Tuesday, December 9

Getting our Tree

We have a sweet little holiday tradition in our family. I hope it lives on for generations. But with the economy the way it is you never know. Each year we all load up... and head to the closest Lowes and buy our tree. :) Isn't that so precious y'all? The small little white tent of maybe 75 trees to choose from, carrying it 40 ft to your car, having them wrap it up in the netting, and all this in 60 degree weather (only cause it was at night)??? So sweet. :) Actually we learned in our student days (I LOVE to talk about those days in the past!) that they sell cheap yet nice trees. And let's face it...I am not sure where the closest evergreen farm is to Orlando. I assume they may not grow well here. (Palm trees do though...and come to think of it...that is just what we needed this year! It would have been tall and out of reach for Isaac to pull down lights or ornaments! Man!)

Sweet little Isaac...(and sheesh...how many Philistines could be killed with my jawbone/chin? Good grief! And NO jokes about the comparison between me and what type of animals jawbone it actually was in the story in the OT, got it?)

Daisy took the pics below....I also spared you all the 9 pics of her face up close as well as the other 20 of the trees up close.

She took the one above of Dan and I...who are standing awkwardly like we are a college event and we like each other but haven't told each other and are asked to pose for a random pic. HA!

Below is our car PACKED out with a tree on top. The tree you see is a mini one for our bedroom. Poor kids!

So this is the living room area where we usually have our dining table. For those who are not regular readers...my little boy is a climber/human tornado. And, so our family could have a peaceful December, we had to get a gate to keep him off the tree. He has really tried this barrier. Dan bungied the ends to the furniture some how...thank goodness! He has pushed, pulled, leaned on, hung on, ran toward/into...you name it, he has done it to this gate. Thank goodness not to the tree. :) I hate that we have this BEAST of a display taking up all this room in my house. But oh well. It's only for a while. :) And it smells SO GOOD! (Oh and about the Santa's Hat topper...it's left over from student days of making do. I want a star or angel so we can tie in the Reason for the Season (Jesus!!) with the kids. So I will be getting one this year when they are on sale after Christmas. :))

I tried not to let it bum me out that my decorating couldn't all be done on one day as in the past. I mean I loved to make an event of it...get the tree, set up, decorate. NO such luck. Maybe a 3 or 4 day process. BUMMER. But such is life with little ones. And it's ok ...because Christmas is much more magical with kids. :)
Daisy loading the gumdrop tree. Coker family tradition passed down. We love it!

We got a call from the nursery this Sunday during church. It was about Isaac. He fell backward in a chair (was sitting backwards in it) and got this HUGE goose egg on his head. It looks awful. But he has recovered quite well!


Sarah said...

Speaking of school-days tree toppers: Marcus and I bought an artificial tree this year - our first after 5 years of marriage :). We didn't have a topper, either, so he and I cut out a silhouette angel from paper and stuck it on top. It is surprisingly cute for the cost of printer paper.

Cristy said...

still speaking of school-days, since we're still in them, our tree topper is a very odd-looking wooden sculpture of a surfer we got from Jamaica on our honeymoon because we are too cheap to even buy a piece of paper to make an angel out of. haha no but it looks hilarious.

Burless Family said...

We also get our tree at Lowes every year!! You can't beat it!

Brittany said...

I love our Lowes tree...you can't beat it! I love all the pictures!

David & Eryn said...

Hey, I found Isaac's girlfriend at a baby shower I went to this weekend. She is 12 months and about 32 pounds! She was running around in her pink sweater that kept riding up over her belly. Homegirl couldn't keep it down:)

Michael and Hannah said...

Love the caged Christmas tree!! So far both of my kids have been good about leaving the tree alone. I think they fear me... ha! Sorry 'bout Isaac's big boo-boo. It can't compete with my girl's back eye, though! Wouldn't it be hilarious to get their pic together?? Oh, and Isaac has some serious Angelina Jolie lips going on, especially in that last photo!