Wednesday, November 5

Sumo Isaac

So I finally did it. Here is my little sumo wrestler. I used a black t-shirt I cut up (thank you Winterfest 2000) and some black knee highs from Walmart (33 cents). Shelley Russell helped me come up with the costume. Many thanks to her! I had to act fast. The "costume" was on no longer than 3 mins...and even then it was not on that entire time. I should have doubled up on the pantyhose cause his blond locks are showing thru. And I never got the "squat pose" that sumo's and Isaac are famous for. Plus, in the few months he has been walking...he is lost some of his rolls. But still a big boy weighing in at 31 lbs at 14 months!

Enjoy! :)

(I know you all will see the bruise on his lower back...poor baby. We are not even sure when he got that cause he falls ALL THE TIME. So for now we will call it a wrestling wound... :) )

(notice his little knot of a pony tail....)


Moriah said...

Oh my goodness, that is the cutest little tush I have ever seen!!

Tesney said...

Not sure if I should call DHR for the bruise on his back or the shirt up his crack. ;)

That is freakin' hilarious. He's gonna love you at his senior night when you display these pics for all his classmates to see...or on his wedding day in the slideshow...or on his first date when you pull them out to show his girlfriend...ah, the possibilities are endless!

Brittany said...

Absolutly HILARIOUS! I was belly laughing when I saw this...and we all know how loud that is! I love your sense of humor...and miss it!

Rachel said...

GREAT costume!

Michael and Hannah said...

Only you, Melanie... only you!