said...

I guess living in south Alabama is similar to Florida because our "pumpkin patch" was also a church!! AND, Isabel has the same Halloween shirt from Target that Daisy has. I was so excited to find it because it was SHORT SLEEVED. Also, what a fun trip to Publix!