Sunday, December 21

Wakiva Springs

We went online to find a park to take the kids to and found Wakiva Springs just north of Orlando. It was so pretty that day. We found a playground and picnic area to have lunch. Then we walked down to the springs. The water was 72 degrees (they say it is all year round). It was cold water...but the kids got used to it! There were people there swimming and laying out. Luckily I had packed some back up clothes for the kids (I never anticipated we would actually be getting IN the springs!) in the diaper bag for such an occasion as this! We are getting used to what December is like in Orlando!

below: all of us walkin' to the springs...wish I was the thin adult on the left... but I am not.
below is the man (yes, man) swimming in the spring who had a ROCKIN' mullet...

Isaac's diaper weighed 9,000 lbs when we took it off. :) Probably soaked 6 inches off the height level of the springs that day. :)

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sonyagraykey said...

boo, hoo, hoo...I'm crying with jealousy! oh, and you are a hot mama...loved the christmas card. stop dissin' yourself. (must i always remind you of that? ;)