Wednesday, January 28

Trip to see the Cacti

Despite my great fear of BHS's (Big Hairy Spiders) I decided to make the trek to Arizona with my hubby for some time away. :) Daniel and I got to escape for 5 whole days! It was awesome!!! Daniel and Dr Goldie attended a conference at the Desert Ridge Resort while Gloria Goldie and I relaxed. :) What a deal, huh? It was wonderful to spend time with the Goldies and get to know them better. And it was such a nice change to be sans kids. Not cutting up food, or buckling seatbelts, or packing diaper bags...just adults, caring for ourselves. :)

A huge thanks to my in-laws!!! Buddy and Maurine came to keep our kiddos for a WHOLE week! AMAZING. The kids had a blast! (Pics from their adventures in a future post) Because we have such loving grandparents on both sides, we often speak of "grandparent detox" when we are no longer with them. We get spoiled with their help and the kids get spoiled with well...everything. :) Daisy asked me at 8 am the morning that they (BePops and Mimimo) were leaving, "MOM! I am bored! What are we going to do today?" When she had been used to 2 play slaves at her fingertips providing 2 outings to various Orlando sites per day (no BIG know playgrounds, playplaces...etc). :) How fun is that??? Daisy and Isaac LOVED it. I joke about the spoiling. We are so blessed. We were so happy to have them loving the heck out of our children while we were gone. :) It was such a huge blessing to know someone else was watching the kids that wanted to be with them as much as we do. We would have it no other way. We just wish it could happen more often if we all lived a little closer. :(

Back to the we are at a steak house on our first night there. It was a modern decor, 80's music playin', high class steak house. Never seen anything like it!

All 4 nights we were there Gloria had made reservations for dinner. It was so nice to go to dinner and enjoy the meal with adults. We tried all different kinds of foods. We took our time. We ate outside at one place called Lon's. There were fires lit in fireplaces and fire pits. There were those heater stands so it wasn't too chilly. It was a clear night, you could see the was beautiful! We ate by lantern light. It was so fun! I enjoyed dessert EVERY NIGHT (don't worry I did exercise while I was there)... Every night, every restaurant: creme brulee. I love that stuff. It was awesome at every place. :)

(above: Dan at Lon's.)

The Goldies at Lon's

Gloria and I ventured out to shop one morning to Old Town. It was lots of neat shops to browse. A nightmare for moms with stollers...but heaven for me on this trip. :) We took this with a timer. (and just for the record, although it may look like it I am NOT wearing black denim above)

I took this pic of some art in Sedona, AZ. Not that I want one of these in my house...but that this is how I must look to my kids sometimes on a bad day. This face really says it all. It's the answer to so many questions. I feel this way the most when I am being asked the same question 9,000 times. I wanna turn around and flash this face. Or when we have finally gotten the kids down, this is what Dan sees when I plop on the couch. Eeeewww. Not cute. Sorry Dan. (Sorry for the inaccuracy of this ears are not pierced. But if my hair were down...this is what it would look like. I can have quite the onion head. :) HA!)
These pics (one above and below) are the rock formations in Sedona. BEAUTIFUL!

It was kinda rainy while we were there...but look what we got to see! Praise the Lord! I felt like God gave us this blessing in the rainy day. How cool is the double rainbow? :)
I took this pic cause I have always thought this is what God would "look like" if I could survive his presence long enough to see or talk to him....a super eye-aching bright light in the clouds. :)

The yucca plant (unsure of the spelling) is hard core...literally. Dan tried to "brush by" this sucker and almost lost a leg! The "leaves" are hard as a rock and have pointy needles on the end. Very useful for Native Americans in the past...very harmful to tourists trying to get a better view of the mountains.

So we went to the hot tub one night and it was full of people. Oh well. We were entertained by a Canadian Orthodontist and his staff. Their accents were funny enough...but they were drunk as skunks (I say that ONLY cause it rhymes...I have not witnessed a drunk skunk). One of the highlights was the Orthodontist himself deciding to get in. But he didn't have his suit. However, in his drunken mind, his Calvin Klein tighty whities fit the off came the pants in front of us ALL and in he came! His staff was super nice and talked about how awkward work on Monday would be! Good times....

Above was one of my FAV parts. We ate at this authentic Mexican restaurant called Los Olivos. SO GOOD and such a cool atmosphere. Loved it and the chips and salsa.

One afternoon we read outside by the fire/pools/lazy river/gold course. It was so nice and relaxing. I was reading my usual travel magazine People. What trip is not complete without knowing what country Brangelina will get their next kid from? Or what Obama's girls were doing on the night of his inauguration? VERY important info...on vacation. :) Now I know much more about what went into selecting Michelle's attire for the BIG day than her husband's foreign policies. (Bummer. Mainly cause the latter would be a boring read. And not for vacation. :)) But she did look smashing, I must say. :)

We really enjoyed Arizona. It's the perfect place to own a house and not have to worry about the yard (only sand, rocks and cacti!). The temperature was great. So now maybe I will pull for the Cardinals in the Super Bowl. They are the underdogs anyway. And as a Bama fan, I am used to pulling for underdogs. :)


Christopher and Sarah Nicholson said...

Wow... what an amazing trip. Your new camera takes awesome pics!

Lark said...

Obviously you haven't been a Bama fan for more than 30 years. Before that they were hardly underdogs.

But your trip looks like a blast! So glad you got to enjoy it sans kiddos. You are getting quite artsy with your photographs, nice job! I love the statue face thing. I could totally see myself with the same face after saying the same thing 9000 times.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Daisy! You and Dan look like you had a great trip. Brandon and I need to get away more often. You're such an inspiration to me. Love, Kristy Cox