Monday, May 26

TJ McCloud

OK all you moms out there. I have found some WONDERFUL Christian Children's Music. My sister lives in Nashville and somehow heard about this guy TJ McCloud. She got me one of his CD's and Daisy loves it...and so do I! He reminds me of Chris Rice, John Mayer, and those guys who do the acoustic guitar thing. (NO this does not make me a closet Jason Castro fan...but I would listen to him on the radio.) The CD I have is called "Playground." Apparently the same CD (same songs) is also called "All Gods Animals." This CD is a MUST purchase for those of you who want your kid to listen to songs about God but feel like the ones you have now are like fingernails on a chalkboard for you. ;) This will be a nice refreshing change. :) (Click on the link to, I don't get a cut).
These days Daisy loves to proclaim her favorite of whatever we are doing. ( "MOM, I like the girl in the pink dress, who is your favorite?") So I will do the same for this CD.
Daisy's favs: "Playground" (A kids version of My Fathers House by Audio Adrenaline...sweet!)
My favs are: "I wanna be your friend" (It's fun to sing, catchy, and SO totally Daisy's level.)
-"All God's Animals (started to sing)" Cause we get to make animal noises.
Isaac's favs: Any song that makes Daisy dance. Then he chuckles in the back seat.
Anywho...I highly recommend this Dude. Plus, I think he is living in the Dominican Republic right now with his wife doing mission work. (And you know they love the Lord cause there are BIG hairy spiders there and they went anyway.) So you are supporting that too! :)

Thursday, May 22

AI thoughts...

Hey everyone! I feel I need to blog my closing remarks on the BIG ending of American Idol. Congrats to David Cook! I can't believe that he was just going to support his brother and won the whole darn thing! I really like the guy. Dan speculated that Simon had a hand in his big win by basically declaring Archuletta the winner the night before...making all the Cook fans think, "OH NO! We have to vote hard core tonight!" and the Archie fans maybe felt too relaxed? Just a thought. I really feel that both of them are extremely talented and I would have been happy with either one winning. But if I had to choose it would have been Cook based on his performing and writing skillz. :)

A few more thoughts...
  • Ryan "Seafoam" (as Mike Myers called him) is pretty impressive to me. Simply because he is so relaxed and comments well off the cuff on LIVE TV in front of millions of people. It's impressive to me. I bet that dude that co-hosted with him in season one is still kicking himself for not being in it now!
  • The "famous" people that performed in the finale seemed to pale in comparison to those who performed in Idol Gives Back. I guess it should be that way since IGB is more important over all. But it was "interesting" (I use this to honor Naph here...she says this when she is trying NOT to say something negative...I am so on to her.) to see Bryan Adams (has his "Everything I Do, I do it for you" single in 7th grade) and George Michael. I willingly admit their previous success was huge...but they seem random now. Maybe they are releasing some albums soon?
  • Carrie Underwood. Ok, let me start by saying, I really really like her. But what was that last night? Did she forget the bottom half of her suit? Again, not that she didn't look amazing. Heck, I was wishing I was her! And then her song. I can handle Jesus Take the Wheel and Before he Cheats....but this song was not a great message. Daniel put it best when he said he felt like he was watching Britney Spears start her "I'm not that Innocent" tour. I mean I have loved Carrie for her voice, purity of songs and for not selling out on some of the things she wears. I guess we will see in the future. (Scott, don't be mad...I love her.)
  • Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious. Loved the Sanjaya parking cars joke. But my fav was when he called Simon's parents "Rosemary and Satan Cowell"...hilarious.
  • Still not sure I feel ok about the guy who was a try out, wore the BIG white cape, feathered cowboy hat, and wrote the song for Simon. Then the USC band and cheerleader joined him on stage? Again, this borderline making-fun-of is a part I could do without.

Anywho...just random thoughts.

Sunday, May 18

Nanny ALWAYS said, "That Laughin's Gone Turn to Cryin' "

And she was so right! My Nanny always told us "that laughin's gone (read with a long "o" and Gone With the Wind southern drawl) turn to cryin'" when we were rough housing or whatever. And here the circle of life continues...and I have to say I should have said it here myself. :)
This video was taken this afternoon. It cracks me up cause this is the STORY OF MY LIFE with small kids. HA! I know some of you other MOPS (mothers of pre schoolers...not just those actually in MOPS) will agree. Oh and ignore the "I haven't done it yet..." I wasn't lying...I meant I have not finished. :) Turn up your volume...

(If you can't see it well or can't hear it this is the cliffs notes:
Isaac is in his Johnny Jump Up. Daisy is running out to him, startling him and making him laugh. Daisy does it a few times. We are all laughing....ahhh, good times. THEN at the last one Daisy accidentally bumps heads with Isaac and announces, "We TOTALLY bumped heads!" HA! Then she proceeds to show me again how the head bumping went down...but harder (I heard it)....and both start crying. Daisys face at the end is priceless. :)
It just so common to all be having a lovely moment of have it come to a screeching halt over chaos and injury! :)
btw...this is my first video post.... yea!

Saturday, May 17

Brown Girl in the Ring?

Alright all you Wiggles Watchers....I have a question for you. So Daisy and Dan were watching the Wiggles. And a song comes on called "Brown Girl in the Ring" and it's very catchy. Daisy and Daniel have had this song stuck in their heads for days! I feel sorry for them...but mostly me who has to hear it ALL THE TIME. :) Does anyone know if it's a classic Australian kid song? Or what the heck it means? We have been laughing at it for a while. I mean it could be culturally inappropriate. You can't say "brown girl." That's a law suit waiting to happen. But in the video it's just a girl with a brown shirt on dancing around in the middle of a bunch of kids holding hands and dancing/walking around her. (By the way...her moves are HILARIOUS too. Dan does a great impression of her). One of the lines in it is, "And she looks like a sugar and a plum... PLUM, PLUM!" What in the wide world?? Nothing about the girl resembles "a sugar" or "a plum." Now I know we have many a kid song in the US that don't make much sense (Rock-a-bye Baby: baby falling to it's death from a tree and no one cares as we sing softly, Ring around the rosie: ashes, ashes?, Skidamarinkidinedink: no comment, and no I can't spell it right...).
(this link is from WAY back. It's not the new one we saw. I think they have Dorothy and others in the middle of the ring here. But the new one has the cute blonde back ground dancer as the "brown girl." But this link can at least let you hear the song. And if you are a faithful watcher, can give you a chuckle at how young the Wiggles look.)
So, if any of you can enlighten this particular song, the Joneses would appreciate it. :)
This is from my friend Kim.....another mystery Google....
Ok so I can't resist a good reason to do a search and here is what I found.Brown Girl in the Ring is a children's ring game thought to have originated in Jamaica.Ring games are played in many parts of the world by boys and girls, especially in their preteen years. In Alan Lomax, J.D. Elder and Bess Lomax Hawe's There's a Brown Girl in the Ring, an anthology of Eastern Caribbean song games, it is suggested that ring games are a precursor for children to adult courtship.The players form a ring by holding hands, then one girl goes into the middle of the ring and starts skipping around to the song. The girl is then asked "show me your motion", at which point she does her favorite dance. When she is asked "show me your partner", she picks a friend to join her in the circle.The "brown" girl (or boy) in the ring traditionally refers to children's skin tone prevalent in the Caribbean and it is thought to enhance their self esteem.So now we all know.
Funny, White Girl wouldn't boost my self esteem. And I don't think dancing in a ring would make me ready to marry. Pre-teens? Aren't they a little old to dance around with the Wiggles?

Tuesday, May 13

Happy Mothers Day to me!

This weekend I went to Nashville to celebrate with my little sister! She graduated cum laude with a degree in Interior Design from Watkins. I went with out my kiddos. Dan kept them both at home. He did an amazing job! THANK YOU DANIEL!!! It was so fun to hang out with my family, sleep late (meaning after 6 am), eat without worrying about anyone else, fly on a plane ALONE, shop without a stroller or cart, get ready with out hurrying,...and so on. I stayed at my sisters house. It is adorable! She has it decorated so cute and trendy. Seriously I dreamed of when I got married to have a house like that. The furniture, the paint on the walls, the pics, and so on are so cute. I am jealous! I will talk about the weekend via pics.....

I got to see a HU BF and her sweet baby boy...

Sarah Dennis Wilson and her son Asher (14 mo).

Julies Art Show was on Friday night at a cool art museum downtown. It was great...but very toasty in that place. Julie's stuff looked great!
Jules and Me (and Dad) at the show. (btw...I borrowed all her ADORABLE clothes all weekend. Another bonus to the weekend.)
Scott "pondering" Julies art. :) ( of my gainesville pals asked what was up with me and my married sister both having "Jones" for a last name. Well, pure luck. We both fell for men (not related to each other) that have the same last name! :0) So we both went from "Miss Cagle" to "Mrs. Jones.")
The fam. We were in a prom pose before this one....but I spared you all that pic. :)

This window (below) was in the Church that her graduation was held in.

The church decor was pretty. The Graduation was great! It was for 55 students and lasted about 40 mins. The speaker was good and brief. And we didn't get the "please do not applaud until the end" speech for when they walked to get the we did what naturally you would think to do with no limits....we did the wave when Julie's name was called. And no one frowned at us! The President even laughed! There was all kind of hootin' and hollerin' at this graduation. It was good times. :)

Above: Scott, Stacy (Blake's mom), Dad, Julie, Alan (Blake's Dad), Blake (Julie's hubby), Mom, Nanny, Granddaddy, and Me

Then we had a little Grad party at Jules house that evening. Many of her friends came. It was fun to meet everyone that she talks about all the time. It was especially good to see "Kayree" (Katie Tenery Lipscomb). We got to catch up and it was fun!

It was a wonderful weekend. We are so proud of Jules. Now she is out and has a job making the big bucks. :) And she is already hired to come and "fix up" my new house. (Let me clear up something...she is an Interior Designer (actually designing an office/house/hospital layout, lighting and so on an empty blue print as well as where furniture goes).....not Decorator (pics, paint, fabric). But she can do both quite well. I hope I explained all that right...).


Couple of small things...

This weekend I told Julie that sometimes when I type my name I accidentally leave out the "L" and my name is "Meanie." She thought that was hilarious.

Isaac and Daisy are doing great. Isaac is ALL OVER the place and Daisy is still cracking me up. Today she said, "When I grow up, I am going to tell my kids 'Do you understand me?' " YIKES. Guess she has heard that once or twice.

One more thing....when I was in the airport I saw a group of kids (4 of them) and 2 women holding up a sign that said, "Welcome Home Daddy!" It was right before I went thru security. In my mind I visualized them seeing him and almost teared up. Well as I was waiting at my gate later on I saw this same little group arrive. Apparently they had gotten to come thru security to wait on "Daddy." When I saw them I thought, how sweet, as I listened to my iPod. Then I realised that "Daddy" was going to be getting off the plane I was going to I would see the whole thing. The plane arrived...the kids got all excited and when that man in uniform walked out they all ran to him! (I am tearing up as a I type.) The kids screamed "DADDY!" And all hopped on him like puppies. The mom grabbed his neck and did not let go for a LONG time. The kids would hug him and then clap and jump and laugh and look around and do it again. It was a TEAR JERKER!!! Then they all hung on to part of him and headed down the terminal walk way. He had a kid in each arm and the rest were holding on to him. And someone started to clap...which errupted the entire place in applause and I LOST IT (you know how triumphant applause gets me). I mean it was an ugly...ugly cry. But it was so sweet.

I loved to see the American public recognize the sacrifice this man made when he left this country to fight for us. It was a great reminder for me.

While boarding a female soldier was behind me. The stewardess and flight crew all thanked her for her service. As we stood in the aisle to wait to sit, people thanked her for her service. (I was about to cry all over again.) And they announced her from the intercom during the flight and we all clapped for her. (tears again)

I am so thankful to those who go and fight for us. I can't imaging how hard it is for families left at home while they are away and for those who have to leave them. If you serve this country in anyway...THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will be praying.

Thursday, May 8

Goodbye Goofball...

Jason Castro has been tossed (finally). He said it best himself last night that his inexperience was coming through. Maybe that was why he laughed like Goofy all the time? NOW...don't get me wrong. I think he has a great voice and is mildly attractive (btw, Jason, Bo Bice called...he wants to set up a time to get together and french braid each others stinky hair, call him). But he was just such a goof ball! I like the goofball side that makes him real and genuine. But not the side that acts like that with Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and says, "I didn't know a cat was singin' it." I think it was a bit disrespectful in that arena. And in his last song last night he kept having to push back those dreads like a pre-teen girl with long bangs. But overall he was a super nice and talented guy...just not THE American Idol. :)

I am still a bit shocked that Syesha is in the final 3, but whatever. She is fun to watch.

I am NOT shocked one bit that David and David are still in it. They totally deserve to be.

I am still disappointed it's not Michael Johns with the Dave's in the final 3.

Does anyone else feel bad for David Cook (and Archuletta for that matter) when they have to sing and dance like a high school play? or wear bull fighting pants in a Ford commercial? Bummer dude. The price you have to pay for fame....
Follow up note:
On the previous post...the pic with Daisy and an alligator. We were on a bank that was about 5 feet up. Where the grass is starts a drop off of 5 feet. I think it appears closer than it is. Don't worry, I didn't ask her to pet it for a pic. :)

Tuesday, May 6

Lake Alice for Lunch

We picked up Dan and headed to Lake Alice for lunch. It is located on Campus of UF and is beautiful! I will miss being so close (5 min) to such beautiful landscape. :( It will be around in Orlando too...just not quite as natural. (It's not going to count if its landscaped in front of a hotel.) :0 ) We saw 2 gators and 2 turtles. We also "toured" the Baughman Chapel...gorgeous. (We have friends at church that were married there (before we arrived). WOW. I see why they wanted to get married there!) We had a fun lunch adventure!

see the gator behind her?

Saturday, May 3

Mimimo's Visit

Yes, you read it correctly. She is fondly called "Mimimo" by Daisy. It originated from Jon David, Anna's son (Dan's sister). The name was supposed to be "GrandMaurine." (I tried to italicize just the "grandma" part...but then it be comes...well, oddly just realize the word "grandma" is in the 2 words smooshed together). But you can imagine or just see for yourself what a 2 year old can do to a name like that. :) Jon David and his brother Luke actually call her "Mimomo." Don't ask me why Daisy changed it. I have no idea. ANYWHO... Mimimo came to visit and it was a great week. We had picnics, played, shopped, cooked, and so on. I got time to myself which is always much needed. (As a side note, Maurine and I hear all the time how people think she is MY mom and not Daniels. I mean everywhere we go! We both take it as a compliment. :) ) Here are some pics from the week:

making blond brownies
a tea party

Above: Daisy seems to be having the TIME of her life...but this pic was so good of Maurine and Isaac, someone had to be the scape goat. And Dais rarely has to be. :)

On a picnic at the park

above: At Dan's graduation dinner
Friends of ours, John and Melissa Mets (John is a 2nd yr in the program). They are expecting in Nov!
Melanie (one of Dans fellow 3rd years)