Monday, December 8

Our Nashville Turkey Day

All of my family met at my sisters house in Nashville, TN. Her and her hubby, Blake, welcomed us into their home! It was wonderful. When we arrived from the airport (refer to end of post about the actual travel don't wanna miss it!) at Julie's was like a movie. There was Christmas music playing, candles lit, lamps on (no over head lights on!), smelled yummy, and with the crispy weather was so nice and cozy! We did a lot of laughing, eating and hanging out. :)

We ate a yummy Thanksgiving dinner compliments of Jeannie Cagle and Publix. :) It was SO good. She made us all go around and tell what we were thankful for...apparently a Nanny tradition. I think it's a great thing. We had some cheaters but MOST of us played by the rules! ;) After our Thanksgiving lunch we all settled in for a long winters nap. :) I love napping after a big meal! At some point during this trip I coined the phrase "ski doo" (a combo of jet ski and sea doo.) and SHOCKER my family has not/will not let me live it down. You just can't make a mistake around this crowd! (Long time favs are: "Chika-flicka" for ChickFilA, and "chickle-noodle-soup" for chicken noodle soup. HA!) We also all attempted to candidly diagnose Scott's "issue." I think we all decided he was nuts! HA! :) We shopped a little (ok, a lot!) in Nashville. We visited a really fun park. The kids and adults loved it. The fam also watched the Iron Bowl on TV. (ROLL TIDE...rammer jammer Auburn! It's finally our turn!) We all watched a James Bond movie on evening. It was just so fun to be with family.

We headed to Decatur to see my Dad's side of the family on Black Friday. It was great to see them all. My sweet Grandmother Cagle is on hospice. She has been suffering with Alzheimers for years. My Granddaddy, aunts and family there take great care of her. She can no longer talk, walk or feed herself. It's really hard to see her that way. She did hold my hand when I was talking to her. And she seemed to respond when Daisy was talking to her too. It just breaks my heart. Please pray right now for her comfort and peace. And for my Granddaddy that he can have energy and health to care for her.

We went to Otter Creek and got to visit all our Nashvegas friends. The Wilsons, the Rubios, the Essners, Kayree, and so on. :) So neat to see those friends and catch up!

Enjoy the pics!

Playing at the park...this platform was hanging by chains (covered in red plastic) and Dan was trying to shake me off. It worked!

Below is in Decatur:

This is Daisy and Emma. Emma is my cousin, Becky's, daughter who is 4. Daisy and her were fast friends and played ALL DAY LONG. Now Daisy has taken on Emma's Hulaco Alabama accent. She talks like it all the time! I hear "EEEEEye dow-unt wau-na do thay-it" all the time. They were only together 5 hours! Sheesh! traveling with kids stinks. I know there are some of you out there who are thinking, "What? My child is a doll and loves to be strapped in to a car seat/fly in a plane with no room to play for hours on end." Yea? well, nip it, YOU. I don't wanna hear that. IT'S HARD.

We flew (thank you Jeannie!) and had 2 short flights to survive each way. Daisy did splendidly. Or I guess in comparison to "YOU KNOW WHO." He was on a no-nap day anyway. Things were not going to be in our favor just due to that fact. But nothing really seemed to please the child. Take off and landing when he "had" to be in our laps was nothing but high pitched angry screaming and back arching. We were definitely THAT family with THAT kid on the plane.

Now, let me stop here and say that Daniel, my Super Husband took Isaac on as his challenge. And he dealt with Isaac on the plane. He would just hold him tight and let him scream and thrash during take off and landing. (It was not pretty...and neither was Daniel when we would get off the plane...can't blame the guy.)

It was miserable. We tried it all. Toys, games, songs, books...and we went for our trump card early...the DVD PLAYER. Busted that joker out from the over head bin and got it going. Just after seeing the Little Einstein caterpillar cross the screen to start our show....BLACK. Yupper...the battery died. And I had charged it a LONG time the day before. Guess who was not too happy about that? Well, none of us...but mostly Isaac. And back to the "dog and pony show" till we landed. Dan was THE MAN on the trip. There were a couple of times where Dan even got Isaac to sleep! But Isaac always gave in when we were on our final decent to our destination (no, he wouldn't transfer to the stroller! are you kidding? he woke up when the pilot came on the PA!).

The funniest story (it is funny now, isn't it Dan?) is the one on our way home...

WAIT. Let me pause to say that we didn't get to go home on Sunday cause our flights got delayed. We couldn't get another flight out until the NEXT afternoon! We didn't get home until 9:30 Monday night! Nuts. But we got to go back to Julie's (they were very sweet about us crashing with our 2 crazies again!). Julie and I went to the mall and let the kids play their hearts out at a play place and ate at the food court. Then we came home to put the kids down. Then we watched The Family Stone! SO GOOD. And Monday it snowed! Daisy was so excited.

Anywho...we are on our final leg home. It's been rough. We chilled at the airport early in Nashville. That flight was kinda turbulent. Isaac put on one of his best wrestling matches yet on the first flight and we were pooped. The last flight our seats were separated. Dan and Daisy had seats together and I had one behind them in the middle of 2 men. The seat by Dan and Daisy was empty. We waited and waited to see who would sit there and who we would be asking to swap. This man came along, great in gurth, and small in personality. When asked if he would want to swap he decided he would sit with the kids in the window seat rather than in peace in my middle seat behind them. SO Dan, Isaac, Daisy and random large man all on a row. Honestly the rest I can't give an account of. I couldn't see. I tried to help from behind but I couldn't. Daisy fell asleep at 7:15 pm on the flight and Dan kept at it with Isaac. Isaac spilled a whole little plastic cup of OJ on himself and Daniel. Then when we started to land, Daisy woke up saying her stomach hurt. So Dan was trying to tend to her while "The Wild Man of Bornio" was wallering on his lap. When we land I see this look on Dans face...and then the "I'm gonna vomit" look on Daisys. She begins to make THE noise. And a few dry heaves took place. I grabbed her beloved blanket and leaning over the seats, held it by her mouth. You shoulda seen the Red Sea part then! People were happy to get out of our way so we could get off! You would not believe the assitance and movement people gave us then! (We should have faked that the whole way home!) I gave Daisy the "oh no you don't" face and we DASHED off that plane. Whew.

The bottom line is...traveling to see family has to be done. It's just a matter of how soon after you will laugh about it.


Tesney said...
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Tesney said...

Oh how I love it! Remember the blog post from when we flew with a three month old!?! People literally groaned out loud as we walked to our seats with our beloved colic/acid reflux baby screaming at the top of his lungs. It was lovely.

I am snorting as I laugh at your last statement, so I guess it's approximately 2 years that it took me to laugh about it. :)

Do you think you can drive up for the tacky sweater party? I would love for you to make it! We are making the bash complete with Spam, cocktail sausages, and lots of Velveeta. Should be smashing.

Cristie said...

This is a mean thing to say but I hope Daisy "aimed" at the large man who would not trade seats with you. I mean...who doesn't trade seats so a family can sit together??? I feel so sorry about your travel experience. Every time we fly with Noah I spend so many days worrying about it I practicaly give myself an ulcer. We've been lucky so far...but we have to fly in 2 weeks so I'm not holding my breath! I'm glad you had a nice T-giving with the fam. We've really been missing your mom and dad so much...seeing the pictures made me so sad!

Lark said...

Goodness! I'm now reminded why we don't fly anywhere with the kids. What a crazy trip. Glad you at least had a good time with family and can laugh about it now....right?

torinem said...

Sounds like quite a trip!I had to laugh because in about 90% of the pictures of Isacc, he is trying to climb on to something!

sonyagraykey said...

Poor Doozey. She has always been the spit up Queen. I'm sorry for the kid travel drama, but it seems like you had a blast with your fam. Miss y'all!

Jessica said...

You're hilarious. Sounds like some stories I've experienced too! I'm at my mom's and she said, "We used to call Scott the wild man of bornio" haha. You're mom is coming to visit us tonight for dinner....can't wait to see her! And you guys hopefully soon! Take care!