Monday, February 9

Dave and Eryn's Gift to Daisy

So to further the thought that Daisy should be doing cheerleading and not basketball...she got to do the coolest thing for a birthday present with Uncle David and Aunt Eryn. Eryn's sister is on a high school competition cheerleading squad in Memphis. Their team made it to the National Championship which takes place at Disney (at Wide World of Sports). So Dave and Eryn came to town for a little visit and to see the competition. They wanted to take Daisy. And I for sure was not going to miss out on the 4 of us went on Saturday night. It was so fun! Daisy sported her hand-me-down cheerleading skirt we have for dress up. She wore her Halloween tshirt from Target cause it was the only orange we had to match. She was in heaven. They played music between the teams and she was breakin it down (dancing) in the aisle. David did a FAB job of entertaining her when she was getting restless. He even lifted her up a few times for some in-seat stunts! Hilarious. She was in heaven even more when Caitlin showed up (Eryn's sister) and she got to talk to her and sit in her lap. I think she liked that more than Santa! :) Caitlin was so sweet to Daisy. It was a really fun night. (btw...Caitlins team got 6th in the nation!)

(please excuse the dorito/rash under her nose from the cold)
everyone waiting for the results. (this was on ESPN btw)

Some other funny things...Daisy put Dave and Dan to work when we got home. She made them lift her and do stunts, instructing them all along the way. So funny.
Also, apparently there was a girl who performed with her team during the morning when they were all competing to qualify for the finals. She threw up all through the routine and would bounce back into place and keep going! Dave and Eryn said it was hilarious!! Hate I missed it!

Then this is just a ridiculous side note...when we first arrived they were announcing the winners of the Jr High squads. When they announced the winner, the squad and their loyal traveling supporters went NUTS screaming and hugging. What did I do? Smile to myself and clap along? Well, yes, sort of...if you add tears springing to my eyes and pouring down my face. I am a basket case! I can't keep it together! Since becoming a mom and the emotions involved and the constant state of tiredness I am in I have NO control of my tears. The sneak up on me and then bum rush my eyelids...and there is NO stopping them. Why in the WORLD would I be crying (not just tearing up..CRYING) at these random people winning?? So embarrassing. No, what was more embarrassing is that I cried 3 times that night (they announced 3 winners). Sheesh.


rachel said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS about the crying! I have the same problem! I'm always thinking about everything in terms of it happening to my boys, so when somebody's 11-year-old gets baptized at church, my tears are flowing! I bet Dan had no idea what was going on!

Rachel said...

Maybe it is a mom thing. I cry if I see anyone crying, even a total stranger or actor. I have also teared up during during exciting plays at sporting events, both football and basketball. I did not use to be such a sap before children. It started during my first pregnancy and has never stopped. I'm glad to know I'm not the only basketcase.

khovater said...


Jessica said...

I feel your pain (or tears..) I cried watching The Biggest Loser last who's the biggest loser?

Lark said...

Mel. I was getting teary-eyed watching Cars with the kids today. A cartoon. But when Lightning McQueen goes back to get The King after Chick Hicks wrecks him, man. That part gets me every time.

David & Eryn said...

Awesome pics to steal :) Hey, and sorry again for leaving you guys early. We loved getting to hang out and love that we will get to more often!

Btw... ask Mauring about Daniel having gone to the witch doctor before--- great story for you to have in your arsenal. Sorry, Dan, because you did give me a good weapon with the "in the name of Aslan" bit.