Tuesday, December 16

December in Orlando with the Joneses

December is a crazy month no matter where you live. It's been busy, yet fun. We have been enjoying the season at about 80 degrees (highest at 86!)...whew! I have to say I never anticipated moving 1 hour and 40 mins south would make such a big difference! Honestly, I am not sure it makes that much difference. The locals tell us this is not the norm for Orlando at this time of year. It's usually in the 70's. :)

I am going to journal with pics....

Dr Goldie and his wife Gloria planned an Open House at the practice to welcome Daniel. It was SO nice. It was a great chance for Daniel to get to know the other dental professionals and their staff in the area. They catered this wonderful food (especially the crab stuffed mushrooms!) and decorated the office. It was WONDERFUL. We met lots of new people and felt very blessed (yet again!) to be working with the Goldies. The staff in Dans office was lots of fun to be with. They all wore red and mingled around (helping me know who was who and so on). They are a great group.
(Marilyn, Shannon, Julia (squatting), Sylvia, Julisa, and Katie)

The next night was the office Christmas party. We went to eat at Wolfgang Pucks Restaurant in Downtown Disney. It was so yummy!!! And then after that we all went to see Cirque Du Soleil, La Nouba. IT WAS AMAZING!! (as they all are!) It was so much fun to get to hang out with everyone Dan works with every day. We had a blast!

Earlier that week I took the kids for haircuts. The fact is our whole family needs one. But the kids could get in a Hair Cuttery immediately. :) Isaac did fine ONCE the lollipop arrived. The curly mullet needed to go as well as the hair over his ears. Daisy did well and sat still. She lost her baby blonde and curls that were at the end of her hair. :( They both look a little older to me now. A girl at Sea World (yes, we went again...don't judge...) asked what grade Daisy was in. :( Man, my little girl seems so big now.

(see her face and the lollipop stick? ha! my little drama diva!)

Isaac found some nail clippers and was "cutting" his nails. So smart...just ask his MOM! :)
This is me being spit out by the slide on the ChickFilA playground the other day. Isaac went up in "playland" and wouldn't come down. This is me at the end of the rescue mission. :) (And it appears that I see myself in this shirt on every blog post. Which means I must wear it too much. Oh well, RTR.)


Brittany said...

I am SO jealous! I love Cirque Du Soleil!!! I am sure you guys had a wonderful time! I also love the kids haircuts. Daisy's hair is so pretty. Addie's hair needs a little help, but I still have hope! :)

Michael and Hannah said...

You guys are so blessed!! I'm so glad God has provided such a great job and such great co-workers for Dan in Orlando. Wolfgang Puck & Cirque Du Soleil?? Geez, all I got for Michael's Christmas party was the responsibility of having to cook something to send! More than just a little jealous here. Can't believe you cut Isaac's widdle hair!!!