Sunday, December 21

A thorn in my flesh: Allergy edition

So, I don't know why I do this. Who does this?? It's really not super funny at the time. But I feel that if I share my "thorn in the flesh" issues with you, and you think it's funny...then perhaps is has some joyful purpose.
ANYWHO...for those of you who have known me in person (I know some of you are just readers that I have never met) you have heard that I have/had a milk allergy of sorts. I also have seasonal allergies and so on. You have heard about one of my first dates with Daniel ending up in the ER. Or that I carry an epi pen. Or that I have been "cleared" by a chiropractor that allowed me to have dairy again...WOO HOO! Now. Having said all that...I have not been back to the chiropractor since I have moved. And it's been almost a year since that visit. I just can't go into all the extensive details of my allergy history...but besides my throat closing shut and decreasing my ability to breathe....this pic below is what I hate the MOST.....


(this pic is just WRONG on so many levels...mug shot of any angry lion, anyone? or victim of a girl fight?)

Remember that show a LONG time ago called Beauty and the Beast that was on tv in the early 90's? (PLEASE click on this link to see the pic...I cant get in on my post!!!) I look like the Beast. I think he lived in the cellar and loved that blonde lady. We are TWINS in the eyes!)

OK...not only do I have no make up on...but I have had a allergic reaction to something that I had on my hands when I rubbed my eyes (and I don't think exercising helped either). Niiiiice, huh? I fed the kids cheeze-its for a snack and then we left for the Y to work out. While running on the treadmill my eyes were itching like crazy. (Keep in mind this has not happened to me in a while!) I looked at Dan who was running next to me and said, "My eyes are swelling, aren't they?" I could tell by the look on his face that they were. So we cut that work out short to go find some Benadryl in the car (I always have a stash on hand for times like these). Daisy's long stare and little furrowed brow said it all when she saw me. And then, "Mama, why are your eyes sick?"

Man, it's just embarrassing! And I didn't even get to enjoy some yummy creamy dessert! I just shoulda washed my hands! :) So Benadryl did the trick, that is of stopping the swelling. But I went to bed early cause Benadryl knocks me out...and you shoulda seen me in the morning! WORSE! It has taken every bit of 48 hours for this peri-orbital edema to go down. I tried cold compresses to no avail. Ugh. It's just awful. I am going to go see an allergist soon. I don't think it was something I ate (this time). I really think it was the contact of the "cheese" in my mucous membranes that made me react. Pretty bad, huh?

I just had to share this with you all. I hope this provides joy to your holiday season as it has only frustrated mine. :)

I added this pic (above) to give you reference to "normal" of what my eyes SHOULD look like.

But while we are on a roll....
Here are some other funny pics of me:

This (above) is me after my ROOT CANAL. Yes, you heard me. I had to have a root canal...after my "I HATE THE DENTIST" post. My pose is a lopsided pucker. I am at Walgreens getting pain meds filled!

And while we are showing embarrassing pics:
Here I am, a senior in high school. My hair? that wasn't even the style! What's my deal??

oh, and this is not me...but it's funny! It could be me cause I am going to stop trying to keep my teeth clean. I am done with the dentist. :) Isn't that awful!?? He SHOULD be afraid to smile. He may lose a tooth when his lip brushes past his teeth! HA!

If you enjoyed this post AT MY EXPENSE...please post a comment and let me know. I would love to know you received joy from this post!! :)

Wakiva Springs

We went online to find a park to take the kids to and found Wakiva Springs just north of Orlando. It was so pretty that day. We found a playground and picnic area to have lunch. Then we walked down to the springs. The water was 72 degrees (they say it is all year round). It was cold water...but the kids got used to it! There were people there swimming and laying out. Luckily I had packed some back up clothes for the kids (I never anticipated we would actually be getting IN the springs!) in the diaper bag for such an occasion as this! We are getting used to what December is like in Orlando!

below: all of us walkin' to the springs...wish I was the thin adult on the left... but I am not.
below is the man (yes, man) swimming in the spring who had a ROCKIN' mullet...

Isaac's diaper weighed 9,000 lbs when we took it off. :) Probably soaked 6 inches off the height level of the springs that day. :)

Sea World for Christmas

Of course we went. :) The Christmas deal at Sea World was The Polar Express and North Pole set up in the usual Artic exhibit (where we all "cut a rug" during the Spooktacular). We watched a little snip-it of the movie and walked thru to the North Pole where you could see beluga whales, walruses and, of course, Santa. :) It really was like the North Pole since it was freezing in there. It was colder in there than outside! And it was a cooler day in Orlando! :) We saw Shamu (the stuffed walking one and the real one), saw Santa, and played in the sand. It was a lovely day to be outside!

"Look Mom! Shamu!" (Shamu smiled for my pic!)

Isaac was not going to make the wait for Santa he skipped Santa and hung out with Dad. But how cute are Santa and Daisy? :)
Above is Daisy breakin' it down with a huge penguin. The penguin started dancing and shakin' its tail...and so did Daisy!

I post this pic to show you the kids on the ride...and to show you what Daisy looks like 24/7 since her allergies flared up. She scratches her little face all the time. We have been to the pediatrician 2 times and now I am going to make and appointment with an allergist. Poor sweet Daisy. She is miserable!

Tuesday, December 16

the girl who cried "Mary"

SO...funny story....
Tonight was Daisy's Christmas program at school. There was a rehearsal yesterday that we had to attend. I dropped Daisy off and went back to pick her up. That evening at dinner I asked Daisy about the program. One of the moms who stayed at the rehearsal told me that Daisy had a small speaking part. That was the first I had heard about that. SO...I ask Dais. "Well mom, I am the mama and there is a Daddy and a baby. I take care of the baby." What? "I also speak in the microphage (microphone) and I say 'Adam and Eve left the garden that very day.' " Hmmmm...ok she is describing MARY but that line does NOT match up. And why has no one (teachers) told me she was Mary?
SO we get there tonight. Daisy sings her heart out. We kept waiting for her part. Eventually a "Mary" emerged...and it was not Daisy. And we even heard the line that she quoted us 3 times before the program at random times. Still nada for Daisy. Then Daisy and her teacher, Mrs. Rachdan, make their way up to the stage and Daisy repeats some lines about the angels watching over them. She did such a good job.
The scoop after the show? Daisy filled in for the little girl we all saw exit about 5 mins into the show. The little girl was sick with a fever/double ear infection and was so over being at her program (can't blame her!). So the teacher asked Daisy to fill in for her.
So all that info before? Bunk. But Daisy did squeak out a speaking part!
That is the story of the little girl who cried "Mary."
Few thoughts in closing:
--Dan commented as we walked into the auditorium, "I can't believe we are at this stage in our life already." It was true. It was a full house of proud parents armed with cameras and camcorders. Entire families were in tow, many of which were wrestling siblings. And there we were. We weren't the aunt or uncle or family friend. We were the PARENTS. (And I was busting out all my gear to appropriately document the event since my child was the cutest one there!!! :) ):) How surreal.
--The place was a mad house. People were standing up, waving, walking, talking and so on. There was so much leaning and neck craining and sitting up straight to see than I have ever seen! Never saw that enthusiasm in church! HA! We were on the back row and suddenly we were on the "FRONT" since all eyes were on us when the kids all entered from the back. I bet was filmed by atleast 20 cameras as the kids walked in. Yes! Hollywood here I come! :) Siblings were melting down (including was 7:30 pm). And my personal fav was the grandpa who cared nothing about anything else but getting great pics of his grandson. He would just stand up in the middle of the crowd to take pics, walk up the front to take pics, blocking people and cameras ALL OVER THE PLACE...didn't care. It was amazing. One lady filmed his backside multiple times. Daisy was not in his grandkids I wasn't too mad. But next time I am going to give him my camera! :)
--And the cute. There was the shy singer, the loud singer, the little girl who lifted her dress, the dancing queen, the little boy swinging his arms around and around, and lots of waving kids (waving back to their parents). I think I even saw Daisy waving back to other parents. :) But I loved the little boy who, when passing the microphone while leaving the stage turned toward it and said clearly, "CHECK."
- pics weren't great and my video camera is not the digital kind. I will post the pics another time. I just had to share this!

December in Orlando with the Joneses

December is a crazy month no matter where you live. It's been busy, yet fun. We have been enjoying the season at about 80 degrees (highest at 86!)...whew! I have to say I never anticipated moving 1 hour and 40 mins south would make such a big difference! Honestly, I am not sure it makes that much difference. The locals tell us this is not the norm for Orlando at this time of year. It's usually in the 70's. :)

I am going to journal with pics....

Dr Goldie and his wife Gloria planned an Open House at the practice to welcome Daniel. It was SO nice. It was a great chance for Daniel to get to know the other dental professionals and their staff in the area. They catered this wonderful food (especially the crab stuffed mushrooms!) and decorated the office. It was WONDERFUL. We met lots of new people and felt very blessed (yet again!) to be working with the Goldies. The staff in Dans office was lots of fun to be with. They all wore red and mingled around (helping me know who was who and so on). They are a great group.
(Marilyn, Shannon, Julia (squatting), Sylvia, Julisa, and Katie)

The next night was the office Christmas party. We went to eat at Wolfgang Pucks Restaurant in Downtown Disney. It was so yummy!!! And then after that we all went to see Cirque Du Soleil, La Nouba. IT WAS AMAZING!! (as they all are!) It was so much fun to get to hang out with everyone Dan works with every day. We had a blast!

Earlier that week I took the kids for haircuts. The fact is our whole family needs one. But the kids could get in a Hair Cuttery immediately. :) Isaac did fine ONCE the lollipop arrived. The curly mullet needed to go as well as the hair over his ears. Daisy did well and sat still. She lost her baby blonde and curls that were at the end of her hair. :( They both look a little older to me now. A girl at Sea World (yes, we went again...don't judge...) asked what grade Daisy was in. :( Man, my little girl seems so big now.

(see her face and the lollipop stick? ha! my little drama diva!)

Isaac found some nail clippers and was "cutting" his nails. So smart...just ask his MOM! :)
This is me being spit out by the slide on the ChickFilA playground the other day. Isaac went up in "playland" and wouldn't come down. This is me at the end of the rescue mission. :) (And it appears that I see myself in this shirt on every blog post. Which means I must wear it too much. Oh well, RTR.)

Tuesday, December 9

Getting our Tree

We have a sweet little holiday tradition in our family. I hope it lives on for generations. But with the economy the way it is you never know. Each year we all load up... and head to the closest Lowes and buy our tree. :) Isn't that so precious y'all? The small little white tent of maybe 75 trees to choose from, carrying it 40 ft to your car, having them wrap it up in the netting, and all this in 60 degree weather (only cause it was at night)??? So sweet. :) Actually we learned in our student days (I LOVE to talk about those days in the past!) that they sell cheap yet nice trees. And let's face it...I am not sure where the closest evergreen farm is to Orlando. I assume they may not grow well here. (Palm trees do though...and come to think of it...that is just what we needed this year! It would have been tall and out of reach for Isaac to pull down lights or ornaments! Man!)

Sweet little Isaac...(and many Philistines could be killed with my jawbone/chin? Good grief! And NO jokes about the comparison between me and what type of animals jawbone it actually was in the story in the OT, got it?)

Daisy took the pics below....I also spared you all the 9 pics of her face up close as well as the other 20 of the trees up close.

She took the one above of Dan and I...who are standing awkwardly like we are a college event and we like each other but haven't told each other and are asked to pose for a random pic. HA!

Below is our car PACKED out with a tree on top. The tree you see is a mini one for our bedroom. Poor kids!

So this is the living room area where we usually have our dining table. For those who are not regular little boy is a climber/human tornado. And, so our family could have a peaceful December, we had to get a gate to keep him off the tree. He has really tried this barrier. Dan bungied the ends to the furniture some how...thank goodness! He has pushed, pulled, leaned on, hung on, ran toward/ name it, he has done it to this gate. Thank goodness not to the tree. :) I hate that we have this BEAST of a display taking up all this room in my house. But oh well. It's only for a while. :) And it smells SO GOOD! (Oh and about the Santa's Hat's left over from student days of making do. I want a star or angel so we can tie in the Reason for the Season (Jesus!!) with the kids. So I will be getting one this year when they are on sale after Christmas. :))

I tried not to let it bum me out that my decorating couldn't all be done on one day as in the past. I mean I loved to make an event of it...get the tree, set up, decorate. NO such luck. Maybe a 3 or 4 day process. BUMMER. But such is life with little ones. And it's ok ...because Christmas is much more magical with kids. :)
Daisy loading the gumdrop tree. Coker family tradition passed down. We love it!

We got a call from the nursery this Sunday during church. It was about Isaac. He fell backward in a chair (was sitting backwards in it) and got this HUGE goose egg on his head. It looks awful. But he has recovered quite well!