Sunday, December 21

A thorn in my flesh: Allergy edition

So, I don't know why I do this. Who does this?? It's really not super funny at the time. But I feel that if I share my "thorn in the flesh" issues with you, and you think it's funny...then perhaps is has some joyful purpose.
ANYWHO...for those of you who have known me in person (I know some of you are just readers that I have never met) you have heard that I have/had a milk allergy of sorts. I also have seasonal allergies and so on. You have heard about one of my first dates with Daniel ending up in the ER. Or that I carry an epi pen. Or that I have been "cleared" by a chiropractor that allowed me to have dairy again...WOO HOO! Now. Having said all that...I have not been back to the chiropractor since I have moved. And it's been almost a year since that visit. I just can't go into all the extensive details of my allergy history...but besides my throat closing shut and decreasing my ability to breathe....this pic below is what I hate the MOST.....


(this pic is just WRONG on so many levels...mug shot of any angry lion, anyone? or victim of a girl fight?)

Remember that show a LONG time ago called Beauty and the Beast that was on tv in the early 90's? (PLEASE click on this link to see the pic...I cant get in on my post!!!) I look like the Beast. I think he lived in the cellar and loved that blonde lady. We are TWINS in the eyes!)

OK...not only do I have no make up on...but I have had a allergic reaction to something that I had on my hands when I rubbed my eyes (and I don't think exercising helped either). Niiiiice, huh? I fed the kids cheeze-its for a snack and then we left for the Y to work out. While running on the treadmill my eyes were itching like crazy. (Keep in mind this has not happened to me in a while!) I looked at Dan who was running next to me and said, "My eyes are swelling, aren't they?" I could tell by the look on his face that they were. So we cut that work out short to go find some Benadryl in the car (I always have a stash on hand for times like these). Daisy's long stare and little furrowed brow said it all when she saw me. And then, "Mama, why are your eyes sick?"

Man, it's just embarrassing! And I didn't even get to enjoy some yummy creamy dessert! I just shoulda washed my hands! :) So Benadryl did the trick, that is of stopping the swelling. But I went to bed early cause Benadryl knocks me out...and you shoulda seen me in the morning! WORSE! It has taken every bit of 48 hours for this peri-orbital edema to go down. I tried cold compresses to no avail. Ugh. It's just awful. I am going to go see an allergist soon. I don't think it was something I ate (this time). I really think it was the contact of the "cheese" in my mucous membranes that made me react. Pretty bad, huh?

I just had to share this with you all. I hope this provides joy to your holiday season as it has only frustrated mine. :)

I added this pic (above) to give you reference to "normal" of what my eyes SHOULD look like.

But while we are on a roll....
Here are some other funny pics of me:

This (above) is me after my ROOT CANAL. Yes, you heard me. I had to have a root canal...after my "I HATE THE DENTIST" post. My pose is a lopsided pucker. I am at Walgreens getting pain meds filled!

And while we are showing embarrassing pics:
Here I am, a senior in high school. My hair? that wasn't even the style! What's my deal??

oh, and this is not me...but it's funny! It could be me cause I am going to stop trying to keep my teeth clean. I am done with the dentist. :) Isn't that awful!?? He SHOULD be afraid to smile. He may lose a tooth when his lip brushes past his teeth! HA!

If you enjoyed this post AT MY EXPENSE...please post a comment and let me know. I would love to know you received joy from this post!! :)


David & Eryn said...

Mel, that stinks so bad about your allergies.... but I must admit that when I saw that second picture, I actually thought of the Beast from that show... I watched I think every episode when I was in the third grade or something! It's not that you look like a beast, he just looked more catlike, but an attractive cat :)

Cheri said...

You crack me up. Still loving your blog! Merry Christmas! Give everyone a hug from all of us...


Anonymous said...

Mel, so sorry your allergies are acting up again...but its great that you haven't lost your sense of humor- now THAT would be tragic!


torinem said...

Bummer about those allergies, but it is awesome that you post it to give the rest of us a little giggle :)
I do hope you are feeling better, though, that does not loo very comfortable.

Anonymous said...

I've seen that little swollen face multiple times over your life - and I hated it every time. Usually you had a spell right before your school pictures :)
Love the fact that you can laugh at yourself but you've always been good about that - maybe because we never hesitated to laugh AT you!

Love, MOM

Bellamarin said...

I'm not sure if I received joy or pity from this. I am gonna go with" Don't cry for me Argentina" cause that's what I'd think you'd say!

Anonymous said...

Mel Mel,
The new blog didn't bring much joy, but did bring loads of laughter for Denise and I. It's obvious you haven't changed one bit! Hope your better for Christmas! Have a Merry One!
Love Bil and Denise

Lavinia Cook said...

Well, I have received quite a bit of joy from your blog in the past, but I feel so sorry about your allergy I can't even laugh at the other pictures :-), although the very last one... OK, I did crack a smile. Hope the swelling goes down soon.
Your Romanian reader

Daniel said...

A note from the person who sees the Beauty within "the Beast":

Don't we all wish we could take pictures of ourselves looking our absolute worst and post them on the web for all to see? I just continue to be amazed at my wife's self-confidence...or more accurately, her God-confidence...she is so good at caring only about what God thinks. But I digress...what I wanted to say was that I absolutely died laughing when I clicked on that Beauty and the Beast link. HILARIOUS!

Rachel said...

I received joy from this post!! Gul you are hilarious!! You might as well go all out and make complete and total fun of yourself!! :) Merry Christmas! Hope things get better soon! Get Dais and you to an allergist pronto!

Brittany said...

Poor Mel! I'm sorry about your allergies! Three things I need to say. 1. I got a huge laugh out of it, so you DID make a happy situation out of a miserable one! 2. I coulndn't concentrate on your face for being destarcted by your buldging biceps(GO MEL) and 3. I think you look more like the cat lady instead of the beast. :) Just google Jocelyn Wildenstein and you will see who I'm talking about!
I'm just kidding are beautiful inside and out!!!

Anonymous said...

melanie, i will have to agree with your sweet hubby. your self confidence is something i have always admired about you! and caring only about what God thinks is something i could always work on :)

i hope you guys have a wonderful christmas!

ashley wyatt

Claudia said...

I did!
Merry Christmas for you all!

judyh said...

Ok I have SEEN you after the ER visit when you lived with me, and this one is actually SMALL POTATOES compared to that. Just hope your skin didn't sag for days after the swelling went down like it did that time..... AJ

judyh said...

By the way.... who knew there was cheese in cheez-its??

Tesney said...

You have inspired me to take pics of greg during his next attack. So funny!!!

Courtney said...

Man, I miss you! I got some embarassing nursing school pics ..want me to pass them on? :)

sonyagraykey said...

What up, girl? Get ya'self back to see the witch dr.! I remember you tasting ice cream while out with Naphy & Dan freakin' out about it... but you were "cured" for a while. I hope you get "cured" fa' real. Oh, and don't you love it when our kids make those "honest assessments" of us. Langston tells me my butt is "huge." Thaaaaanks.

Michael and Hannah said...

Okay, I had something to say until I read Dan's comment and now I forgot it... my mind is still stuck on "Awwwwwwwwwww." I agree, my the way... I think my God-confidence must be low because I photo-shop my zits before posting pics on my blog!

Whitney Cantrell said...

HAHA!!! Ok Melanie...I haven't read your blog in a while due to crazy busyness of life and work...but I am cracking UP about the Beauty and the Beast tv show reference!!! I definitely used to watch that show and I always wanted to be that blonde girl. In love with a hairy beast man that lives in the underground sewer place? Who wouldn't love that!! :) Your eyes totally looked like the beast! (In the best way possible:)) You are so hilarious. I'm glad you are better!!