Monday, February 2

Everyone is OK

Many of you have heard, but for those who have parents, Mike and Jeannie Cagle were hit head on by a drunk driver on Saturday. They said he came out of no where when he drove into their lane (from the other side of the road) into on coming traffic. My parents car caught fire and people on the scene pulled them out. Mom handed her phone to a lady and told her to call my aunt Judy. She also remembers a Dr in a suit stopping to help and 2 teenage girls who stopped and asked to pray over mom. My parents were taken in an ambulance to the hospital. They were both in a lot of pain and had difficulty breathing. After being checked out in the ER neither Mom nor Dad had any serious injuries. PRAISE THE LORD! Mom has a few fractured ribs on her left side. They both have bruises right where thier seatbelts were. They are both a very sore but each day seems to be better than the last.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and concern. Just another reminder that life is so fragile. I am still tearfully thanking God for sparing my parents with minor injuries when it could have been so much worse.

Today I have to take Daisy to the doctor for her vomiting and fever (103.8) she has had since Thursday. Isaac is on his 7th day of antibiotic for a double ear infection. I have a root canal appointment today. Daisy peed on my comforter this morning. We've spent the last 2 nights up with her. And tonight I am supposed to "camp out" at Daisy's preschool so I can reserve her a spot in the VPK 3 day a week class next year so I can pay $42 dollars and month instead of $200. That should be fun with a new root canal. Oh, and I have a teeth cleaning appointment in the morning after being up all night. Good times....

(update since the dr...they don't really know what she has. They drew blood, took UA, swabbed her throat and nose (no strep or flu). Possible sinus infection? and while we were in there the Dr noticed Isaac was sounding junky. So he got a breathing treatment for an O2 sat of 95%. It came up after his treatment (which went SO well...screaming, fighting, snot everywhere). Awesome. Now is going to be on breathing treatments at home every 4 hours. Daisy needs more fluid so we will be pushing those and getting an antibiotic filled for her. More good times... :))

But praise God for my parents being ok today! I am so thankful!!!


The Bowers Family said...


Wow what a miracle. I know many who have not been so blessed. I am so thankful God left your parents here on Earth to continue blessing others. Will pray that their injuries will continue to heal. I so enjoyed hearing your Mom speak at MOPS and I know God will continue to use her talents. God is so good.

Love and prayers,

Tesney said...

Oh Melanie, I am so thankful that everything is o.k. with your parents! I will pray for you over the next 24 hours...sounds like you've got some not-so-fun activities to get through.

Anonymous said...


Julie gave me your blog address--I've been trying to get information so thanks for the details. They are in our prayers and there are lots and lots of people at North Atlanta praying and giving thanks to the Lord for sparing their lives so that that can serve Him here longer.

Love, Paula Langford

Brittany said...

I am SO sorry to hear about your parents. I am so glad they are alright and they will be in my thoughts and prayers. That is so scary!!!! Looks like you have had a rough week and have another couple of rough days. I hope all goes well and you make it through all these tough times. I'm thinking about you!

blessdtwice said...

Mel...when I heard about the wreck, I was on my knees for your parents. I am so glad that they are okay.

And I am so sorry you have such sick little ones...all I can say is IT WILL GET BETTER...they will eventually not get sick so much. When I was in the midst of those days, I needed some "hope" to hang on will have good days again. Spring time (and less germies) is coming. Love you guys!

Al said...

I'm so sorry about your parents' accident but so very thankful it was not worse. I bet we knew about it on Saturday within an hour or so. It shook me and D.T. up.
I'm praying for their healing and for your little family and the stress you are under.
We love you.
D.T. and Al

sonyagraykey said...

Girl, God must think you can handle an AWFUL lot to be allowing all this. I guess he knows that awesome strength in your heart. I will be giving some shouts of praise for your parents...I cannot imagine how frightening that must've been. We'll also be praying for some healing for the whole fam. Just think of next week...when all this will be a memory. We love y'all.

torinem said...

I am so thankful your parents are okay! What a scary thing to have happen! I will be keeping you and your whole family in my prayers! Poor little Daisy and Isacc! I hope they are feeling better soon! Take care of yourself and just remember "This, too, shall pass!"


Cristie said...

When I first got the GracePointe email on Saturday about the accident my heart stopped until I read that they were going to be ok. I had just emailed your mom the day before to tell her how much I missed her. I can't imagine them not being here. So many people need them in their lives. Thank God there were angels watching out for them!

Merry said...

Praising God for their safety.

Melanie, I am Whitney Leach's mom and I am also friends with Jan Pruett and Coker grandparents.

I've just heard about their accident. Please know that we are praying for them.

God Bless,
Merry Leach