Wednesday, February 18

Sweet Friends

SO since moving to Orlando I have made some great Mom friends...IN MOPS! Shocker, right? You know I love MOPS. :) And the group here has been so welcoming and loving. Heather Engelhardt is one of my dearest pals here. She is the coordinator for the MOPS group at St. Luke's. She is HILARIOUS and fun. We share the same passion for ministy in MOPS. She keeps up with me and takes care of me. She and my discussion group in MOPS did a lot of praying for my parents after the wreck. And it meant so much! Back to of the best parts about our that we swap babysitting!!!!!!!! She has kept my kids several times and it helps out so much!! Here are some pics the last time Isaac was there while I had a dentist appt.

Isaac and Karys (Heathers 2 year old daughter)


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Sarah said...

So glad to hear that you are making good friends. It looks like Isaac is having a great time with his sweet smile! I sure wish we had a MOPS here.