Sunday, March 1

Disney with Daisy

Well, back in January we had planned (at the gracious gift of a girl Daniel works with) to take Daisy to Disney for her 4th birthday. Had it not been would not have happened! (This experience has only solidified my thoughts that Disney is NOT the place for young kids. The combo of expensive tickets, tired kids, tons to do, junk food and so on is not a good one. I honestly don't know how (or why) those who go in the summer do it! Really, having a season pass and doing it in small doses is the way to day we may do that. Daisy is a great kid...and it was even hard on her.). We went to Epcot in the morning with all four of us. above: isaac on his FAVORITE ride. The escalators in the Nemo place. One went up...the other went down. A solid 30 mins of pure bliss for the boy.
below: Nemo ride
We played at Epcot for a couple hours and then headed home for lunch. We met our babysitter, Caley, there too. She watched Isaac the rest of the day while Dan, Daisy and I went to Magic Kingdom. It was GORGEOUS weather. It was cool in the morning and then got up to 80 with a nice breeze. It was not too busy. We didn't have to wait in super long lines. The wait for some rides was 20 mins and others had no wait. Daisy was so excited to have us all to herself. We told her that she could choose what we did ALL DAY and get a snack and one toy. MAN, that kinda backfired. Note to self: don't say that to a 4 year old. Just do it and let them be surprised.

I will tell the rest of the story with pics...
Daisy wanted to wear her Princess dress to the park. I said ok. She got "itchy" in the car and decided she wanted to change before we went in to park. The dress didn't last long!
ok, so Daisy is driving...can you see her? I was DRIVING a car in front of them...obviously that was directed by the railing on the road (see ablove pic). But I would stop or slow and turn around and take a pic of them. And then getting myself back in control of that car was no easy task. I was swirving quickly back and forth slinging me all around. It think it happened like 7 times since I kept wanting to take pics...imagine that. When I mentioned it to Daniel later...he said, "OH MEL! I can't believe I have not said anything about that to you yet! That was hilairous! I was cracking up!! favorite part of the day!" I am sure watching my hair fly all over being yanked side to side was funny! HA!
Mmmmm...Dad's snack, Mickey Icecream Bar.
Goofy's Barnstormer is the kiddie roller coaster. She LOVED it. (We broke her in on the shamu coaster...and this was a bit of a step up...but she just screamed and loved it. ) But the Nemo ride freaked her out a bit with Bruce the Shark and the weird light fish with big sharp teeth. Go figure. :)

one of the highlights was meeting the Princesses!!! We waited 30 mins for this one. But it was SO worth it! There were 3, Sleeping Beauty (Aurora), Cinderella, and Belle. It was great! When we went in, it was a small crowd. And the Princesses were so sweet and took their time with Daisy. They were in character (from facial expression, to hand movements, to voice...) and did a great job. There were Disney photographers (who gave you a card to access the pics the took online) but they encouraged you to take as many as you wanted with your own camera (AWESOME.). Belle asked Daisy if she was the "Princess of Orlando." Daisy was so star struck she was hardly smiling for the pics. ;) One photographer insisted Daisy could be Aurora's little sister with her long blonde hair. Dan and I felt that Sleeping Beauty needed help wig/costume wise...but Cinderella and Belle were dead on! It was so neat. When we left that little room...Daisy was so excited!! She was smiling and running and jumping. It was so sweet. :) This was the toy selection..Baby Minnie. Daisy loved carrying her around, wrapping her in her blanket and putting her down for naps the rest of the day. :)
See below that Daisy is in the umbrella stroller. We spent the day being "those parents" who put their big kid in a stroller. I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do...there was no way she would have lasted walking all the places we did. But it seemed so wrong! :) But since our just-turned-4-year-old looks like a 6 year old it was worse. It was that or rent the big plastic stroller there...and this worked just as well. Plus, we got places faster when we weren't dragging her by hand. We would go to a place, ditch the stroller, and come back when we had done all we needed to in that area. It wasn't too bad. But I did cringe at the looks we got. Oh well. You gotta do what you gotta do. :) She loves lollipops...and this was the one we talked her into...down from the super huge one. (And you thought this WAS the super huge one!) :)
The famous Dumbo ride! :) We also rode Winnie the Pooh, Small world, Carousel, ...
This is us on the Dumbo ride!
So Dan got the camera on this ride and it was so funny! He kept taking pics of my stupid posing faces...but that's another post for another day. :) If you know Daisy, she loves to dance (I have NO idea where she got that...wink, wink). But there was fun music playing while we were waiting on Daddy to get us some fast passes...and she just broke it down in front of the whole crowd walking by. HA!!! ok so we ate dinner at the Pinocchio and chicken fingers for a millions dollars. :) But we sat where you can see people on the It's a Small World ride. Daisy was waving at them. "MOM! It's like when I wave at them...the whole boat waves back!" And it was true. I couldn't get a good pic thru the glass (flash, reflection....blah blah) so this was a good as I could get (above). above and below...the Swiss Family Robinson house....SO COOL! It would be fun to stay in that house for one night. Daniel wishes we lived there. No way dude. above on the magic carpets of Aladdin. Fireworks were super cool...but the loudness got to Daisy and we had to bail. In all the crowd, chaos and so on I lost my sunglasses. Bummer...$12 from Target. :( But I really liked the fireworks. :) We went to our car when the park closed at 8. Planned on going to Epcot again since they had extended hours that night....but after getting all the way there...found out that those extra hours are only for those staying in the Disney resorts. Good to know...ugh. Daisy was bummed. But on our 15 min drive home...she fell asleep and even quit sucking her fingers! SHE WAS WORN OUT. No nap and a busy day. :) But when we were leaving Magic Kindgom she said, "Mom and Dad, this was the most awesome day of my whole entire life!" It was so sweet.

Happy Birthday Daisy!!!


Anna said...

Awwww! How precious is that! I love it when they are gracious receivers, and not spoiled! What a great day! Good job on an awesome 4 yr. old b-day.
BTW, let me know if you have trouble reading this comment. For some reason, my blog is blocking out certain comments... weird cyberspace!

Lark said...

Oh, you guys look like you had such a fun time!! I'm planning on taking the kids in September (on my birthday, when at least I'll be free). Don't know if I'll just take Amelia by myself or if Grant and Daddy will come too. We'll see!

Burless Family said...

I was thinking about you guys all day on Friday...such perfect weather!! Glad you had a good time and I TOTALLY would've put K in a stroller as well!!

amber said...

What a lucky little girl! Looks like ya'll had a ball. I would LOVE to take the boys but the more I talk to people about it the more I think we probably should wait a couple more years. Loved all the pics!

shelley said...

Great pics of the Princess with those fake princesses at Disney. But what's up with your horn on the Dumbo ride? Glad you had a fun day!