Thursday, February 26


nothing major...but I was checking out my cousins blog and loved her pics. So I got inspired to get out my big camera and take some pics while they were playing on our back porch. Here they are! (thanks for the inspiration Jess! LOVE your pics!)

Isaac says "CHEEEEESE" now for pics...yes, i have created ANOTHER photo posing monster.
fireman isaac

Isaac ADORES cars. he says "cars" 1000 times a day. Here is one of his very favs, one with little choking hazard wheels of course. :)

(above) sweet snot nosed baby! :)
saying Cheese! again
Sweet hug...but where's Isaac? :)
Daisy in her dress up attire. She LOVES hose and this shirt from Mimimo. The love for the antenna come and go. :) She wanted me to take a pic of her balancing on one foot. And as a side note...she can do the monkey bars all the way across at preschool now! Pretty exciting! She is pretty proud and so am I! :)


Sarah said...

Such sweet pictures! Glad to know that I am not the only mom who gives her little boy toys that are labeled 3+ (when he's not three yet :)). Of course, I give close supervision. :)

David & Eryn said...

Cute pics. As I was looking at them the one where Daisy is covering Isaac's face with her arms reminded me of the Friends episode where Joey is getting soap opera acting lessons from Susan Soranden and she tells him to put his hands up on someone's face when he kisses them. And Joey is like, "oh, is that so it looks really passionate?". Susan says, "No, it's because then the camera only sees your face!".

Jessica said...

Love your pics Mel! Don't worry, Charlie plays with "hazardous" toys as well. He's got a whole basket of those cars.
Isaac is so big. We had some of our friends over yesterday and they have two kids, 7 and 5...and Charlie was "hanging" with the big kids. Since when did our babies grow up so fast? They certainly aren't babies anymore. Have a great day!

Tesney said...

We have 4 "'Queens" (as Clayton calls them) because if we lose one it is tragic. I tried to fool him one day with one that has cactus on it (the ones that are from different scenes in the movie)...he freaked and screamed, "No mommy, not the messy 'Queen!!" He pulls the wheels off all his cars and chews on them. I find them everywhere, including wrapped around his two front teeth like rubber bands because he's got a big gap.
Mommy of the Year

Claudia said...

What a lovely pair...big hugs for you all=)

Lark said...

I used to (and still do) stand like that with one foot on my knee when I'm bored or brushing my teeth or something.