Tuesday, February 10

Lunch with Daddy

We took a picnic to this little lake within walking distance to Dan's office. He had a little break for lunch before a staff meeting. It was a beautiful day with highs in the mid seventies.

(here's a photography tip I learned from my aunt judy...even on bright days use a flash to lose the shadows...I used one above on dais.)

I would like to take this random opportunity to brag on my man. I often do more picking at him in jest and giving him a hard time. But today I have to tell the blog world how proud I am of Dan. :) Not only is he an amazing orthodontist, but best of all he is a STELLAR husband and dad. I mean sometimes it's frustrating to live with someone who is so good at everything. But it pays off in this way! He is always involved in what is going on with the kids. He changes diapers as much as I do (when he is home!). He does the dishes. Our yard looks amazing! He coaches Daisy's basketball team. He plays on the floor with the kids. He asks about my day, and does things to help out around the house. I am not saying our marriage is perfect...cause that would be a lie. We have certainly had our share of ups and DOWNS (a little shout out to my kids for adding to the difficulty of the down times!:)). But it even means so much to me that when he gets a break during the day, even a short one, he wants to see us. I am so thankful God lead me to Dan. He is a hard working, loving, Godly man. And I am so glad he is mine. :)


Anonymous said...

What a sweet blog - and I thoroughly agree that Dan is special. It's really a compliment when his mother-in-love thinks he's the best but I really do! He's just right for you and Daisy and Isaac. Glad you are enjoying great weather - it's rainy in Arkansas.

Much love, MOM

Buddy said...

I have tears in my eyes. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers for Dan. And, Melanie, thank you for loving him the way you do. It fills up my heart. I love you!