Thursday, February 19

Update on my parents and other thoughts...

Hey everyone! I have been wanting to post an update on my parents. They are both doing well. Dad is back at work but still sore. He was going thru boxes in the garage when I called him last week. :) So it seems he has bounced back quite well. They both are needing rest to continue to heal. They both talk about trying to turn over in the middle of the night and forgetting how much that hurts while being so sore!! It was really bad just after the wreck and gets better each day.

Mom found out that her pain on her lower left side was indeed broken ribs...2 of which are displaced and will take longer to heal. (The ER was more concerned with internal bleeding and critical issues that the diagnosis of broken ribs was over looked....they just kept telling her she had some "bumps and bruises.") Mom said that looking at the chest x-ray (done at a dr post wreck) ANY one could tell they were broken. So the breaks are pretty bad. We think the injury is due to her body slamming into the console in the middle of the front seats. Just a guess. But we are thankful that her ribs do not need surgery. She is still taking things slow (as she should be!) since it's only been 3 weeks since the wreck. With broken ribs it hurts each time your chest moves...including BREATHING. So you can imagine how painful this can be until it heals. Also, not wanting to move and breath shallow decreases the oxygen you take in. And all around (healing, energy, ect) that is not a good thing. :) Not only that, but she has to be sure and take deep breaths so she doesn't get pneumonia...which would involve a lot of coughing...which would be SUPER bad. Now I have made my mom out to be a bed ridden old lady ( are welcome mom...) and I am sure she is thrilled! :) NO...she really isn't that way! She is the same Jeannie (wise, witty, and wonderful) but just taking time to heal.

The day my parents got in the wreck was a bad day to say the least. I was out shopping with Naphtali when I got a phone call from Julie, who was upset, asking me if I 'd heard about Mom and Dad. Never a great way to start a phone conversation. (Judy had called my home phone and Dan was trying to call me but I didn't hear it.) It was extremely difficult to be far from them thru all of this. Judy kept us all well informed of what was going on. I was desperate for any new info and detail that someone could add. It was so hard not being able to hear their voices or be standing by them in the hospital. When I got to talk to Dad for the first time I was so glad. I just remember blurting out, "HEY DAD! I love you so much! Are you ok?" He didn't sound good at all. But just talking to him gave me such comfort. And then when I could finally talk to mom I did the same thing. She was laying in the hospital bed, using speaker phone and I knew she was so tired but I just cried and cried talking to her. Ain't it a shame that parents never loose their role as the comforter to the kids? I mean they both continually told me, "We're gonna be ok." I guess they knew we needed to hear that.

When things like this happen of course it forces you think on a deeper level than "what are we having for dinner?" First of all...I realised that my family is not immune to terrible things. I knew that logically...but this made it real! Nobodys family is!! No matter how faithful or not faithful they are.

Second, Why?....God seemed to be all through this situation. I feel like under the circumstances of this wreck Mom and Dad could have been hurt much worse.Thankfully people were there to get them out of the car when it caught fire. Thankfully they both always wore their seatbelts. God sent 2 sweet teenage girls to pray over mom on the side of the road. There was a doctor on his way somewhere who stopped to help out. I guess I can go on and on. But what makes my parents different from someone else's parents in the same situation who weren't so fortunate? I sure think my parents are definitely people who serve God with their whole hearts...and who some would say "deserve" this happy ending to such a terrible wreck. But God didn't have to do that. And honestly, I don't know why they were spared. (Let me not be misunderstood, I am so STINKIN' happy that they were.) We don't "deserve" for God to do anything for us. Why do things happen like this? Why? What ripples will there be in others lives from this incident that we have no idea about? I have to chalk things up to Gods ultimate plan. It's much bigger and more involved than we can imagine. But we are in it. We are in it to glorify Him. The rest is really up to Him.

They thought it was funny (when they both were in bad shape after the wreck) that they had a glimpse of what life would be like for them when they were much older. :) Getting up slowly, shuffling to the kitchen, easing into laying down, taking a while to get up from bed. HA!

And once mom was getting something for her pain (later that night after the wreck...took too long in my opinion) her sense of humor came right back. When anyone said something funny (which happens kinda often in my fam...well, WE think we are funny!) she would have to give a "heh-heh-heh..." courtesy laugh since she was in such pain. Poor mom.

I was just giving you all the detail in case you were wondering what in the world was going on with my fam. Thank you so much for all your prayers. We can't be thankful enough to God! :) I am so thankful there will be more group pics like this in the future!!

Please keep them both in your prayers for quick and full recovery!


Lark said...

thanks for the update. I totally relate to all your thoughts about your parents. Did the person who hit them make it out okay? Were they charged or anything?

Anna said...

Wow! Praise God!

Jessica said...

So glad that you posted about your parents status. I've been thinking about them. Can't imagine the stress YOU as the child had to go through as your parents suffered. I've been reading Exodus (more on that later) and learning how God keeps His promises has the ultimate plan for all of us. Your parents were spared for a reason. And I know you're so thankful for that. So, so glad that they are doing better :)

danielle said...

Thanks for the update! And i can say when you were listing off stuff about breathing and pnuemonia... i know all of that. So proud of what little nursing knowledge i do have right now (since i'm graduating in may)! Funny how they are willing to turn us loose like chickens with our head cut off not knowing anything!