Tuesday, February 3

What I did (in vain) to save us money

Well, I hate to admit it but I did it. I heard about the Voluntary Pre Kindergarten that the state of FL pays for. At the preschool Daisy goes to, and for the particular days I wanted her to attend, this program could save us $163 dollars a month if I reserved her a spot. There was lots of talk and hype. I bought it all, hook, line and sinker! Previous years had been nuts as far as waiting in line for registration (people waited outside, in the cold, huge pregnant, no bathrooms...). We figured that this year may be worse since the economy is no ones friend these days and everyone is looking to save money.

Well, I decided I would just go for it. It was worth it to me to save that money to have the spot for Daisy. So about 11ish I headed up to Christ the King Lutheran church. When I arrived, I was the 12th person there. (below is everyone waiting, hanging out)Some women had come at 6 pm! Thankfully by some kind of happenstance we got the "hook up" and they let us all camp out in their fellowship hall and not stay on the concrete walkway outside the building (as in past years). It was cold and rainy and that would have been a deal breaker for me. Through the night til about 2-ish women trickled in. There were even 2 husbands sent by their wives! The women were lively and chatty. We all sat around hanging out, flappin' our gums to each other and bonding in our desperation for cheap preschool spots. I gave it up at 2 am and set up my mat and sleeping bag (that Daniel so WISELY insisted I atleast take and leave in the car just in case....GREAT CALL DAN!). I was tired and not feeling super from the root canal I had that afternoon. Initially, I was happy with my camp spot...until I realised I was in the path between the women and the bathroom. Oh well. I sort of slept. I awoke every 15 mins or so to loud laughing or a slamming bathroom stall. As I laid there in the dark foyer of the church I imagined myself being in the same spot on Sunday morning as the church members greeted each other for class time. If they only knew the ridiculousness of their preschool registration process (believe me...they don't!) .

Anywho...I stayed and was up about 7ish. Many moms had come from 5:30 am on. The list we had for people to sign their place in line was getting longer. BUT not long enough. At 8 am we did the math and for both the 5 day a week VPK and 3 day a week VPK there were spots open. So all those fresh, showered moms who refused to sleep at church to get a spot...it really worked out for them. I AM SOOO HAPPY FOR THEM (sarcasm). ugh.

I had a dentist appt at 9:30 am to get my teeth cleaned. So I hurried up, reserved my spot and hit the road to meet a sitter. Dan had a ROUGH night with Daisy, highlights including...peeing in her bed, fever and chills all night with crying and shaking, puke in OUR bed all over pillows, sheets, pjs the works. When he brought them to me at the church to swap off so he could go to work...they were a rough lookin' bunch. Whew. Below is a pic of them at the 2 hr dr visit yesterday...

So I write to tell you that I feel I am showing early signs of becoming a "texas cheerleader mom" (remember her? she killed the girl or the mom so her daughter would make the squad?). I mean, what have I become that I would camp out at a local Lutheran church to save a few bucks? It wasn't even to get Daisy the best teacher or best school (cause I feel both of those were already in the bag). But I guess here begins the craziness of what we will do for our kids and to save money. ;) The bummer is I didn't even leave with a flat screen TV like I would have from Best Buy on Black Friday...oh well.


Brittany said...

I love the "Texas cheerleader mom" comment. Sounds like something I'd say! Too funny! I'm glad that you got Daisy a spot, but that stinks that you had to camp out. Hopefully you got some new friends out of the situation!

blessdtwice said...

let me just say, that I think you deserve a "mom of the year" award. I am one of those moms who realize about 2 months later- oh, I was supposed to register two months ago???

I hope the kids are feeling better. And I think that the first month you save money on preschool, you should spend the difference on either 1) a pedicure or 2) a night out for you and daniel- sounds like you both earned it!!

Lark said...

You go girl, you get that VPK! You got even better than a flat screen, with those you only save a few hundred dollars, with VPK, that's saving you a thousand!

Hope your kids feel better soon, I hate those breathing treatments, Amelia always took hers off and it never really seemed to help (that I could tell).

And, I'm praising God with you over your parents' car accident. That looks horrible!

Christy said...

Well I have to say that u are an awesome mom for doing that!!!! At my school the moms start showing up around 8 am for registration and it starts at 9am. The church would never allow a campout. We also let kids who already attend as well as siblings register a week before the public registration. So that helps alot. But if there was a chance to get cheaper tuition I'm sure moms would sleep in their car!! But I agree anything to save a buck. I hope the kids feel better soon. Sounds like y'all are all having a pretty rough time. Well tell Daniel and the kids I say hi! And praise God your mom & dad are ok! I know that that must have scared u tremendously!!! Y'all are in my prayers!!! Talk to you soon.
Christy Holstein

Michael and Hannah said...

That is so weird that they allow/encourage such extreme tactics! At Wesley's school, kids that are previously enrolled are assured a spot in VPK when they are old enough. That's why we started him after Christmas... we pay $120 a month for 3 days a week this spring, and he automatically gets a VPK spot for next fall. There are waiting lists for those that only want VPK and don't want to pay at all. I've never heard of sleepovers being used to determine enrollment! And why does VPK still cost a monthly fee for you?? My understanding is that VPK is free. Anywho, sorry you're all not feeling well and hope you get better soon. And for what it's worth, you're a GREAT mom for camping out for Daisy!

OneAvonDiva said...

This i scrazy. You are an AWESOME mom. I'm trying to get my children in a Montissory(sp) Private school and they only allow 3 hours a day for FREE VPK. Thats soo not fair but I will find a way to get my daughters into that school. This story is a reminder for real mom's will do for their children. You ROCK!