Monday, January 5

While you wait...

hey everyone! hope the holidays were good times for you all! I am having some delays in blogging since my camera didn't want to behave over the holidays. BUT here is a site that can fill you in on what we did...and it's super funny too. ;) Dan's sister, Sarah, and her hubby have a blog now. SO FUNNY! :)



Christopher and Sarah Nicholson said...

Mel... I totally appreciate the shout out... I feel like Oprah just put my book on her book list :)

Lark said...

sorry about the pinworms, i hear they are the worst at night. Ugh!

But something funny my mom said the other day is that she saw all the Obama bumper stickers (she's not an obama fan). She said she wanted to go take a sharpie and add a 'G' in the front of them to make: GObama

What happened to bama in the bowl game? I was bummed about that for bama fans everywhere.