Tuesday, November 11

nothin' like virus induced cabin fever....

So Isaac was sick last week with upper respiratory junk and so naturally it was Daisy's turn. Yesterday when she got up from her nap she felt hot...so I took her temp. It was 102.3 under her arm! So when Dan got home he saved the day...loaded up the kids to pick us up dinner (Daisy was "feeling better" at this point). When he came home he reported an incident at Pizza Hut. Picture Daniel with Big Boy Isaac in one arm, a large pizza in the other, Daisy walking in front of him.....and then Daisy puking on the side walk in front of Pizza Hut with people coming in and out passing by. Niiiiice.
All that to say...Daisy is home today with Isaac and me. She can't go to school and pass this whatever it is around. She has not had fever today and no emesis episodes. (But Isaac is still going strong with his antibiotic induced diarrhea!) So here we are at home. We can't go to the Y and pass the germs. It's 11 and we are all still in our pj's. It's so nice outside. I think we will have a picnic in the backyard for lunch so we can "get out."
It's nice to be homebound sometimes cause I can get things done around the house and be kinda lazy, doing things at my own pace. I am doing all those chores that are always put off. Dan will be happy to know I plan to iron today (I HATE IRONING...I am not good at it...and it wastes my time!). I have done laundry, cleaned the high chair seat Isaac is done with, changed sheets, cleaned up the playroom (in vain). I have brought out all our winter clothes (meaning they are in the closet waiting to be used).
Praise the Lord "Ize (Shortened version of his name, pronouced with long "i", sounds like "eyes") the Bize with the Big Thigh, Thighs" is in a good mood or this day would be BAD NEWS.
On another note I dropped my cell phone last night (let's just say it was not the first time that happened) and now the screen (and entire top half of my flip phone) is broken. It shows NOTHING. So, no texting...that's for sure. I can talk and answer and it works. But I have to know your number by heart to call you from it! And when I have a message I press buttons till I hear my voice mail come on. For the first time in my life I used the voice mail option "return the message centers call" to call someone back who called me...cause I have NO numbers!!! I am hoping this will just work one day sometime soon...we will see.
And RTR! That LSU game was AWFUL. I was a nervous wreck. Glad we won but whew...that was too close. I am excited about the SEC Championship game...but not that we are playing the Gators. Now on to Mississippi State!
well...better go get the picnic together for our big "outing"....

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