Thursday, November 6

Trunk or Treat


So it seems to be the "thing to do" these days to have or attend a "Trunk or Treat" (for those of you not in the kid loop---it's normally a church that it's members volunteer to decorate their open trunk on their car, line all the cars up for all the kids to come thru and trick-or-treat. It's a great outreach to the community. It saves parents and kids time..heaven forbid we walk the neighborhood!...and is safer than knocking on strangers doors. Here you just have a higher likely-hood that these strangers won't poison your kid cause they are all supposed to love God. :) ) These pics above were taken as we were going in to St. Luke's.

And while on the topic...I have a theory. I feel that in the same kinda way I was freaked out when I would ask Gran (Grandma Daisy) "What? No cars? No TV? No microwave? Milk or bread was HOW MUCH? 25 cents? NO way!" or my mom, "What no cell phones?" I think our kids will (sadly) freak out to know that we used to go to ANY random strangers home, ring the doorbell and say trick-or treat! They would happily give us candy and tell us how cute were were....without hurting us in anyway! I think it may become a lost art the harder the world becomes to live in. What do you all think?

Anywho...we went to St. Luke's not far from our house to their Trunk or treat. At 5:30 they had games and bounce houses set up in the gym.

Then at 6:30 the trunks were open for treating. ;) There was a preschool section and a primary section. There were LINES to even start trunk or treating due to high volume of people and I think they wanted our info. :) We went to both sections. I have to say I was impressed with the creativity!

I attend MOPS at this church once a month and so MOPS had a trunk. One of my new friends, Janelle is an animator (works for Disney, Cabbage Patch, etc...) and did this AMAZING trunk on her own!!! She drew and colored it all her self!!! She said it really took her no time at all. Unreal. And you shoulda seen the "quick sketch" that she whipped up to show us this idea. I was considering buying it to hang in a kids bedroom! Check this out (that's her in the chair to the right):

One trunk had a cauldron that a skeleton hand coming out (someone hiding underneath...) that would give out the candy! That was pretty neat. The hand was a bit slow moving and probably regretted the day he/she said they would do that job. (You for the first 5 mins...torture for the next 3 hours...) :) Probably had NO circulation in it...hence the slow movement. (missed a pic of it)

Another one I missed cause my camera died (ugh...what is my deal??) was a Luau Theme done by an "older" couple. It was decked out...but the part I noticed was the woman in a bikini top. Isn't there a legal limit for bikini wearing? There should be. I guess that is FL for ya.

This is just an ALL OUT clown car...kinda the creepy clown kind if you ask me. Where does that big thing on the hatchback stay when trunk or treat is over?? eeeehhhh...not at my house. Would hate to stumble on THAT thing looking for my card table in the closet.

This cool car had a real duck in it as a "witch in training" who had done a spell wrong and turned herself in to a duck. :) Some dad with a trick or treater yelled out "AFLAC" when we passed. I chuckled (shocker)...but I bet they had to fake a smile and laugh about 900 more times that night as the same joke was said over and over...each by passing joke teller thinking how clever and original they were to crack that joke! Poor green witch duck owner.

This was a MAMMOTH dog dress up as a horse. I am someone reading knows the kind of dog it was. All I know is...massive.
Some genius trunk was handing out balls (like the ones in a ball pit) to the little ones! Isaac LOVED it. And we loved it too till he decided it was more fun to throw....(weird pic...sorry Isaac!)
Also Isaac busted in to several pieces of candy in all the craziness and would eat paper and all of whatever he had. Niiiiice. We are very attentive parents. :)
As we rounded the corner on one of the rows...there was a HUGE pile of vomit. Orange for the festivities and everything. (You can thank me that there is no pic!) We almost plowed right over it with the stroller and Daisy's sparkly shoes. But all I could think of was some poor kid had already "over indulged" in Halloween and all it had to offer...and then left this gift as a reminder to the others...DON'T DO WHAT I DID!

Of course we lingered at this trunk for a while as Daisy thought she was getting to shop and buy all the princess things out for decor. I am sure this trunk had issues all night...I mean I am sure one of the BILLION Princesses (cmon...we're in PRINCESS TOWN!) there that night could have gotten sticky fingers and walked away with a free tiara/high heels/snow white dress or something! It really was Daisy Heaven.

Now...the fella pictured above will remain nameless as I have NO idea what his name actually is. ;) I just saw him inside and had to snap a pic of this "Ninja Turtle" from the back. Maybe this is why the "Heroes in a Half shell" keep the half shell on!
But I do see that in my future for Isaac.... :)

Another of my new friends, Cheri, and her family did a trunk. They did the Little Mermaid theme. Cheri was Ursula (give or take 200 lbs!), her little red-headed girl, Sam was Ariel and her hubby was King Triton. The sound track was playing in the car. So cute and creative. (Last year they won the award for best trunk!) They should this year too!
We had fun! Good times for Halloween! :)

btw...I went to vote on Nov 4th...waited 5 mins. Apparently most of our precinct had voted early...yea!


The Bowers Family said...

Ah Mel,
You still crack me up. Oh the Ninja Boy and the Turtles in the half shell comment. Madison came running to find out why I was cracking up histerically. So you would be an awesome secret shopper as you have become a pro at getting candide shots of poor unspecting "bad dressers". Tori and I talk about how much we miss you all the time but its nice to know I can still get a great laugh any time I read your awesome blog. Have a great week.

Brittany said...

I love all the halloween pics...too cute. I also love trunk or treating. Our church also had it. We are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood where we can trick or treat in and feel totally safe, but I also understand where you are coming from about going door to door. I remember being able to go outside and play in my neighborhood when I was little and my mom would just tell us to be home before dark...I could not even image saying that to any child these days no matter where you live. It's sad how times have changed. I would not dare let my child just go outside and play in the neighborhood without watching her like a hawk! I guess that is one thing we can tell our kids about when they grow up, "we use to go outside and play in the woods and in our neighborhood all by ourselves!" Our kids will probably gasp in shock...just like we did when our grandparents said they only had to pay a nickle for a piece of candy and a soda pop at the local market! Oh how times have changed (I know I sound like I'm 80 when I say that, but it's true)!

Lark said...

Yeah, you know some kid was shot to death trick o treating this year. His brother and dad too, but they were just injured. Sad.

I know what you mean, we only go to the houses on our street of people we know. We don't need that much candy anyway (I put most of it in our operation Christmas child boxes).

I know I always think of life before the internet and can't wait to tell the kids the stories of how we used dial up and how you had to pay by the hour and we had a whopping, wait for it....10 HOURS per month! And then the glorious day we switched to unlimited use.

I know I wonder how we made it out alive without having car seats, I'm sure our kids will wonder why we let them do some of these things. Or perhaps the super overprotective thing will backfire and they'll end up being laid back parents.

Amanda said...

Ninja got me! I had to laugh out loud, that is hilarious and I love that you snapped a picture of him. And the dog, I thought it was a cow at first, it is huge! Glad you guys are all well! Love the pictures.