Thursday, February 26


nothing major...but I was checking out my cousins blog and loved her pics. So I got inspired to get out my big camera and take some pics while they were playing on our back porch. Here they are! (thanks for the inspiration Jess! LOVE your pics!)

Isaac says "CHEEEEESE" now for pics...yes, i have created ANOTHER photo posing monster.
fireman isaac

Isaac ADORES cars. he says "cars" 1000 times a day. Here is one of his very favs, one with little choking hazard wheels of course. :)

(above) sweet snot nosed baby! :)
saying Cheese! again
Sweet hug...but where's Isaac? :)
Daisy in her dress up attire. She LOVES hose and this shirt from Mimimo. The love for the antenna come and go. :) She wanted me to take a pic of her balancing on one foot. And as a side note...she can do the monkey bars all the way across at preschool now! Pretty exciting! She is pretty proud and so am I! :)

Thursday, February 19

Update on my parents and other thoughts...

Hey everyone! I have been wanting to post an update on my parents. They are both doing well. Dad is back at work but still sore. He was going thru boxes in the garage when I called him last week. :) So it seems he has bounced back quite well. They both are needing rest to continue to heal. They both talk about trying to turn over in the middle of the night and forgetting how much that hurts while being so sore!! It was really bad just after the wreck and gets better each day.

Mom found out that her pain on her lower left side was indeed broken ribs...2 of which are displaced and will take longer to heal. (The ER was more concerned with internal bleeding and critical issues that the diagnosis of broken ribs was over looked....they just kept telling her she had some "bumps and bruises.") Mom said that looking at the chest x-ray (done at a dr post wreck) ANY one could tell they were broken. So the breaks are pretty bad. We think the injury is due to her body slamming into the console in the middle of the front seats. Just a guess. But we are thankful that her ribs do not need surgery. She is still taking things slow (as she should be!) since it's only been 3 weeks since the wreck. With broken ribs it hurts each time your chest moves...including BREATHING. So you can imagine how painful this can be until it heals. Also, not wanting to move and breath shallow decreases the oxygen you take in. And all around (healing, energy, ect) that is not a good thing. :) Not only that, but she has to be sure and take deep breaths so she doesn't get pneumonia...which would involve a lot of coughing...which would be SUPER bad. Now I have made my mom out to be a bed ridden old lady ( are welcome mom...) and I am sure she is thrilled! :) NO...she really isn't that way! She is the same Jeannie (wise, witty, and wonderful) but just taking time to heal.

The day my parents got in the wreck was a bad day to say the least. I was out shopping with Naphtali when I got a phone call from Julie, who was upset, asking me if I 'd heard about Mom and Dad. Never a great way to start a phone conversation. (Judy had called my home phone and Dan was trying to call me but I didn't hear it.) It was extremely difficult to be far from them thru all of this. Judy kept us all well informed of what was going on. I was desperate for any new info and detail that someone could add. It was so hard not being able to hear their voices or be standing by them in the hospital. When I got to talk to Dad for the first time I was so glad. I just remember blurting out, "HEY DAD! I love you so much! Are you ok?" He didn't sound good at all. But just talking to him gave me such comfort. And then when I could finally talk to mom I did the same thing. She was laying in the hospital bed, using speaker phone and I knew she was so tired but I just cried and cried talking to her. Ain't it a shame that parents never loose their role as the comforter to the kids? I mean they both continually told me, "We're gonna be ok." I guess they knew we needed to hear that.

When things like this happen of course it forces you think on a deeper level than "what are we having for dinner?" First of all...I realised that my family is not immune to terrible things. I knew that logically...but this made it real! Nobodys family is!! No matter how faithful or not faithful they are.

Second, Why?....God seemed to be all through this situation. I feel like under the circumstances of this wreck Mom and Dad could have been hurt much worse.Thankfully people were there to get them out of the car when it caught fire. Thankfully they both always wore their seatbelts. God sent 2 sweet teenage girls to pray over mom on the side of the road. There was a doctor on his way somewhere who stopped to help out. I guess I can go on and on. But what makes my parents different from someone else's parents in the same situation who weren't so fortunate? I sure think my parents are definitely people who serve God with their whole hearts...and who some would say "deserve" this happy ending to such a terrible wreck. But God didn't have to do that. And honestly, I don't know why they were spared. (Let me not be misunderstood, I am so STINKIN' happy that they were.) We don't "deserve" for God to do anything for us. Why do things happen like this? Why? What ripples will there be in others lives from this incident that we have no idea about? I have to chalk things up to Gods ultimate plan. It's much bigger and more involved than we can imagine. But we are in it. We are in it to glorify Him. The rest is really up to Him.

They thought it was funny (when they both were in bad shape after the wreck) that they had a glimpse of what life would be like for them when they were much older. :) Getting up slowly, shuffling to the kitchen, easing into laying down, taking a while to get up from bed. HA!

And once mom was getting something for her pain (later that night after the wreck...took too long in my opinion) her sense of humor came right back. When anyone said something funny (which happens kinda often in my fam...well, WE think we are funny!) she would have to give a "heh-heh-heh..." courtesy laugh since she was in such pain. Poor mom.

I was just giving you all the detail in case you were wondering what in the world was going on with my fam. Thank you so much for all your prayers. We can't be thankful enough to God! :) I am so thankful there will be more group pics like this in the future!!

Please keep them both in your prayers for quick and full recovery!

Wednesday, February 18

Sweet Friends

SO since moving to Orlando I have made some great Mom friends...IN MOPS! Shocker, right? You know I love MOPS. :) And the group here has been so welcoming and loving. Heather Engelhardt is one of my dearest pals here. She is the coordinator for the MOPS group at St. Luke's. She is HILARIOUS and fun. We share the same passion for ministy in MOPS. She keeps up with me and takes care of me. She and my discussion group in MOPS did a lot of praying for my parents after the wreck. And it meant so much! Back to of the best parts about our that we swap babysitting!!!!!!!! She has kept my kids several times and it helps out so much!! Here are some pics the last time Isaac was there while I had a dentist appt.

Isaac and Karys (Heathers 2 year old daughter)


Friday, February 13

Happy Valentines!

Hey everyone! Happy Valentines! Although this is just a holiday pumped up for consumerism I do enjoy the reminder of showing love to those I love. I also love sharing this fun holiday with my kids.
I had to miss Daisy's Valentine Party at school due to ANOTHER stinkin' dental appt. Her teacher told me she got sad at school (even though I had told her I was not coming, we chatted about it...she seemed over it.). But missing one out of the 5 parties ain't too bad. :)
Another part I LOVE about Valentines Day is CONVERSATION HEARTS. Man those things are so good. I have had to take break on eating those like crazy...I am little gun shy with sugar since my 2 recent root canals. I used to play a game when I was younger with them..."Does Dan like me?.... It's love!" Other possible answers were: Hot stuff!, All mine, Be Mine, Dear one, smiley face, melt my heart, go girl, my girl, only you, sweet talk, love you, cutie pie, email me. I mean you really can't go wrong...cause they are mostly good answers. :) The one that always threw a wrench in the game was "fax me." Really? Fax me? was that ever a thing?? Have you ever heard,"Yea, there is a girl I like, I faxed her...but I haven't heard back..." NO.

Here are some fun Valentine pics from our house...

above: Daisy made this one at school...
Daisy worked hard on this valentine for me with Mimimo while I was in Arizona. I LOVE IT.
above: Daisy's paper from Church on Sunday.
above: this one is from my cousin, Joel's, little girls...Isabel and Gracie. SO CUTE.

We make valentine cookies (break n's the only way we do it) each year with our matching valentine aprons and oven mits. :) Daisy LOVES the dough. I mean she was shoving it down yesterday! Hilarious.

love her ponytail...i want one just like it....

Isaac loves his big's so funny he can fit his 31 lb self into it! (nice outfit was the witching hours of the day (3-6 pm) when anything post nap GOES.)

Aunt Julie sent them this card...

and when you open it up it's the sounds of smooching and laughing and the kids LOVE IT. I hear it all day long in an Isaac remix as he opens and closes it on his own whim. :) We got lots of sweet Valentines cards and gifts! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Tuesday, February 10

Lunch with Daddy

We took a picnic to this little lake within walking distance to Dan's office. He had a little break for lunch before a staff meeting. It was a beautiful day with highs in the mid seventies.

(here's a photography tip I learned from my aunt judy...even on bright days use a flash to lose the shadows...I used one above on dais.)

I would like to take this random opportunity to brag on my man. I often do more picking at him in jest and giving him a hard time. But today I have to tell the blog world how proud I am of Dan. :) Not only is he an amazing orthodontist, but best of all he is a STELLAR husband and dad. I mean sometimes it's frustrating to live with someone who is so good at everything. But it pays off in this way! He is always involved in what is going on with the kids. He changes diapers as much as I do (when he is home!). He does the dishes. Our yard looks amazing! He coaches Daisy's basketball team. He plays on the floor with the kids. He asks about my day, and does things to help out around the house. I am not saying our marriage is perfect...cause that would be a lie. We have certainly had our share of ups and DOWNS (a little shout out to my kids for adding to the difficulty of the down times!:)). But it even means so much to me that when he gets a break during the day, even a short one, he wants to see us. I am so thankful God lead me to Dan. He is a hard working, loving, Godly man. And I am so glad he is mine. :)

Monday, February 9

Dave and Eryn's Gift to Daisy

So to further the thought that Daisy should be doing cheerleading and not basketball...she got to do the coolest thing for a birthday present with Uncle David and Aunt Eryn. Eryn's sister is on a high school competition cheerleading squad in Memphis. Their team made it to the National Championship which takes place at Disney (at Wide World of Sports). So Dave and Eryn came to town for a little visit and to see the competition. They wanted to take Daisy. And I for sure was not going to miss out on the 4 of us went on Saturday night. It was so fun! Daisy sported her hand-me-down cheerleading skirt we have for dress up. She wore her Halloween tshirt from Target cause it was the only orange we had to match. She was in heaven. They played music between the teams and she was breakin it down (dancing) in the aisle. David did a FAB job of entertaining her when she was getting restless. He even lifted her up a few times for some in-seat stunts! Hilarious. She was in heaven even more when Caitlin showed up (Eryn's sister) and she got to talk to her and sit in her lap. I think she liked that more than Santa! :) Caitlin was so sweet to Daisy. It was a really fun night. (btw...Caitlins team got 6th in the nation!)

(please excuse the dorito/rash under her nose from the cold)
everyone waiting for the results. (this was on ESPN btw)

Some other funny things...Daisy put Dave and Dan to work when we got home. She made them lift her and do stunts, instructing them all along the way. So funny.
Also, apparently there was a girl who performed with her team during the morning when they were all competing to qualify for the finals. She threw up all through the routine and would bounce back into place and keep going! Dave and Eryn said it was hilarious!! Hate I missed it!

Then this is just a ridiculous side note...when we first arrived they were announcing the winners of the Jr High squads. When they announced the winner, the squad and their loyal traveling supporters went NUTS screaming and hugging. What did I do? Smile to myself and clap along? Well, yes, sort of...if you add tears springing to my eyes and pouring down my face. I am a basket case! I can't keep it together! Since becoming a mom and the emotions involved and the constant state of tiredness I am in I have NO control of my tears. The sneak up on me and then bum rush my eyelids...and there is NO stopping them. Why in the WORLD would I be crying (not just tearing up..CRYING) at these random people winning?? So embarrassing. No, what was more embarrassing is that I cried 3 times that night (they announced 3 winners). Sheesh.

Daisy plays Basketball at the Y

SO yea. Daisy is playing basketball at the Y. This idea has several goals...get Daisy active and meeting people in our community. Daniel is the coach. They have practice Friday nights and games on Saturday mornings. You can imagine what 3 and 4 year old basketball looks like. :) They lower the goals. And there isn't much dribbling going on. The occasionally pass. They are all very kind to each other. They have to be directed EVERY step of the way. "Dribble the ball!...Throw the ball up to the basket!...Do you want to pass it to your friend?...Now run this way!"

Here were a few of Daisy's comments on basketball:

"Mom, why is my shirt so big? It's not a dress cause it doesn't twirl."

"Mom, I am so sweaty!"

"Can I have a drink?"

"Can I have a snack?"

"Daddy! I hurt my knee when I fell!!! (some tears)"

When she spotted the snacks I laid out for the team just before the game was over...she BOLTED over to me (game still going on!). "MOM! WE GET SNACKS? ARE THESE FOR US?" Yes, Daisy, when the game is done...get back on the court! She runs back on the court right to the little girl on her team that has the ball (and consequently the one EVERYONE is looking at) jumps in front of her to get her attention, says her name repeatedly, and finally placed her hand on her shoulder. The little girl stopped. Daisy proclaims to her, "Hey, we have snacks!!" :) Can you tell she was really into the game?

We have since thought that we should have done cheerleading with Daisy. She would have loved that more. And would have looked adorable in the outfit. :) Next six weeks maybe?

Sorry for the blurry pics. My new camera has a kids/pet setting (for objects in motion) but not a sports setting. And the light in the gym is not awesome. But I will get it figured out.