Monday, February 9

Daisy plays Basketball at the Y

SO yea. Daisy is playing basketball at the Y. This idea has several goals...get Daisy active and meeting people in our community. Daniel is the coach. They have practice Friday nights and games on Saturday mornings. You can imagine what 3 and 4 year old basketball looks like. :) They lower the goals. And there isn't much dribbling going on. The occasionally pass. They are all very kind to each other. They have to be directed EVERY step of the way. "Dribble the ball!...Throw the ball up to the basket!...Do you want to pass it to your friend?...Now run this way!"

Here were a few of Daisy's comments on basketball:

"Mom, why is my shirt so big? It's not a dress cause it doesn't twirl."

"Mom, I am so sweaty!"

"Can I have a drink?"

"Can I have a snack?"

"Daddy! I hurt my knee when I fell!!! (some tears)"

When she spotted the snacks I laid out for the team just before the game was over...she BOLTED over to me (game still going on!). "MOM! WE GET SNACKS? ARE THESE FOR US?" Yes, Daisy, when the game is done...get back on the court! She runs back on the court right to the little girl on her team that has the ball (and consequently the one EVERYONE is looking at) jumps in front of her to get her attention, says her name repeatedly, and finally placed her hand on her shoulder. The little girl stopped. Daisy proclaims to her, "Hey, we have snacks!!" :) Can you tell she was really into the game?

We have since thought that we should have done cheerleading with Daisy. She would have loved that more. And would have looked adorable in the outfit. :) Next six weeks maybe?

Sorry for the blurry pics. My new camera has a kids/pet setting (for objects in motion) but not a sports setting. And the light in the gym is not awesome. But I will get it figured out.

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Michael and Hannah said...

Love the definition of a dress as something that twirls... very accurate in my opinion! Love Daniel's shoes!