Tuesday, January 13

Animal Kingdom with Kelly and Kristen

One of the perks of living in Orlando is knowing people who work at Disney. Do you know what that equals? Free park admission! Woohoo! Friends from Gainesville, Kelly Wagner and Kristen Sario were coming to Orlando for the Disney Marathon. Kelly's hubby, Phil, was running and Kristen, whose second daughter will be ONE this month was running it (uh-mazing!.). They came into town on Thursday (in time to watch the Gators win ANOTHER national championship) and were going to be in town till Sunday (race day).

Kristen and her hubby, Kevin, have worked at Disney for several years. They have done puppeteering, characters (which they hated), and dancing and so on. Kevin was also Albert (Gator mascot). Kristen currently does the Snow Queen in the Main Street parade at Disney. The bottom line here is if you work for Disney, you get the HOOK UP. We got in Animal Kingdom for free with them. And then for lunch we got 50% OFF. All 3 families ate lunch for 36 dollars. Unbelievable. We even got dessert! :) Anywho...the tickets you get when you get in with "Cast Members" are one day park hoppers. So later that day, Daisy and I went to Magic Kingdom for a little while too. Daisy had a blast with Reid and Riley (Kelly's kids) and Ella (Kristen's daughter). THANKS A MILLION to Kristen and Kevin for inviting us! And for teaching us the valuable lesson...that Disney is NO place for toddlers. Isaac, my apparently now very STRONG WILLED toddler (stop laughing Mom!) had several meltdowns while we were there. So when he and Dan left at 4:30...no guilt was felt. :) (more on Isaac, his tantrums and his screaming in a separate post.)

Dan breaking it down with the African Dancer on the street in Animal Kingdom. He was the best guy volunteer BY FAR. That's MY man. :)
Jungle book characters...Buddy, we thought of you! :)

(new camera function that I love!)
Kelly and Riley in Dino Land (not sure if that's the actual name...but there were lots of dinosaurs).

This is the whole group:Kelly and Riley, Kevin and London, Kristen, and Daniel
Riley and Reid watching Dan shake it with the dancers.

below: Riley and "Daisy Jones" as she calls her. So cute.
So I gotta get my act together with this new camera. It gives little to no warning it's about to die. Mid day it died on me. Kelly is going to hook me up with some of hers. :)


Christopher and Sarah Nicholson said...

What kind of camera did you get? I love the picture of Daisy with the frog with only green showing. So cool!

Lindsay Trotter said...

Looks like you got the camera with the cool color select! Which reminds me I still need to send you pictures from Sarah's Wedding. i will try to remember to do that soon.