Wednesday, November 12

Sweet Isaac

Since I did a post a few weeks ago about Daisy...I feel I need to even things up a bit and gush about my sweet, squishy, kiss cushion Isaac Daniel Jones. I can go ahead and warn you readers out there that this one is for me. I want to remember the little things about him at this this will get long and detailed. :) Feel free to skim/skip. :)

Isaac is 14 months old, almost 15 months. He is just the sweetest baby boy. He is walking all over the place. Still a little like a drunken sailor...but he is quick on those sea legs! I can turn to set my drink down and POOF! He is gone! One day when he "disappeared" Daisy and I called him for a LONG 5 minutes. I started looking in crazy places (under pillows, in the cabinets) cause he was not out in the open as usual (if we can't find him and it's quiet...he is usually playing in a toilet, sitting in our shower, behind the TV cabinet with all the cords, or playing with any cords/outlets). Well, that day, my friends, was the day I learned he could open doors! After yelling and yelling his name...Dais and I heard a little knock on the door out to the garage. Yup...he was out there chillin' with the car and tools...with the door shut trying to respond to the calling of his name. Crazy!

From here I am going to list all the things about Isaac at this age:

--BUSY, BUSY: I call him the human tornado. If we go somewhere non-baby proof...I have my work cut out for me! He is into it all. It's like radar/magnet for what he is not supposed to touch. He is sweet about it though! He grins at us as he reaches for the forbidden item. As Daniel says...he thinks he is going to smile us in to letting him have it.

--He LOVES Daisy. Man, whatever she is doing is what he will do. She is silly? He is cracking up. She is crying? He is checking on her and then joins in for the group cry. She is eating/drinking? Exactly what he wants too. She is climbing the back of the sofa? He is on his way...or screaming for help to be on his way. But it's so sweet he loves her. :)

--He can turn on a BIG BAD cry in no less than 3 secs flat! It's crazy! Things are all fine then "THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END" or I HAVE CHOPPED OFF AN APPENDAGE" cry freaks us all out. And it's for things like... he can't reach a toy, or get thru a small space (he loves small spaces), or he wants help out of a chair. Whew. Seriously one day I may come in 10 mins late on a true emergency cause the boy cries "wolf" all the time! Although to be fair...I guess all those are an emergency to him. :)

--He is not saying much. But lots of "uh-uh-uh" and gesturing to what he wants. His vocab is small (ball, mama, dada, uh-oh,...) but he is communicating. :)

--He loves to get his shoes and sit down and "try" to get them on his feet.

--He is still a snappin' machine! hahaha

--He LOVES books and loves for us to read to him. We read before bed and when we finish one he leans forward and looks at the book pile like he is selecting the next one. He LOVES Pat the Bunny. He likes to point to things in the books. He does all the activities in it. He will sit and look at a book page by page in the playroom. And he will bring one to me and then plop himself in my lap. So sweet.

--He still sucks the first 2 fingers on his left hand.

--He still LOVES balls...any color, any kind.

--He loves to be outside. We have a screened in porch. It's been my lifesaver these last few weeks. I can leave the door open to it (since the weather has been so nice!) and let him play out there and be "outside" with out it being an event. He loves it.

--He eats pretty well. Mainly if he is hungry he is not too picky. But if he has been sippin' on a sippy cup then not so good. He loves bananas, limas, peas, toast with butter, milk, grapes...and of course gold fish. :)

--When the boy cuts teeth...we know it. With Daisy we never knew unless we saw it. With Isaac...we know 2 weeks before, the week of, the 2 weeks after. :) These one year molars are killing us! They are taking their sweet time erupting! One at time...slow and painful.

--Isaac has been snot central since Sept. I am hoping he isn't an allergy kid like me. He is on Augmentin for strep, ear infection, sinus infection etc. At first giving it to him was MISERY. But now he takes it fine before meals (good call Dan). Hopefully this will nip it in the bud.

--The kid is a poop machine. (Granted the antibiotics right now are NOT helping!) But seriously, he poops after every time he eats. EVERY time. I hesitate to give him random bites of food to save money in the diaper budget. For a while there I couldn't remember the last time I changed a wet diaper ONLY. It's still rare. The wet only diapers only happen about once a day. And sweet boy, he gets a diaper rash if he thinks about poop. So I am constantly on poop patrol. But hey...I dealt with constipation with Daisy...and that was not fun either (right, Blake and Scott?).

--He loves the playground and any slide. He learned to sit or go down on his belly.

--And he is such a MAN. The second his diaper comes off...hands are drawn like a magnet to his "parts." He has certainly "found" those. (It used to "disappear" in the fat pad surrounding it. :) HA!)

--He goes to anyone. He will reach for random women he does not even know. It kinda hurts my feelings. Long enough for me to stop and be thankful that I can enjoy the benefits of an independent child (on dates or childcare for MOPS!).

--The last time he was weighed...he was 31 lbs. Big boy. He is in the 95% for weight and height and is back on the growth curve. :)

--Naps well...gets a morning nap about 1/2 the time. And always an afternoon nap.

--So sweet. He loves for me to hold him. When I hold him, he pats me on the "aww, mom." He likes to slowly wake up while we hold him after a nap. He will give me a kiss when I ask for one. He is just so smiley. Strangers comment on how friendly and smiley he is.

So that is my sweet little Isaac. I love this age. I love to watch him copy us and watch us and try to figure out what we are doing. He has such a sweet little personality. We can't help but love and squeeze on him all day long. :)


Daniel said...

I have to say, from a completely unbiased person: That is one of the sweetest things I've read, and that kid sounds so precious. You are an INCREDIBLE mom. It's cool that you've decided to (and are in a situation where you can) make raising kids and sustaining/building a home for your family your full-time'll never know how much that means to us! May God continue to bless your efforts.

Your man,


Bellamarin said...


So adorable! I love the "kiss cushion" and I can't beleive he likes lima beans! He's 31 lbs? That's how much Bella weighs and she's three. Your poor back! Good post-love it!


sonyagraykey said...

I feel the same way about posting about Thing 1. I guess we're used to posting lots about our kids (who do lots). Great post about your sweet Thing 2. He seems like a sweetheart...I wish we were closer & could still "trade"! And...he's as big as L-town almost 4. :)
Love y'all!!

Jessica said...

such a great post. I need to do that with my kids. Good for looking back on for sure! Sounds like your week last week was our week this week! Jackson caught some stomach bug at school and puked and pooed all week. It was lovely. At least I've kept the rest of us from getting far. I need to post on my blog. I am procrastinating and being lazy about it.

Josh and Kimberly said...

Wow! I wish Caleb and Isaac could meet- they're so similar, I think they'd have a ball together :)

Thanks for sharing, we always love keeping up with you guys!

LoLo said...

Daisy and Isaac are the cutest! I'm so glad I get to see your fun pictures. Archie and I enjoyed them!