Wednesday, January 7

Christmas in Columbus: the good and the bad

We traveled to Columbus, GA for Christmas this year. The travel time in the car with our precious children was awful...but well worth it when we got there. :) When we arrived the house was all decorated, the candles were lit, the Nutcracker was playing on TV, the tree was trimmed, stockings hung up, the toys set up to be played with and desserts made to eat! It was GREAT! That night we went to a live nativity at a near by church. Daisy really enjoyed it.
(BTW---We missed the Caulleys and Joneses (Dave and Eryn) but had a blast with Buddy, Maurine, Chris and Sarah.)

(and one more btw---my camera started acting up and I have no pics yet. Sarah and Maurine took some great ones...and they are ordered but not in my hands yet!)
We went the Callaway Gardens lights (and ate a fried Milky Way!), shopped a bit, played at Monkey Joes and ate a ton of great food. :) Christmas dinner was YUMMY. We played games at night after the kids went down. We also viewed a HILARIOUS dvd of Ellen Degeneres. The girls had a shopping day and the boys had a ...well...random fun day (go carts, arcade, golf,...). It was all super good times for everyone. :)
(above is Chris...the OBAMA lover...trying to be funny and make a statement on this already AWESOME table at Callaway.)

Well super good times until...Daisy WOULD NOT stop complaining about her "bottom itching" /stop reaching down her pants and Isaac was super fussy and refused to nap. End result a few days later? After a few sleepless nights, lots o' fever, one sleepless nap, 2 1/2 hours , juicy coughs, fussing, and some chest rattling, waiting in a disease ridden, stinky waiting room about 20 ft/20 ft, meeting interesting people while waiting who seemed to know this situation well --telling us the Drs were "quacks" (but yet still bring their precious child back to the "quack"), ISAAC was diagnosed with a double ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. Poor guy. Then the antibiotics were NASTY and caused LOVELY diarrhea giving him a rash. really great! Cause the next day when the complaining of the "bottom itching" was still going FULL FORCE I did a more thorough inspection as Melanie Jones RN and found PINWORM. So now hopefully Isaac's diarrhea would be so acidic it would kill any little worms he had (if any).
BACK to Daisy...for those of you who aren't familiar...Pinworms are tiny little white worms (like sewing thread size) that live in the intestines and come wiggling out of the anus...causing some serious itching!!! You usually pick these up from playing in the dirt and ingesting it some how. We had played in the Sea World sandbox recently. Plus, my two sweet babies suck their fingers...we could have gotten it from anywhere...cause their little hands are everywhere...and then right back in their mouths. YUCK. And you have to treat Pinworm like lice or pink eye...contagious!!! So we were washing sheets, towels, and HANDS like crazy. She was itching and scratching every time I turned we were handwashing about that often too!
- we go to Walgreens to get some over the counter liquid stuff to take for Pinworm. It was quite the hassle for Buddy trying to tell the pharmacy tech how much to give us based on weight (she was NOT good at simple math...scary!) ...cause you wanna know the funny part? We all have take it just in case. And by "all" I mean Buddy, Maurine, Dan, Me, Daisy, Sarah and Chris. Isaac lucked out being too young. We all raised our dose and toasted "to Pinworms" and sent it down the hatch. :) Another fun surprise was when we got home...just after we dosed Daisy...she vomited. And just after we cleaned that up, including a bath...she did it again. And once in the middle of the night...she did it again. And we were leaving the next day to drive 6 and 1/2 hours home. We kept Daisy from throwing up for a while on the way home but she did eventually barf in the car. Poor Dais. Sick and itching. Poor Isaac. Puny with diarrhea and he hates the car. Poor Dan and I...we almost divorced over that trip (you laugh, but all this was not too funny until like YESTERDAY.)

SO my old faithful camera died. It has served me well. I have used the heck outta this thing. It's 4 years old. I can't even bring myself to get rid of it! But the flash was driving me was time for a new one. Good bye old friend! I will miss you (but not your flash!).

Again for the best pics of the Christmas time with the Joneses...see Sarah (was jones) Nicholsons blog.

So that was our Christmas! We got home and then a few days later my parents came to town! But that's another post!


blessdtwice said...

Bless your heart! Pinworm!!

I promise, it DOES GET BETTER...seriously, they will get to where they travel better and you will look back on these days with a shudder and be thankful they are over. (not that *I* have ever done that...)

And a fried milky way???? Holy cow- how did they do that and I can only imagine how good it was...

Christopher and Sarah Nicholson said...

All I have to say is... glory be!

Micah, Amy & Nicolae said...

oh Mel! I thought no one could beat the horrible Christmas we had, but you, just maybe, could've topped it. There is a slight reference to it in my blog, but not all details are shared so as not to offend anyone. Glad you had a good time with everyone

Michael and Hannah said...

I'm still reeling from your description of pinworms... and the fact that there is an Obama lover in the Jones family.

Rachel said...

You guys have the WORST luck traveling. It makes me not want to take my kids anywhere ever. Just kidding. But pinworms, really? Gross!