Sunday, January 11

More delays on pics...

So our desktop computer has been working pretty slowly for a while. We took it into Data Doctors and they are attempting to "fix" it. I am kind of a nervous wreck cause they also have my 2 external hard drives with ALL MY PRECIOUS MEMORIES (no, not the fragile, fat-headed, tear-shaped eyes, pastel-colored figurines sold in christian bookstores in the early 90' pics of my children) on them.
(But seriously, raise your hand if you had a Precious Moments anything. I had a bible. It was cute, but it was KJV. It might as well have been a chinese dictonary for the amount I could understand it as a third grader...but hey, as long as it had P.M. in it I loved it.)
Dan has reassured me on multiple occasions (since Friday) that they are computer experts and know more than we do. I hope he is "oops" and its all gone. Nightmare! Anywho...all that to say, I can't upload pics or access the pics I have uploaded until I get it back. SO sit tight! When I do get it back it will be picture and post central on this blog! :)

I may post just some random thoughts (sans pics) during this "intertestamental period" of sorts of pics from the blog. :)

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Tesney said...

Me, me, me! I LOVED Precious Moments. You had the Bible??? You lucky dog. I just had the figurines. And guess what? Someone gave my child the birthday train P.M. figurine. You add a car for each year. Now I feel like a bad mom if I don't complete it. Yeah, my kid has P.M. What's up with that? Am I really wasting money buying these? What's he going to do with them when he grows up? That's it. I just had an epiphany. I'm quitting P.M. as of today.