Wednesday, April 30

Bye Bye Brooke

It was sad. No I don't think that she would have won...but I hate to see her go. She was a sweet girl.

I still pull for David and David.

I still think that Jason should drop out and persue Jamaican Idol. (Nothing personal...seems like a cool guy. But he can only sing a certain type of song.)

Syesha should quit and head to Broadway.

And for those of you confused as to why I watched this week when I said I was not going mother in law is in town. She made me. :) Seriously, she can't get enough.

Wednesday, April 23


That's it. I'm over it. If we are going to be voting in the final 2 on Brooke or Jason to be American Idol....then I have to just hang it up right now. CARLY??? GONE??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? Does America have ears? She is not my personal fave...but come on! Itw was Jason and/or Brookes week to go. I guess I should be thankful we are not still deciding if Kristy should be the next American Idol! Seriously I am not watching again until the finale. And if it's not David and David then I may not even watch it at all. I mean can it be serious that people think that Jason is going to do more than make a record with his guitar and bongo drums...and we are all going to buy it??? NO. the way...those dreds have to be stinky. So for all of you who think he is gotta know it's from a distance.

(reminder: I am angry and I may be speaking out of my madness....please do not hold me to these high emotion opinions...but I am kinda serious.)

Catching up with Captions

Daisy and Issac were invited to Maddox Noye's 2nd birthday party (parents, Holly and Jeris, are HU grads and go to church with us). It was a country concert theme. The "Star" was not in the mood to perform in his cowboy hat and boots...but the "goodie bags" rocked! Daisy and Isaac received free concert T's! (see above) They are so cute! How creative Holly!

Isaac is pulling up all over the place. His fav is Daisy's Dora dollhouse...just the right height.

Everything is a chew toy.

Daisy's new Music Box (below)

Daisy got a Cinderella Music Box from our neighbor, Heather (or "Ms. Header" as Daisy calls her). Heather was cleaning out her apt for the Tanglewood garage sale. She brought it over and asked if Daisy would like it. OF COURSE, it's Princess and Cinderella is a fav! When I showed it to Daisy the next day it was the sweetest thing...I said, "Mrs. Heather brought over a very special gift." And when I showed it to her her eyes got so big. I opened it and it began to play a super fast version of "So this is love" from Cinderella and there is a little Cinderella holding up her dress twirling on the inside. Daisy grabbed her chest, then her little face and almost couldn't speak she was so excited. Then she immediately started twirling around the kitchen in sheer joy with this HUGE smile on her face. I almost teared up, it was so sweet!!! She has carried this thing around everywhere (and almost choked on the winding thing on the back that she twisted off in the wrong direction). But this was such a sweet moment. I almost cried! I wish I would have had it recorded. But it seems moments like these come unexpectedly. Had I set up the camera in anticipation she probably wouldn't have liked it as much. :)

Below you can see Isaac rejoicing with Daisy and her new treasure.....

"Really, a music box? Thrilling."

Daisy and Daddy at the Literacy Fair at My School/Campus church (where we go).

btw...this brown dress, her "sun dress" is a new fav of Dais.

Naph telling the story of Noahs Ark as Mrs Noah.

Ok, so this is hilarious. This screams "first time Mom" even though I have 2. I saw these cute leggings at Target and had credit so I got 'em. They are called "Not Sox (socks)" and are for babies when they are crawling all around to protect their little (or in Isaacs case: LARGE) legs. I started noticing his knees and legs getting red so I put them on. HILARIOUS...but helpful. They have all types of cute patterns too. These were the best boy ones they had. My pal and neighbor, Heather, (that I mentioned earlier) was super smart and just cut the feet out of her hubby's tube socks for her baby to use. SHOULDA done that...but oh well. :) But here is Isaac in his "Not Sox"....doesn't he look like "FAME! I'M GONNA LIVE FOREEEEH-VA! I'M GONNA LEARN HOW TO FLY (?), FAME!" Hahaha. If you don't get that, please don't ask. It will only make me feel old. :)
It's either "Fame" or working out in the 80's with leg decide. I would also like to call this "Isaac Sausage" cause he is packed tight in those suckers! I call him that too when I shove him in an outfit that is too small. I hate to admit it happens more often than he would like. I am terrible about moving my kids up to the next size till is embarrassingly obvious they need it! :)

I have no words for the above vehicle. Dan and I saw this car this weekend. Sometimes you have to wonder why people spend money the way they do........(for example like Not Sox... :) )

Below is my muscle man...

I just loved this pic above ...even though its just a tree....

Gabriels party outside Tanglewood on Sunday! Good times!

I noticed this post is alot of Isaac...

...but had a whole 2 1/2 years to yourself before Isaac one little post won't hurt.

Tuesday, April 22

Tanglewood Family Photos

There are many reasons we will miss Tanglewood. One of them is the AWESOME free programs they offer. There are so many neat things that go on in this community that we love. But one in particular is Spring Break. Many times the residents of Graduate Family Housing are not going to hop a plane back to their native country for the week due to expenses and so on. So they plan the entire week of fun family activities. There have been things like strawberry picking, ice cream socials, movies on the lawn, "Spring Fling" (carnival-ish), and craft nights....the list goes on. This year they offered free family pictures (free sitting and one free print). Our neighbor, Pramod Rathod has started a photography business. He used this opportunity to get some practice and some publicity! The pics were great! We got our free print yesterday and were so impressed with his work. :)
Now having said that...I am in that emergency stage of NEEDING a haircut. I have far surpassed "sure would be nice to have my hair cut" to "needed one about 6 weeks ago." I got my hair chopped at the end of December when I was in Atlanta. I have never (in the 3 years of living here) found a hair cut place I loved. So I have not had it cut since Dec. I am going today to have this mess handled. All that to say, please excuse my hair in these pics. I actually "fixed it" moments before we walked to the photo session. And still...bad news. And it's a bummer that I am such a brunette offense! I just used to have some cool blonde highlights when I was "younger." One more thing to thank my children for. :)

(Yes I am sucking in)

this is the one we had printed (above)

Isaac LOVES Daisy's hair...

Blogger is giving me fits with these pics...maybe they are too large? or maybe blogger is having a bad day? Either way I don't have the patience to continue. Maybe more later...


Thursday, April 17

Now some new news...

Well as many of you know Daniel will be graduating in a month. WOO HOO. I have already spent his first few months paycheck in my head. :) We are pretty pumped that 7 years of school (post undergrad) is coming to an end. It so odd to me it's here. We have talked about it like a dream for so it's reality! Many of my sentences these days start with, "When we get a pay check I am going to..." and "When we get my Yukon...." Daniel is tired of hearing both. :) I will dedicate an entire post to what I am excited about leaving behind when school is done. It will be great therapy for me. Not super excited, though, about the debt that we will begin to pay back. If you THINK you have tons of debt...challenge us...I dare you.


The exciting part is that Daniel got a job in Orlando! We will be moving to the Doctor Phillips area. Daniel will be working with Dr. Goldie in his practice Goldie Orthodontics and will eventually buy the practice from him. We are thrilled about Daniel finding such a great Orthodontist to learn from and work with. The bad part is obviously that we will be moving farther from family. Ugh...can't think about that part without tearing up. And we are sad about leaving Gainesville and all the friends we have made here. We have heavy hearts making this move. But we know that this is a FABULOUS opportunity for Dan. And of course...I will keep you posted. :)
Also we have been house hunting...a dream of mine for quite sometime now. I have to say, it's been much more stressful than I anticipated. More on that saga in another post!
Daisy is doing well...she told her teacher today she wanted to either be a doctor or a princess. Both reputable occupations I would say. She wanted to feed Isaac a bottle the other day. It looked a little odd since BIG BOY was in her lap...

and you can see how he felt about it....

"mom, seriously? and with the camera?"

Isaac is still just as happy and squishy as ever. He is super pooper...has a "blow out" at least once a day requiring new clothes and so on. We have moved up to a size 5 diaper to see if that helps. Sheesh. Still sucks his first 2 fingers...on either hand. He is not picky. :) He is now 8 months. He is pulling up and stands like a surfer holding on to things with one hand.

Couple more funny thoughts...

---Am I the only one who's mother can text faster than her? Embarrassing. I am Sally Slow Fingers. When Jen, my friend in high school, texts me it's an ENTIRE PARAGRAPH. My reply 15 minutes later after having been working on it that whole time is, "....ok..." Ridiculous. And she will reply 1.3 seconds later with another LONG PARAGRAPH with punctuation, smiley faces and so on included. I am so old. :0 ) But hey, "when we get a paycheck"...we are adding texting to our plan and I am going nuts and will soon become Freddy Fast Fingers. :)


---sometimes when I type I will type "me" instead of "my"...and I chuckle each time. Why? Cause it seems for that split second I go pirate all the sudden...."I really love ME kids...arrrgghh! Shiver me timbers (whatever that means...hopefully nothing inappropriate like Soulja Boy's hit)." OR as my Aunt Jan pointed out...I go Carly Smithson/Lucky Charm Leprechaun on you...."Where's me Lucky Charms?... pink hearts, orange stars, yellow moon, green clovers, blue diamonds, and puuuur-puuul hooooorse shoooes..." Hahaha...I love my funny family.


---And this one goes out to Sonya (who just had her sweet baby girl Zora)...I think I am going green. Yep. I am over my "eco-angst" as Real Simple put it. I need to start making changes that are earth friendly. NOW...this will have to happen in baby steps or it won't go well. But ever since Tanglewood enforced we keep the blue bins in our apt whether we recycled or not....I started to recycle. :) And I can do it! My next big step will be buying those reusable bags at Publix for my groceries. Don't laugh. No, I am not ready for a compost pile in the yard or cleaning my home with only vinegar and elbow grease....but I may get there. Be patient with me. And no laughing or it may reverse the feelings. ;) BTW...this was part of my inspiration...there is a child's t-shirt at Walmart that is some how made of earth friendly stuff. On the front is says, "SAVE GAS... Toot in a jar" and there is a pic of a small jar with a little green puff of air in it. HA!

Justice Has Been Served...

This week on American Idol...Kristy Lee Cook went home. I feel better already about the Michael Johns scandal. :) (I admit to pumping my fist in the air when they said Brooke was safe. Evil, I know. But not as bad as when I lept off my couch in sheer joy last year after hearing it was Sanjaya's last week!) :)

Thursday, April 10

A public apology...

Family, friends, fellow bloggers, America, and Michael...
I come to issue a public apology for the tragedy that occurred tonight on American Idol. It grieves my heart to know that it was "the end of the road" for Michael Johns. (SERIOUSLY??) America, I know you are as shocked as I am. I apologise because I have not been voting (YET) this season. While a faithful fan, not faithful enough. I should have learned my lesson last year in the close call with Blake Lewis almost getting the boot early (earlier than the final 2). I voted my little fingers off. (Who am I kidding? There is not one thing little about me, not even my fingers...but I am OK with that). And yes, I successfully saved him from elimination single handedly (maybe his family did a little, too). But as for Michael, I have failed. So I am sorry. It's my fault that we will have no more Australian accent, that we will have no more good blues singers, that no one will sing Queen again but most of all that we will have to watch Kristy Lee Cook for another stinkin' week squeak thru when she KNOWS she should not be there. GET RID OF THE NASTY MAROON TIPPED FAKE NAILS for cryin' out loud! Excuse me, I have lost control. I'm sorry. So sorry, I have now sunken to a new low. See how the guilt has already effected me? I better go.
And Michael, when you read this...don't be mad. My family lives in Atlanta and I promise to come see you perform in Buckhead.
With sadness and regret,

Fresh Off Idol Gives Back...

Oh my goodness. I am already emotionally unstable right now being a sleep deprived mom of 2...but watching this just sent me over the edge. I am already a sucker for ANYONE trying to raise money for a good cause. Dan tells me all the time, "MEL! Buying $20 cookie dough to send the high school band to London is not helping the needy!" HA! I just feel bad for the little ones who are put up to sell things. I am why they do it that way...cause people like me feel they need to buy it from the kid. ANYWHO...I loved seeing all the stars perform and seeing what charities they endorse. (I admit I love a good People magazine when laying out on vacation.) I cried multiple times just seeing children not getting their needs met. When I saw the 8 month old that was in bed with malaria I had to hang it up for the night (and watch the rest today!). I just started to imagine Isaac in that condition and couldn't stand the thought. I am pretty excited to see how much Idol Gives Back brings attention to those in need. I know it cannot all be fixed with money (as Brad Pitt pointed out). But I felt inspired to be apart of those ministries too. This show is watched by "Gogillions" of people (as Ben Stiller said). Just to make people aware is so helpful. I think America needs the reminder. I know I do. To answer your question, no, I didn't call in and pledge. Although I thought about it just so I could tell Daisy I talked to David Cook. :) But I wanted to. I was afraid that I would have given them all we had (which isn't much unless I throw in my kids). But I will give back in other ways.
I have to say my favorite part that stirred the MOST emotion in me was when the final 8 contestants sang the last song...SHOUT TO THE LORD! Are you kidding me? As a Christian I would have bet a million dollars that there was NO WAY that song would have ever been sung on that stage. And Praise God I was wrong! It was so powerful to me.
To me it was like God saying,
"See all this good being done? This is me. No matter who you hear it from, who you are challenged by, what the cause specifically is...this is me. Love your neighbor. This is ME loving people through whatever venue I can get. And did you ever think I could use Hollywood? I cannot be limited! It is me who calls you to take care of the poor. And in the end, it is my name that will be praised!"
And He was praised on that big stage in front of America! I just watched in disbelief as each contestant sang the song. No, I don't know if they were genuine ...but I don't care. The Lord was praised.
(Btw...was the Ben Stiller bit right after the song to even out the bad with the good? I mean did he have to say the F word multiple times bleeped out just to even the playing field? :) )

Wednesday, April 9

she is a sponge...

I was watching a little bit of the news this morning and a small clip of American Idol came on. A few minutes later Daisy said, "Was that talking about American Idol?" I said, "Well, yes, a few minutes ago." And she said, "Mom! It was because I just saw David Cook." I promise I have only watched my Tivo AI one time in front of Dais!

Earlier in the season on American Idol Daisy couldn't figure out why "that girls name is Danny."

Sunday, April 6

some new news...

Well, let's see. This post will be random but a "catch up post" of sorts. I have some pics I haven't posted yet. And things that are going on with the kiddos...

Let's see. Isaac is 7 1/2 months and is now crawling well. He has been working on it for a few weeks now. He preferred the "tumbleweed roll" to get where he was going and the occasional army crawl. But now it's the primary mode of transportation. My life is there will be 2 watching everytime I go to the bathroom. (Is nothing sacred??) They just follow me in each time like, "Sooooo, here we all are! What's going on in here?" with HUGE grins. "WE?" There is no "we"...get outta here! :) Anyway, I have to baby proof even more now and hope that Daisy's choking hazard toys don't get with in his reach. He is doing great with baby food.

BUT oh! This reminds me...I have forgotten to introduce you all to a new member of our household. (NO, it's not a dog.) I would like you all to put your hands together and give a warm welcome to ISAAC'S OPINION. Yes. Lovely. Before the cries were for needs. Then it's slowly changed to wanting to be with me or be around people. And now it's for what he wants. If you take a dirty sock from him...he is mad. If you feed him green beans/peas he cries like, "why do you hate me?" If he is crawling but gets tired and sees that he has not made it yet to the desired location...he fusses for assistance! When we get him out of the tub (he LOVES a bath)...fussy. If Daisy pulls her hair and/or dress from his fist or mouth...he screams. When I pry his chubby-white-knuckled hand from grasping my lower lip so tightly that it's bulging between his fingers...throws a fit. When I put him down to sleep now we get the few minutes protest cry. It's a change. And don't misunderstand me...he is a happy baby boy over all. :) The protest cries are fairly brief. But still present. :) But it's fun to see his personality grow more.

Check out these thundah thiiiighs!

This is random but we were at a party the other day and Daisy spilled her drink. I was holding "the Lug" while running to get napkins and cleaning and so on when another mom at the party said, "um, he has something..." and pointed to Isaac. And I looked and I pulled out AN ENTIRE SOGGY NAPKIN from his mouth. I mean if the boy is going to choke when I am holding can I keep him from it when I am not? He should be the safest in my arms, right? Ugh. Oh well.

Isaac and one of his buddies Kai (born 12 days before Isaac). His mom Heather and I hang out often. Daisy calls her "Ms. Header."

Daisy is a great big sister. She has been doing a little bit of separation anxiety for the first time in her entire life. It started some in January. And now every once in a while she just wants to stay with me. So odd for her! Normally she is so independent. She still has the FAVORITE dress that I am sure you have seen in a BILLION pics. It's a yellow and blue patterned dress. She wore it to her bday party. She likes to put on different shirts underneath it. And the shoes alternate too (although mainly the pink sparkly shoes). She loves the dress cause it's big on her. If I put a dress on her that fits then she tells me, "It just doesn't hang right, Mama." Oh brother.

(This is not the best pic...but here is the dress she ADORES!)

She does this funny thing now. I have to she will ask something like "Dad, can I wear my sparkly (ratty, toes worn, stinky) shoes to the store?" He will defer that call to me cause I like to have a final say in clothes sometimes. And I will say, "um, sure." And even though Daniel and I are in the same room and he heard what I said...she will turn to him and say, "DAD! MOM SAID I CAN WEAR MY SPARKLY SHOES." This happens in the car too. It is like she is on the phone with one of us and in the room with the other. She will figure out not to waste her breath soon enough. In the mean time, it cracks me up!

And a story I have meant to post for almost a year. Our friend Jamie Russell went to college. Daisy was at their house after she had moved. She asked Jen (Jamies sister), "sheeegloo?" Jen said, "What?" Daisy repeated it the same way. Jen asked her to clarify again. Then Daisy said loudly and forcefully, "DOES... SHE... GLUE?" That is what Daisy did/does at naturally so does Jamie, I guess. ;)

Daisy and Jen at Dudley Farm with the turkeys.

Daisy and I at the Butterfly Rainforest on Campus. It was free! (Usually 7.50 a person!)

Below are just some pics of Florida scenery....

Sun setting after museum nights

storm a-comin'

I repent of always calling my Dad "Nature Boy"...cause now I am the one saying..."isn't that old tree beautiful?!" :)